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Glossary of Parapsychological Terms

Anomalous Cognition
A recently coined term defined as "a form of information transfer in which all known sensorial stimuli are absent. That is some individuals are able to gain access to information by an as yet unknown process. This is also known as Remote Viewing (RV) and Clairvoyance." Sometimes used more generally in place of ESP.

Influence by psychokinesis of a biological system 

Clairvoyance (literally 'clear-seeing')
A subset of ESP covering apparent information transmission as though it were the result of visual perception. The perception can appear externally - either replacing the normal visual scene (as in visions) or being incorporated into it - or internally, in the form of mental imagery and intuition. It is also used more generally to mean paranormal acquisition of any information directly from a physical source and not from the mind of another person.

Auditory form of Clairvoyance.

A general term covering clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. where information is thought to be gained directly from the physical location/object.

Abbreviation of Decision Augmentation Theory. An attempt to reconceptualise psychokinesis as a precognition-based selection process rather than one of actual influence
Abbreviation of Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems. Used to denote instances where one person is attempting to influence a distant biological system, usually the physiology of another person. As it is unclear whether this represents an influence , a case of ESP on the part of the influencee or an opportunistic selection process the term 'interaction' has been adopted. 

Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
A measure of skin conductance or resistance (to a small electrical current) which is related to sympathetic nervous system arousal. This response can be elicited by external stimuli (a light, tone etc.), or by internal activity . The most commonly used measure is Skin Conductance.

Rarely used in modern parapsychology, the popular usage of this term refers to a low-level form of telepathy wherein the empath appears to be aware of the emotional state of a distant person. An empath may also refer tp someone thought able to 'broadcast' their emotions to others. 

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
A general term used for all forms of psi where the process of information acquisition appears to be analogous to the conventional sensory processes of sight, sound, taste, touch and hearing 

Refers to a whole range of phenomena wherein one or more people attempt to bring about the well-being of another person. This area is very complex, involving a number of psychological and physical factors that must be allowed for before a psi component is looked for.

Micro PK
Refers to psychokinesis effects which are on a very small scale, usually only detectable by statistical analysis e.g. perturbation of random electronic noise. Laboratory research tends to be on micro-PK, as this ability is one which can apparently be shown in a general population
Macro PK
Refers to psychokinesis effects which are either apparent to the naked eye or which can be deduced without the need for statistical analysis e.g. levitation, spoon-bending. The existence of macro-PK is controversial even amongst parapsychologists, having rarely been demonstrated under controlled conditions and being more susceptible to the possibility of fraud.

Paranormal (literally 'beyond normal')
Term used to denote any phenomenon which appears to be inexplicable by current scientific theories.

Parapsychology (literally 'beyond psychology')
The study of apparent new means of communication, or interaction, between organisms and their environment (commonly referred to as psi, or psychic ability), beyond those presently understood by the scientific community.

Poltergeist (from German for 'noisy spirit')
A general term applied to a variety of site-, or sometimes person-, specific physical phenomena. These can include temperature variations, anomalous sounds, and movement of physical objects. The word 'poltergeist' was coined back when such phenomena were thought to be due to the presence of some sort of mischevious entity. Currently, poltergeist phenomena are usually considered to be related either to unusual physical conditions at the affected site, or to be related to psychokinesis. Anecdotal reports suggest that many poltergeist focus on an individual under some form of emotional stress.

The apparent foreknowledge of as yet undetermined (i.e. unpredictable based on knowledge of the present which available through conventional sensory channels) future events.

A general term, introduced by T.H Thouless and B.P. Wiesner  which refers to the factor(s) responsible for parapsychological phenomena. Originally derived from the use of the greek letter psi to denote the unknown quantity in an equation (see also the Psi section on the KPU webpage).

Psychic (from Greek 'psyche')
Popular term used to denote a person who regularly uses, or who appears to be especially gifted with, psi abilities. Also refers to general phenomena related to the mind.

Psychic Surgery
The supposed ability to paranormally perform invasive surgery using no conventional medical tools. The psychic surgeon uses either an unsterilised knife, or his bare hands, to appear to make an incision and remove some internal matter. Once the operation is finished, there is no sign of an incision, nor are there any unpleasant aftereffects (e.g. infection). Many of the investigated cases have turned out to be fraudulent, involving sleight of hand tricks to make the operation appear convincing. However, it is possible that, in some circumstances, the ritual nature of the 'surgery' could help effect a cure through the equally mysterious placebo effect.

Psychokinesis (PK) (literally 'mind-movement')
The apparent ability to influence the environment seemingly by intention or other mental activity alone. Parapsychologists usually distinguish between the extremely small effects of micro-PK and larger effects of macro-PK.

Remote Viewing (RV)
A term for cases of ESP, most commonly in laboratory studies, wherein a person attempts to describe a remote location. In some cases there will be a target person at this location; in others, the location will be identified purely by an abstract or coded ID.

A term used to cover a wide range of divination techniques which parapsychology would tend to classify as types of ESP. Most scrying techniques involve some degree of fixation on a surface with a clear optical depth (e.g. a crystal ball, a pool of ink or deep water) or on an area which shows random patterns (e.g. flames in a fire, smoke), the idea being that subconscious information available to the scrying will be manifested in their interpretation of the imagery or random patterns they see. Techniques using a clear optical depth are actually very similar to the idea behind the homogenous visual field used in Ganzfeld ESP research.

General name given to the information which it is hoped the the receiver/percipient will gain access to through psi. For example, the target in a Ganzfeld ESP study would be the video clip which the sender is watching.

Telepathy (literally 'distant perception/feeling')

The apparent ability to communicate information from one mind to another.This information may be 'received' in the same form as that from the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory or even kinaesthetic senses. It is distinguished from clairsentience in that the information is assumed to have originated from the mind of another person, rather than the target object itself.

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Akashic Records:

records of the spirit. The unerversal library that records every thought, word and deed of each individual, which can only be access through visualized meditation. This library does not exist in 3 dimensional form. It is also sometimes called the hall of knowledge or hal of records.


Reading a person's character by studying his or her face, expressions, and body movement.


Being seen in two places at the same time or being able to visit a place with your mind while your body remains in a different place.

Chi: life energy


Sensing the hidden presence of water, minerals, people, animals, objects or energy.

ESP: Telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance and psychokiesis.

Mind power:  The energy or the human intelligence.

Precognition: Knowing the future

Premonition: a forewarning of future events to come.

Psychokinesis: Moving physical objects with the mind.

Psychometry: Sensing a person's or item's past by holding an object.

Remote viewing: seeing an accurate version of a distant site or person.

Synchronicity: What appears to be a coincidence that actually happens for a reason and therefore is not a coincidence.


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I made up a cool electrokinesis techinque:

Crackling Thunder

First concentrate electricty toward your fingertips then snap your fingers while pointing your indexfinger toward the target and you get a quick stream of lightning that I affectionately dubbed crackling thunder. Not to be confused
with Colonel Mustang's snapfire (or whatever you call it) technique from FMA.

This technique has pretty good sucess if done right.
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exercises to see the aura 

Exercise 1: The lighting has to be soft rather than dim. Sit so that any bright lights are behind you. Now sit down comfortably, close your eyes and do some relaxation. Once your relaxed both in mind and body, open your eyes and try this little exercise.


Place the tips of your forefingers together and look at them for about ten seconds. Then slowly move them apart. You will see a tiny, almost invisible thread of light that stretches and keeps the fingertips joined, even though you are moving them slowly away from each other. The longer you practice, the longer you will be able to see those thread at a larger distance of the fingers.


If you have difficulties seeing it, try and experiment with the different forces of light and sometimes if you put a background under your hand (like white or black sheet) it will help see it better.

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ok the traditional meaning of aura colors (they are not in depth right now)

Red: Sensuality, vitality, aggression

Orange: Emotion, health

Yellow: Creativity, Intellect

Green: Healing, love of nature

Blue: Teacher, traveler, seeker of wisdom

Indigo: Caring, Nuturing, Humanitarian

Violet: Spirituallity, intuition, teacher, clairvoyant

Pink: materialism, goal-setting, hard work

Bronze: Humanitarian, self sacrificing

White: Spirituality, purity, selflessness

Silver: Intuitive, idealistic, dreamer, visionnary

Gold: unlimitted potential

We possess all of these colors within our aura. Wether we choose to use all of them in equal balance is up to us...also depends on our task here on earth and of our free will...

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