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she should have chose dawson

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I have watched the show, from beginning to end, over five times, and when you watch as much as i have you begin to realize that, from the biginning, the show casts pasey, not only as the one who ends up with Joey, but also as the hero of the show. This is a theory I've been working on for a long time, so it would take up too much space to go into it all right now, but watch the show from the biginning (knowing that joey eventually chooses pasey) and you'll see what I mean.  As far as why Pasey was a better choice than Dawson, it will take some time, but I can prove it beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Think about the relationships that these two couples have had together.  The Joey/Pasey connection is MUCH stronger than the Dawson/Joey.  I will take you through the show from the beginning to prove such. 

Joey and Dawson were "soulmates" because they were best friends until they were about 13 (freshman year).  Now with music and scripts and everything this sounds great, but it's not that impressive in real life.  When people grow up they change.  I'm 21 and I haven't spoken to any of my best friends from childhood for years except one, who I see about 4 times a year, and neither have most of my friends; how about you guys?

After this period, Joey has her first crush on Dawson, but this materilaizes partly in repsonse to the addition of Jen to Dawson's sexual fantasies.  Dawson, however, does not share these feelings.  First he dates Jen for a while, and doesn't think about Joey as girlfriend material practically at all.  It is not until the beauty contest in season 1 that he starts to see her in such a way.  Meanwhile, Joey and Pasey are working together on a marine biology project and starting to develop budding feelings for eachother, although they don't know it yet.  Finally Joey and Dawson kiss.  Joey stays in capeside and does not go to paris so that she can stay with Dawson.  They date for a few weeks. At this point they let something as tiny as Joey's newfound passion for art drive them apart.  Dawson doesn't like it; Joey's mother was an artist, so it is really her mother that Dawson doesn't like (goes the mind of Joey).  In the next episode, Joey lets Jack kiss her for a good second before she stops it, and isn't very mad about it, and doesn't tell Dawson!  When Dawson finds out, the relationhip ends, and it does not end on good terms.  Really it is Joey who ends it for the following reason- she says that she is so happy with Dawson that she needs to find out if she can be happy alone.  While Dawson and Joey are having an unsuccessful, immature relationship, pacey is learning more about what it takes to make a relationship work.  Joey and Dawson both do things wrong and say horrible things to eachother, but pacey is in no way the bad guy in the troubles that he and Andie have.

Dawson doesn't do a whole lot for Joey in this time, but Pasey makes her life better in lots of awesome ways.  For instance, somewhere around episode 209 "The Election" Abby Morgan smears Joey's family history all over the school intercom.  Pasey saves the day by turning on the mike without Abby knowing and letting her make a fool of herself to the whole school.  This is the first of many "Knight in shinig armor" moments for Pasey.  Joey then sees Jack nude, which means that she probably sees him naked before Dawson- the first step in eliminating the allure of a first crush.

Now don't get me wrong, through all this Joey is hugely emotionally involved with Dawson's life, but it is mostly jealousy of other girls as opposed to deep feelings for Dawson.

At any rate, Joey and Jack are dating.  If Dawson were Joey's soulmate, why would it only take her a few weeks to start dating the guy who had kissed her while she was dating Dawson?  When the English teacher forces Jack (Joey's boyfriend) to read a gay poem in front of the class and cry, Pasey's armor shines again.  He spits in the teacher's face.  Dawson spends much of the time during these months pining waway for Joey.  Joey still is not ready to take Dawson back.

Months later, when Joey's father comes back to live with her, Joey and Dawson kiss.  Funny, someone from her childhood returns and her childhood friend is once again in her heart. They begin to date again. This time the relationship lasts a month, but it is a fairly pleasant relationship.  Dawson discovers that Joey's father is trafficing drugs again.  He does a stupid thing by forcing Joey to go to the police, even though she tells him that she wont love him any more if he does.  Joey does a stupid thing by following through on her threat.  Once again, a short relationship ends on bad terms where Joey dumps Dawson.

Dawson then moves to Phildelphia for the summer and Pasey and Joey become better friends. Joey has forgotten why she dumped Dawson and wants him back. She offers herself to him sexually and he truns her down cold.  It's now Joey's turn to pine away for Dawson, but his bed gets a vibratin' only during his misadventures with Eve.  Dawson tells Pasey to keep an eye on Joey for her.  Andie breaks Pasey's heart by cheating on him and so Pasey gets drunk in front of Joey.  Joey is sympathetic.  Then, under the evil sex godess' advice (Eve), Dawson goes and accuses Pasey of stealing a PSAT answer key, says that he drove Andie crazy and punches him; Joey's feeling change even more after seeing this happen.  Pasey then begins to fall in love with Joey and captures her heart in a million ways. He beats up the guy who defaced her mural, helps her paint  and buys her a wall, and warns her about "college guy".  At this point, Joey begins to have feelings for Pasey as well and is confronted with them when he kisses her.  She can't keep her feelings at bay.  She thinks that she could love him deeply with passions of all kinds.  That's more than one usually has when a relationship begins.  They start to date and hide the relationship from Dawson.  When he finds out he flips out, and forces Joey to dump Pasey if she wants to keep Dawson in her life.  Dawson has a huge hold over Joey so she doesn't date Pasey for fear of Dawson writing her off, but her heart belongs to Pasey.  Dawson loves Joey so much that he wants her to be happy, no matter who it's with, so she lets her go, and she leaves.

She spends an entire summer on a boat with Pasey!  Have you ever spent an entire summer alone with anyone? I haven't.  That's bigger and stronger than any relationship i can ever dream of.  This is not the immature, couple of weeks long, 14 year old relationship that she had with Dawson.  Oh no, this is a real, kick you in your teeth, real relationship.  And it is wonderful.  Once they get back to capeside, Joey still has platonic feelings for Dawson, but it is clear that Pasey is now her #1 man.  Eventually she loses her virginity to him. They date for nearly a year!  This relationship ends, to the great chagrin of Joey.  Pasey dumps her because of his own insecureties, not becuase he did not love Joey, and Joey would have gladly taken him back, even after he broke her heart, if he would have just asked nicely.

To Joey, two short relationships that total nearly 3 months, that take place in early high school, in which Joey ended them both, pale in comparison to a 10 month long relationship that included 3 months on a boat and a sex life.

At this point, I feel as if I have already said enough to prove my point, and I am getting tired of typing, so I will zip through the last 3 seasons.  Dawson moves to USC, Pasey to the Carribean, and Joey to Boston. Joey tells Dawson that she is breaking it off, Dawson moves to Boston in hopes of saving their relationship.  Joey is kind of excited about this.  Then Dawson's dad dies and he partly blames Joey for his death.  This really hurts Joey. Then Dawson loses his virginity to Jen and dates her for a while.  Joey decides to move on with her life. By the time Dawson comes around and gets his old feelings back, Joey has already moved on to another man (Charlie). Dawson gets a big opportunity to move back to Cali and pursue his film career.  When Joey sees that he will soon be leaving, her feeling come back. Dawson half-heartedly offers to stay in Boston, but Joey pulls her patented "Kiss, 'I love you', 'Goodbye'" move.  Months later, Dawson returns and He and Joey have sex.  It would seem as if they date for 24 hours, until it comes out that Dawson was actually dating someone at the time.  Joey can't take this and dumps Dawson again, even though he broke up with his girlfriend the next morning.  Finally their childhood dreams come true, and some sort of mature, sexual relationship forms, but it only lasts a day, in comparison to the months of sex she had with Pasey (the sex with Dawson must not have been that good).  Little happens in the end of the last season except for that Pasey and Joey fall for eachother a little bit.

Remember that Pasey dumped Joey because of his insecurites?  Well during the last three seasons Pasey overcomes those insecurities one by one.  He proves that he is not a failure, he moves from successful sailor to cook to stockbroker to restauranteet.  He makes ammends with his Dad, learns a lot of things from a lot of relationships, and gets confidence in himself as a person, no matter who he is compared to.  In the final episode, he shows all of this to Joey.  He tells her that he is finally proud of himself and doesn't need anyone's approval (including hers).  He also says that he is a confident, happy man, and that he can be even without her (but he implies that he would be much happier with her).  During this same episode, Dawson shows that he is still chasing fantasies of all sorts. He is making a show that attempts to recreate their immature, childhood love.  There is more talk about this concept of them being soulmates. 



To Sum up the facts, in case you've forgotten,


Best Friends up to 13.

Date for a few months- Joey Dumps Dawson.

Dawson wants Joey, she doesn't reciprocate.

Date for one month- Joey Dumps Dawson.

Joey leaves for a summer with Pasey, dates Pasey for almost a year, and loses her virginity to Pasey.

Joey tells Dawson that she is breaking it off, Dawson moves to Boston, then doesn't want Joey and loses virginity to Jen.

Dawson doesn't want Joey anymore, and when he finally decides he does, Joey is already dating Charlie.

Dawson moves back to Cali.

They have sex.

Date for 24 hours- Joey dumps Dawson.



Just friends til 13.

Pasey falls in love with Joey.

Joey falls in love with Pasey.

They are alone on a sailboat for 3 months.

They have sex.

They date for the better part of a year.

Pasey dumps Joey.

Pasey becomes a shining example of a confident, stable, desireable human being and wants to date Joey again on even ground.


Think about this issue from the creator's perspective.  They try to keep all of their story lines as consitent and real as is possible in this medium.  This is why the show is such a big success.  Dawson is a dreamer, he is a film maker, he doesn't play a role in any of his movies.  He always casts his friends as stars.  Pasey is the guy with street smarts, real life goals and talents for keeping a relationship together (he has 3 separate, year- long relationships, Dawson has none nearly this long).

  Joey picks Pasey for two main reasons:

1.  She has a much more extensive, real, important, tried and tested relationship with Pasey, and a much more real, deeper love.  When picking a partner for the rest of her life, she has to favor pragmatism over possibility.

2.  Platonically, she may have had a stonger bond with Dawson, but not with the kind of bond that two people have when they love and lust for eachother.  Over and over again she dumps Dawson; she never dumps Pasey- he dumps her.

When Pasey has grown up, matured, and conquered his insecurities, it removes any reason that Joey might have to start dating him again.  It's the only option that would have made sense with the rest of the show. And that's why pairing Joey and Pasey in the final episode was the perfect ending.



For the record- I pretty much hate Joey's character, so I'm not writing this because I'm in love with Joey and identify with Pasey.  I think Pasey would regret getting back together with her if the show ever had a scene even further in the future.  Therefore, I offer this thesis impartially.  It simply makes the most sense when you know the show intimately.  I hope that there are people out there who are just as big dorks as I am who can seriously argue this issue with me :)

Also, I know this is just a show.  Flame all you want at what a loser I am, it was fun for me to write this.

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quick notes here. Just realized i wrote "Pasey" the whole time instead of "Pacey" because im dumb. Oops.  Also, for some reason I always think that the move to Boston happens at the beginning of season 4 instead of season 5.  Oops again! Anyway, hopefully this correction will save me from a few flames.
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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote anna Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: July/27/2004 at 11:36am

That was remarkably amsuing. In a good way. It probably does mean you have too much time on your hands, but I've been watching all the past season's I could get my hands on so i really can't talk.

To agree with your point, not becuase anybody went against it, but mostly because my sister is sick and tired of hearing about it, the commentary for the final episode totally agrees with your point.

Kevin Williamson said he started writing the script with the intention that Dawson and Joey would end up together. Somwhere in the middle of writing teh second half, he realized that would be wrong.

It's evident that Dawson has FINALLY and seriously gotten over his qualms about jealousy. In his final "soulmates" speech, Dawson says, "It doesn't matter who ends up with who," pauses and looks at Joey. He then continues on with his speech.

Joey might love Dawson as a soulmate, but then, didn't Jack call Jen his soulmate? And doesn't that imply that soulmate is more than simply a word to be bandied about in a romatic sense? Indeed, I do believe it does. Becuase as Joey said, "its a love that eternally pure and tied to my childhood."

Which brings us to Pacey. The only way Joey and Pacey could have ever ended up together (forever, as I know they did--why? because kevin williamson said so) is for the following things to have happened:

1) Dawson actually accept the idea and not just say "sure" (as he did in season one when Pacey asked if he could "kiss her or something") which he has because, Dawson has actually finally grown up--he's learned that the past is the past and for the first time "my life is real"

2) Joey to stop running. Jen's dying wish placed her in such a situation that she HAD to choose, even if she had always known the decision, she had to STOP RUNNING because that was the only way Jen could be "satisfied"

3) Pacey had to let her go. Despite his valient attempts at walking away from her during season three (which he ended up painting her wall "ask me to stay") Pacey kept chasing after her. Yes, he did break up with her but it was because of his insecurties. Which, as earlier mentioned, he got over. But by allowing himself a chance to be happy without her, which he basically hasn't since season four, he's allowded himself to move on and grow up. To become the type of man that a woman can marry and love even deeper.

So with those confusing ramblings I leave you with this thought: kevin williamson didn't plan on it ending up this way, but isn't that how life is? 


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Post Options Post Options   Thanks (0) Thanks(0)   Quote Julia & Ross Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: February/26/2005 at 4:46am
Well c**t. We have just seen the last episode of Dawson's Creek - granted we saved it for a few years being precious, wanting to savour the joy. Little did we know that our hearts would be torn from our chests and squeezed into a zillion pieces by you absolute bastard kevin. How could you do it? to go against convention? how about to betray those who have dedicated their lives to the love between dawson and joey. god damn it - its like we just found out that there is no santa, no easter bunny and that our parents are not our parents. all in one hit. there is no hope in the world. why did you devote a whole episode to the dreary conflicts of stupid jack and angsty old jen and her weak heart, sure we could forgive if those storylines aided the final coming together of dawson and joey. but no we have been left hollow shells of our former selves. dawson and joey forever in our minds and in our hearts. i will be burning my copy of the final episode, and never buying another box set. oh mr kevin williamson take note and write another f**king episode please or we will be hunting you down and severely reprimanding you for destroying our dreams. c**t.
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are you nuts
pacey's perfect
he is a dream
i love pacey
f*** dawson
i remember everything
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