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Printed Date: January/21/2022 at 9:11am

Topic: aquakensis
Posted By: lilrube93
Subject: aquakensis
Date Posted: February/15/2006 at 1:55pm
if some of you people out there want to learn to do aquakensis this what you do, it may help to meditate for 30 min.After meditating (if you did it) get a glass of water look at the water for a little bit then put your hand over the water than focus imagine the water hiting your hand.It may take a while like 2 weeks before it actully hits your hand.than if you get advanced enough you can form a water ball in your hands. things you can do with aquakensis,

soak people
form water balls (my favorite)
title wave your friends Or enemys(if there in water)
whip water at there backs (it hurts trust me)
drown enemys( woudent recomend it)
make mini whirl pools
make huge whirl Pools (very fun)

It took me about three months to get some these skills but dont worry i might explain it in a nother fourm in a couple of weeks thats if you are intrested.

P.S aquakensis is the movment of water

Posted By: k_kid
Date Posted: February/16/2006 at 6:36am
good techs. ive done those. all though aquaK isnt my favorite it is funn. especially when you at the beach or even a pool or sumat like that.


Posted By: cd27
Date Posted: February/17/2006 at 8:04am
may i make a suggestion? try making a psi ball, a small one that will fit in your palm. then place your hand over the glass of water and focus imagine the psi energy actually pulling the water to your hand, like gravity. spin the ball around make it do cool tricks and you can throw that ball or make it change shapes, all while the water is sticking to it.


If I call you dumb...refer to my avatar ^

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/17/2006 at 8:55pm
a psi-ball is ammounts of psi condensed into the form of a ball.

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/25/2006 at 8:16pm
its easy. pour energy into ur hand, hold it there, and make it into a ball.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: December/01/2006 at 3:23pm
I want to learn how to use aquakensis, but i dont know a thing about any of it nothing about energy how to control it, how to meditate, so its gonna be alot of work but i'm really set on learning it, and i love the water so i think this is the best one, and if i can learn aerokenisis to that would be awesome. Is there anyway i can fast? I want to learn with out anyone thinking im weird. But its fascinating and i really want to so if someone could E-mail me how i would greatly appreciate it.

P.S if anyone knows any electrokenisis or anything i really want to learn.

Posted By: darkmystic55
Date Posted: June/26/2007 at 8:43am
i know this might sound stupid but isnt aquakenisis like water bending on avatar:the last air bender in nickelodeon?
wouldnt u be able to do something like that??

let darknes take your soul

Posted By: earthtotim
Date Posted: August/15/2007 at 11:25am
Has anyone ever heard of James Randi?

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