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Creationism vs. Evolution

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Topic: Creationism vs. Evolution
Posted By: WhiteWolf
Subject: Creationism vs. Evolution
Date Posted: February/01/2006 at 7:00pm


Posted By: cd27
Date Posted: February/02/2006 at 6:40am
......i don't get it...


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Posted By: gemtaur80
Date Posted: February/02/2006 at 7:28am
evolution spoiled what God created? just a guess...

Posted By: GeneB
Date Posted: February/09/2006 at 1:56pm
or...the beautiful world that God created is what inspired evolution...

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Posted By: WhiteWolf
Date Posted: May/07/2006 at 4:01am
I forgot all about this. It seems I posted this without any further explanation.

I find the whole argument to be a little silly. I know it's important to a lot of people, but I just can't see how either side can be proven. Both are only theories, and theories always remain only theories until they can be tested and then proved to be true.

The other problem I have is that both sides ignore the bigger picture. By only arguing over the origin of the human species, we forget that we didn't arrive here first. Not only that, but the "bigger picture" has more to do with cosmology than Darwinism or Creationism. And no, cosmology is not where you get your horoscope from.

Cosmology is the study of the outer edges of the universe, indeed the origin of the universe by using the most adavnced technology and scientific knowledge currently available to us. In a recent project to map background radiation, scientists came up with what one man described as "The Face of God." Apparently, the relgious aspect is unavoidable no matter how much science can be applied. But the image is amazing, to say the least. It ammounts to a picture of the entire Universe, the only such one. It's not impressive to look at until you understand just what you are seeing.

A great resource for this information, a site I check daily, is NASA's - Astronomy Picture of the Day .

For a direct link to the WMAP information and images of the Universe, go - here and - here .


Posted By: christophersnow
Date Posted: May/08/2006 at 4:01pm
Very interesting material. I'll have to check it out often. Maybe get a friend of mine to explain it so I can better understand it.

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