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Printed Date: November/28/2021 at 9:17pm

Topic: technokenisis
Posted By: stayinganonymus
Subject: technokenisis
Date Posted: January/22/2006 at 12:46pm
k_kid mentioned in a post a kinetic ability called technokinesis(manipulating electronics and technology). Ive been practicing something I think is technokinesis for a bit. In case anyone wants to learn techno kinesis I kind of have an excersize I invented.
first u visit this website. To get the game going you click on the picture of the explosion. Then choose a graphic set that interests you. Then just click on the picture and youve started. So then all u do is click some where on the screen (preferably the middle) and concentrate on your chain reaction continuing. Try to allow your energies and the energies in your computer to mix. And let your chain reaction grow bigger and dont let it fade. Now that ive finished typing this im not sure if explained this well. It kind of makes more sense the more you do it. Ive managed to get to 2,500

Posted By: Niall
Date Posted: February/11/2006 at 1:24am
i did it and got 1298, but what is it supposed to do exactly i mean the higher the score the better at tachnokinesis you are? and so i did it a secon time only concentrating abit and i got 329, but i'm still not sure what it's supposed to do???? please help me stayinganonymous

Posted By: k_kid
Date Posted: February/12/2006 at 11:18am
i got a 3127. im gonna go try it again.


Posted By: Niall
Date Posted: February/13/2006 at 7:52am
but still what does the score mean like i said before is it how good at technokinesis you are or what, i'm confused?

Posted By: stayinganonymus
Date Posted: May/18/2006 at 3:43pm
YAY!!!!!I GOT 3437!!!!!!!!!!!WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Pydro.
Date Posted: October/05/2006 at 9:57am
woah, necro.
i got 4724.

One and Only.

Posted By: darkmystic55
Date Posted: June/26/2007 at 8:44am
does this really prove anything?

let darknes take your soul

Posted By: earthtotim
Date Posted: August/15/2007 at 11:28am
Ever heard of James Randi?

Posted By: hmmm
Date Posted: August/04/2008 at 7:07am
how does this game work?

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