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Topic: Pre-death
Posted By: maddpsyentist92
Subject: Pre-death
Date Posted: November/14/2005 at 1:28pm
Does death itself hurt? What do you feel the exact millisecond before you actually die? Is it an excruciating feeling, or is it a pleasant feeling, or possibly monotonous and plain? Do you feel anything after you die, and is there a certain thing you see after you die, such as "the light" or the scary "horned people"? Also could time seemingly slow itself down to those who suffer a slow, painful death, which makes 10 seconds feel like 10 minutes? Also do the people who suffer long-term, fatal illnesses feel any different from the human race, all of which are dieing? This is alot of questions, but where there are questions, there are bound to be answers.

Posted By: icegreywolf
Date Posted: November/28/2008 at 8:24pm
well this is a good question my boy, i find myself asking this same series of questions in my head. what you have to realize is the fact that death will hurt more, emotionally, than physically cause all your attachments to life are being severed, taking this into consideration everyone would b so focused on resolving any unclosed business that they would shove the entire thought of pain out of their mind. also i doubt that your life will flash before your eyes if you were about to die, becuase i doubt anyone would b able to remember every single etching detail of your whole life, also think about this everyone is slowly dying all at different rates so those with fatal diseases would feel the same way we would about dying, physically.

hoped that helped


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