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Rules About This Forum

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Printed Date: December/05/2021 at 7:06pm

Topic: Rules About This Forum
Posted By: maddpsyentist92
Subject: Rules About This Forum
Date Posted: September/20/2005 at 12:47pm
I just want to say, (although it has already been said), please don't ask stupid questions, give stupid answers, or judge people answers. WE all have different view on things and we don't need any hecklers. BTW, stupid questions are questions that A. you already know the answer to or B. Questions that are common knowledge. I would think the other mods and k_kid would agree with this.

Posted By: k_kid
Date Posted: September/20/2005 at 1:35pm
i would like to add to this.

1)this is for people who think about things more than most people do(hince deep
2)no spamming. if you do ask dumb questions or give dumb questions then they will be erased. there are exceptions though.
3)theories(cd) are accepted here and we will give feed back.
4)if someone asks a question then put thought into it and answer it right.
     example: what is the meaning of life??
      that wont be accepted.
5) other than those anyone is welcome. you can put blueprints for stuff here and ask for feedback. unless it is PAIC related then dont post it).


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