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Topic: Tutorials
Posted By: Daniel
Subject: Tutorials
Date Posted: November/15/2004 at 9:43am

Got a tutorial you would like to share, post it here.

Remeber, this is not a "chat" topic, so don't post things like "awesome, thanks."  Only post tutorials.  

(I will be forced to delete any off-turortial posts)

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Posted By: Kid_Sonix
Date Posted: November/16/2004 at 1:59am

Thanx For This Dan. We needed One.
Ive Posted A few, To get Everyone Started Off.

Remember. I Got Articles From Websites. Having Not Written One Myself... Yet, Lolz.
I Think Ive Given Credit Where Due, And Can You Follow The Same Kinda Pattern As Mine?
Oh, You may Be Needing This...

Psiwheel Manual



Posted By: Kid_Sonix
Date Posted: November/16/2004 at 3:47am



Found      :
Type        : Kinesis (Cryo)
Author     : Pheonix_Mystic




Your body needs to be in the right condition in order to be able to safely perform cryokinesis, for if one is propperly conditioned, he/she is immuned to the effects of ice.
Start out by Taking a peice of ice and holding it in both your hands. Keep your fist clenched around the ice, and don't let go, no matter how much it hurts. Time yourself for one minute. After a minute, you may release the ice cube. Do this five times a day. After a week, extend the time to two minutes. After another week, extend it to three minutes. Then after a month, keep the ice cube in your hand untill it melts. Make sure you condition both hands equally. Durring this two month period, also begin taking cold baths. Lower the temperature of the water, every week that you extend the time you hold on to the ice cube.
After this training period of about two months, you body should be conditioned to withstand hostile temperatures. You can only manipulate ice as much as you body can handle.


Ice Ball


Stand in a grounded position. Place your hands out in front of your navel (belly-button). Shape them just as you would if you were creating a ki or psi ball. Now visualize the water element all around you, flowing in between your hands. Then visualize a cold gust of wind sweeping across and forming the water into ice, try to hear the sounds of the ice crackling as the water freezes. Force the ice into a ball between your hands, and let the ice keep materializing in between your hands, untill you've made a complete ball. Do this for a few minutes. There should a cold point in the center of your palms. This is where the ice element power is actually produced.


Room Temp


Stand in a comfortable position, and feel out the energy around you. You may want to meditate a bit and clear your mind. Then begin to focus on the temperature of the room you are in, with your eyes closed. This works best if the temperature is already a little cold. Now visualize the air getting colder, and the energy freezing into ice. It helps to picture a thermometer dropping. Then begin to visualize waves of ice emmiting from your body, and going through the entire room. If succsessfull, the room should get a little cooler.




Posted By: Kid_Sonix
Date Posted: November/16/2004 at 3:57am



Found      :
Type        : Kinesis (Pyro)
Author     : Pheonix_Mystic




Pyrokinesis is the fire-based aspect of Psionics. They include the creation of as well as manipulation, of fire. It is fire AND Psi. This is an advanced skill, and can be dangerous to others around you if you do not have control over it. The key to Pyrokinesis is focusing on what you want the flame or fire to do, and willing it to happen


Dancing Flame


The best way to develop and train your Pyrokinesis skills is a technique called the dancing flame. Get in a relaxed position, and grab a match. Light the match on fire and focus on the flame. Create a "tunnel" between you and the flame. Now visualize the flame going out. You must be focusing on only the flame. With enough will power, and hard concentration, the flame will go out. Putting a flame or fire out is the easiest part of Pyrokinesis. Making the flame or fire relight is the hard part. Once you can make the flame burn out, Focus on the flame relighting. After a few weeks of doing this, you will notice that once the flame is out, you will be able to see the ember start to turn red again as though it wanted to relight. Once you practice enough, it will relight. This is the easiest way to develop and train Pyrokinesis. This technique Does Work!


Lighting A Candle


Pyrokinesis may be accomplished by concentrating on, the wick of a candle. After going through the usual preliminary procedures, E.g. meditation, visualize the wick as being made up of many thousands of swirling dots or spheres. As you visualize them, see them swirling faster and faster, and as they swirl faster and faster, feel them becoming hot...becoming hotter and hotter until they glow like miniature suns. When the dots are glowing brightly, bring part of your focus back to the wick as a whole, while still seeing and feeling the excited molecules. See the wick as a whole become hot and start to glow. Then, visualize it bursting into flame, perhaps accompanied by some sort of gesture, such as a flick of the hand or a snap of the fingers, if you are feeling dramatic.
You may find that it is helpful, at least at first, to produce a psi ball around the wick while attempting this, not so much for sake of the energy as for concentration. It may also be helpful by way of preparation, to focus on an already-lit candle and use your mind to change the shape or movement of the flame; concentrate on the base of the flame, the faintly glowing blue part.




Posted By: Jyrotika
Date Posted: November/21/2004 at 5:07pm

Some Wise Words

Sometimes you have to give them an example of what works for you, then tell them to make their own so they know(kind of) what to do. If you tell them to make their own, but they're doing it wrong(if you tell someone to move their foot, they just do it because they've already learned how. Tell them to move an object without teaching them how, and they don't make it.

In the end, they all have to find their own way, but without some guidance, most would probably fail. Jyrotika 2004

Some Wise Words


Aerok tutorial: Stand outside on a day where there is little or no wind. Relax- you can sit or stand as long as you're relaxed. Feel the wind that is connected to your soul. Imagine how good the wind would feel if it was blowing hard on your face.- That's what works for me, if it doesn't work for you, change it so it does.

              ...all and none...

Posted By: Kid_Sonix
Date Posted: December/02/2004 at 5:16am



Found      :
Type        : Kinesis (Aero)
Author     : Pheonix_Mystic


Wind Summon

Stand in a comfortable position with your hands by your waists. If you can, try to go into a standing meditation if you want a greater effect. Now visualize the power of the four winds(north, south, east, and west). Picture them being attached by "strings" to your hands, so that you may move the winds as you please. At this point, with the strings still in mind, slowly begin to raise your hands. This will cause the winds to be drawn towards you. As your hands raise, wind should kick up. Repeat the process once your hands are above your head if you wish to create more wind.

If you also practice magic, I'm sure a wind-summoning chant or something similar could aid you in this technique.


Air Purification

A very hard technique to pull off correctly. If done, even the most toxic of air can be morphed into pure oxygen. Stand in a comfortable position, arms crossed at the waist. Now continue on to creating a shield. Add as much energy as you feel is needed for the govern situation. Visualize it filled with pure air. Also focus on the edge of the shield as a suction device, pulling in the air around you, and releasing as regular air. When finished, let the shield merge with the air around you.




Posted By: Kid_Sonix
Date Posted: December/02/2004 at 7:49am



Found      :
Type        : Kinesis (Electro)
Author     : Pheonix_Mystic + Sepiroth


Tutorial 1                                                                                Pheonix Mystic


Alright, this takes a couple of weeks to learn, so don't get frustrated if you can't do it in the first couple of days. To learn electrokinesis, start out but just closing your eyes, and visualizing electricity flowing inside and out of your body, like sparks of energy. See them shocking, actually hear them crackling and popping. Do this for like 10-15 minutes a day. If you can project it out of your hands, you can try to shoot it at your TV or radio, and see if it makes the reception a little messed up, or you could try to shock someone. Do this for a while, then if you want, try to make an Electro-ball.


Tutorial 2                                                                                Sepiroth


The easiest time to do it is when you're laying in bed before you go to sleep. Close your eyes and visualize the electricity running through the body part of choice. Try to do all these things one after another or mix them.

Visualize it running up say, your hand, in waves of electricity like the kind of waves old TV's get sometimes that go up the screen. Then after that, visualize it sparking and even arcing out of your finger tips and hands. Try to feel the sparks the best you can, sometimes your fingers will just go sort of numb and they will feel wierd if you try to move them. Then open your eyes and do the same thing for a while...eventually you should start seeing very faint pencil thin lines of electricity or round dot size sparks or both.




This is basically a psi ball with electricity from electrokinesis added into it. To start, visualize the electricity flowing through your body. Then, make a normal psi ball, then picture the electricity bolts coming out of your hands and your fingertips, and merging with the psi ball, making little sparks and shocks around and inside the psi ball. Do this for about 5 minutes a day, along with just picturing the electricity flowing inside of you. Just keep practicing, and when you get the electro-ball, you will be able to shock people with it. But be warned, don't use a lot of power with this technique on someone if you know that their power is less than yours and they won't be able to handle it, this technique can really injure someone when used with enough power.





Posted By: drake7707
Date Posted: December/25/2004 at 1:45am

Empathy seminar

by Jedi_Karen

from The Psi World


Summary created by Drake7707


Website: -


How to

1.      Clear your mind and feelings

2.      Pick the person

3.      Now to think of the person you may try a few things. Visualize his/her name or if you can vizualize his/her face

4.      Now you know how you reach out to feel psi? Well, stretch out and try to 'touch' the person. You can do it in any way, e.g. touching with your mental hand on his/her head

5.      Now take note of the feelings you recieve, and stay calm, if the feeling doesn't make any sense (so that doesn't fit to be yours at the moment its probably his/hers)

6.      Once you get the feeling your own feelings may be affected by theirs so once you know how he/she feels, and you don't like the feeling you have to discard it, which is not easily done.

7.      Discarding is done by calming down and just relax a bit, e.g when you feel anger you need to cool down a bit, chill out, think of something else, and the bad feeling will disappear


Note: Keep in mind everyone interprets their feelings in a different way, so when i practiced and i changed my mood to loneliness, my partner which i practiced with described the feeling that he got as shy and fear. I don't know if he got the same feeling but shy and fear have something to do with loneliness right ? And another example, i was thinking of something funny (funny pieces of friends episode) and Jedi_Karen described it as happy, hyper, totally excited.

There is obviously a differency between sad and happy thoughts, like loneliness and happy thoughts. So it may be a little different from what you initially had in mind, but it can't be the complete opposite


Warning about empathy:


Crowds are somewhat dangerous for practicing empaths: they are with many so many emotions which builds up each other and you may become overloaded by them. E.g. of crowds: school dances, concerts, ... If you may happen to feel overloaded by them and you can't leave, you should think of something else or shield asap. For the shielding part i'd like to point to -  They have nice articles there.


-- End of Summary --


Well hope it helps, there will also be a log available on the Psi World website, but I decided to make a summary as well. Hope you liked it, see you maybe at the next summary :) .


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January/24/2005 at 9:58am

Definition of clairvoyance:

The seeing of thing, events and people, including spirit; it can also refer to seeing the future or the past; usually a catchall sord for psychic perceptions

Objective clairvoyance:

The ability to see images and have perceptions outwardly with the physical eyes

subjective clairvoyance:

the ability to see images with the mind

There's also Clairsentience (clear feeling):

The ability to sense or feel things, events and people, including spirits. It is often used to describe when someone has a psychic feeling or hunch (example psychometry)

Okay first you would need to practice visualization:

Practice closing your eyes and visualizing objects around you with as much details as possible. This lays a foundation for psychic vision.


1- close your eyes and make a mental list of everything in your room and see in your mind's eye where these things are. Basically create a picture of your room in your mind.

2- Visualize each of your organs as happy and joyous. Creating a feeling of well being this way makes it easier for your psychic powers to come out.

3-Also try and guess who's calling when the phone rings.

4-With playing cards hold them in your hands and try to guess what color it is (red or black). You have to rub your hands first though.

For x ray vision:

1-When you get a gift, try to envision what's inside.

2-when someone comes to the door, try and see with your mind who before answering the door.

3-In morning before going to school, try and picture what your best friend or fav teacher will be wearing...

to do with a friend or someone you can trust :

Practice scanning each other, imagining you have x ray vision like. Try and see what you can see inside the other person. Pay attention to everything you feel and everything you imagine. Imagining is also a way of seeing.

Okay this was post previously into the Clairvoyance thread but since this is the tutorial thread, I'm posting it here....enjoy!


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January/26/2005 at 7:40am

About what clairvoyant see:

objects appearing and dissapearing: usually occurs when spirit are trying to get our attention

spirit lights flickering: loghts of various colors around someone (like flickers), often idicates presence of spirit guides

shadows and movement: often indicate presence of spirit or change in environment.



Posted By: Spyrokenesi35
Date Posted: January/31/2005 at 7:57am

Glossary of Parapsychological Terms

Anomalous Cognition
A recently coined term defined as "a form of information transfer in which all known sensorial stimuli are absent. That is some individuals are able to gain access to information by an as yet unknown process. This is also known as - Remote Viewing (RV) and - Clairvoyance ." Sometimes used more generally in place of - ESP .

Influence by - psychokinesis of a biological system 

Clairvoyance (literally 'clear-seeing')
A subset of - ESP covering apparent information transmission as though it were the result of visual perception. The perception can appear externally - either replacing the normal visual scene (as in visions) or being incorporated into it - or internally, in the form of mental imagery and intuition. It is also used more generally to mean - paranormal acquisition of any information directly from a physical source and not from the mind of another person.

Auditory form of - Clairvoyance .

A general term covering - Clairvoyance , - clairaudience , etc. where information is thought to be gained directly from the physical location/object.

Abbreviation of Decision Augmentation Theory. An attempt to reconceptualise - psychokinesis as a - precognition -based selection process rather than one of actual influence
Abbreviation of Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems. Used to denote instances where one person is attempting to influence a distant biological system, usually the physiology of another person. As it is unclear whether this represents an influence , a case of - ESP on the part of the influencee or an opportunistic selection process the term 'interaction' has been adopted. 

Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
A measure of skin conductance or resistance (to a small electrical current) which is related to sympathetic nervous system arousal. This response can be elicited by external stimuli (a light, tone etc.), or by internal activity . The most commonly used measure is - Skin Conductance .

Rarely used in modern parapsychology, the popular usage of this term refers to a low-level form of - telepathy wherein the empath appears to be aware of the emotional state of a distant person. An empath may also refer tp someone thought able to 'broadcast' their emotions to others. 

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
A general term used for all forms of - psi where the process of information acquisition appears to be analogous to the conventional sensory processes of sight, sound, taste, touch and hearing 

Refers to a whole range of phenomena wherein one or more people attempt to bring about the well-being of another person. This area is very complex, involving a number of psychological and physical factors that must be allowed for before a - psi component is looked for.

Micro PK
Refers to - psychokinesis effects which are on a very small scale, usually only detectable by statistical analysis e.g. perturbation of random electronic noise. Laboratory research tends to be on micro-PK, as this ability is one which can apparently be shown in a general population
Macro PK
Refers to - psychokinesis effects which are either apparent to the naked eye or which can be deduced without the need for statistical analysis e.g. levitation, spoon-bending. The existence of macro-PK is controversial even amongst parapsychologists, having rarely been demonstrated under controlled conditions and being more susceptible to the possibility of fraud.

Paranormal (literally 'beyond normal')
Term used to denote any phenomenon which appears to be inexplicable by current scientific theories.

Parapsychology (literally 'beyond psychology')
The study of apparent new means of communication, or interaction, between organisms and their environment (commonly referred to as - psi , or - psychic ability), beyond those presently understood by the scientific community.

Poltergeist (from German for 'noisy spirit')
A general term applied to a variety of site-, or sometimes person-, specific physical phenomena. These can include temperature variations, anomalous sounds, and movement of physical objects. The word 'poltergeist' was coined back when such phenomena were thought to be due to the presence of some sort of mischevious entity. Currently, poltergeist phenomena are usually considered to be related either to unusual physical conditions at the affected site, or to be related to - psychokinesis . Anecdotal reports suggest that many poltergeist focus on an individual under some form of emotional stress.

The apparent foreknowledge of as yet undetermined (i.e. unpredictable based on knowledge of the present which available through conventional sensory channels) future events.

A general term, introduced by T.H Thouless and B.P. Wiesner  which refers to the factor(s) responsible for parapsychological phenomena. Originally derived from the use of the greek letter psi to denote the unknown quantity in an equation (see also the Psi section on the KPU webpage).

Psychic (from Greek 'psyche')
Popular term used to denote a person who regularly uses, or who appears to be especially gifted with, - psi abilities. Also refers to general phenomena related to the mind.

Psychic Surgery
The supposed ability to paranormally perform invasive surgery using no conventional medical tools. The psychic surgeon uses either an unsterilised knife, or his bare hands, to appear to make an incision and remove some internal matter. Once the operation is finished, there is no sign of an incision, nor are there any unpleasant aftereffects (e.g. infection). Many of the investigated cases have turned out to be fraudulent, involving sleight of hand tricks to make the operation appear convincing. However, it is possible that, in some circumstances, the ritual nature of the 'surgery' could help effect a cure through the equally mysterious - placebo effect .

Psychokinesis (PK) (literally 'mind-movement')
The apparent ability to influence the environment seemingly by intention or other mental activity alone. Parapsychologists usually distinguish between the extremely small effects of - micro-PK and larger effects of - macro-PK .

Remote Viewing (RV)
A term for cases of - ESP , most commonly in laboratory studies, wherein a person attempts to describe a remote location. In some cases there will be a target person at this location; in others, the location will be identified purely by an abstract or coded ID.

A term used to cover a wide range of divination techniques which - parapsychology would tend to classify as types of - ESP . Most scrying techniques involve some degree of fixation on a surface with a clear optical depth (e.g. a crystal ball, a pool of ink or deep water) or on an area which shows random patterns (e.g. flames in a fire, smoke), the idea being that subconscious information available to the scrying will be manifested in their interpretation of the imagery or random patterns they see. Techniques using a clear optical depth are actually very similar to the idea behind the homogenous visual field used in - Ganzfeld ESP research.

General name given to the information which it is hoped the the receiver/percipient will gain access to through - psi . For example, the target in a"'>Ganzfeld - ESP study would be the video clip which the - sender is watching.

Telepathy (literally 'distant perception/feeling')

The apparent ability to communicate information from one mind to another.This information may be 'received' in the same form as that from the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory or even kinaesthetic senses. It is distinguished from - clairsentience in that the information is assumed to have originated from the mind of another person, rather than the target object itself.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January/31/2005 at 6:21pm

Akashic Records:

records of the spirit. The unerversal library that records every thought, word and deed of each individual, which can only be access through visualized meditation. This library does not exist in 3 dimensional form. It is also sometimes called the hall of knowledge or hal of records.


Reading a person's character by studying his or her face, expressions, and body movement.


Being seen in two places at the same time or being able to visit a place with your mind while your body remains in a different place.

Chi: life energy


Sensing the hidden presence of water, minerals, people, animals, objects or energy.

ESP: Telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance and psychokiesis.

Mind power:  The energy or the human intelligence.

Precognition: Knowing the future

Premonition: a forewarning of future events to come.

Psychokinesis: Moving physical objects with the mind.

Psychometry: Sensing a person's or item's past by holding an object.

Remote viewing: seeing an accurate version of a distant site or person.

Synchronicity: What appears to be a coincidence that actually happens for a reason and therefore is not a coincidence.



Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: February/13/2005 at 10:55am
I made up a cool electrokinesis techinque:

Crackling Thunder

First concentrate electricty toward your fingertips then snap your fingers while pointing your indexfinger toward the target and you get a quick stream of lightning that I affectionately dubbed crackling thunder. Not to be confused
with Colonel Mustang's snapfire (or whatever you call it) technique from FMA.

This technique has pretty good sucess if done right.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: March/09/2005 at 8:13am

exercises to see the aura 

Exercise 1: The lighting has to be soft rather than dim. Sit so that any bright lights are behind you. Now sit down comfortably, close your eyes and do some relaxation. Once your relaxed both in mind and body, open your eyes and try this little exercise.


Place the tips of your forefingers together and look at them for about ten seconds. Then slowly move them apart. You will see a tiny, almost invisible thread of light that stretches and keeps the fingertips joined, even though you are moving them slowly away from each other. The longer you practice, the longer you will be able to see those thread at a larger distance of the fingers.


If you have difficulties seeing it, try and experiment with the different forces of light and sometimes if you put a background under your hand (like white or black sheet) it will help see it better.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: March/24/2005 at 12:49pm

ok the traditional meaning of aura colors (they are not in depth right now)

Red: Sensuality, vitality, aggression

Orange: Emotion, health

Yellow: Creativity, Intellect

Green: Healing, love of nature

Blue: Teacher, traveler, seeker of wisdom

Indigo: Caring, Nuturing, Humanitarian

Violet: Spirituallity, intuition, teacher, clairvoyant

Pink: materialism, goal-setting, hard work

Bronze: Humanitarian, self sacrificing

White: Spirituality, purity, selflessness

Silver: Intuitive, idealistic, dreamer, visionnary

Gold: unlimitted potential

We possess all of these colors within our aura. Wether we choose to use all of them in equal balance is up to us...also depends on our task here on earth and of our free will...

Posted By: PsiGuy09
Date Posted: March/30/2005 at 5:54pm
Astral projection techniques (great for finding spirit guides which make great psi teachersRelax for at least 10 min. a full body relaxation.  Once you're fully relaxed, visualize a clear, sparkely blue figure floating above your body and adjusted to your every contour.  See the figure grab rope and pull its self out of your physical body. After you will feel your body vibrating don't panic or get scared this will cause allyour hard work to be undone.  Anyways during the vibrations you will start to see through your third eye.  Shortly after you should feel as light as a feather and have excellent eye sight even if your blind in the physical realm

"I'm Rick James B#@^%"

Posted By: Jordan
Date Posted: June/13/2005 at 11:52am
That's actually a very interesting method, although it leaves me a little confused. I have heard in other threads that after successfully projecting you can not see clearly and you need to speak repetitive commands in order to clarify your vision.

Posted By: k_kid
Date Posted: June/24/2005 at 3:55pm

a new kinesis...

im not sure wut it is called yet but i tried a different way of doing lentation and this is wut happened....

make a psi ball wit every amount of energy in ur body but leave it connected to ur hands so u live then push all of it at once into ur 3rd eye and the space around u will go all distorted and u can walk through walls and do ANY type of psionics while in that "mode" and it will be really strong(sronger than u would expect).

WARNING- only for experienced psi users becuase u CAN kill urself doing this so be very careful.

P.S. this might be a good way for us to do our psion skool cuz time completly stops while doin this.


Posted By: Eskimo Wiz
Date Posted: December/07/2005 at 12:04pm
Psionic Training Guide

by Xirokoto

I wrote this for all those interested in learning about psionics. I appreciate feedback(a lot!) and welcome it. However, things I don't want include idiots emailing me about how stupid they think I am. So refraine from idiocy, and tread forth with an open mind if your are a skeptic. Enjoy the article~

Psychic Development course: A crash course in the field of Psionics

"We have come to show the light... To engulf the world in Purity, to heal and to help all... WE...Are the Dots of Light" Another great Product of Dots of Light Industries!

Created by Richard "Xirokoto" Doolittle

0.0-Beginning Note

This course is exclusive property of The Dots of Light Industries. Nothing in this document can be changed or altered without written, verbal or some other consent from the author. This document is copyrighted and I don't mind asking for legal assistance should someone try to steal this information. I wrote this document and am freely distributing it to the people of the world. I allow you to distribute this article on the grounds that you don't change it. That you distribute the Whole article, meaning don't cut anything out, that you don't make a profit from this in any way. And that you take NO credit for this. You can also print it, so long as you print the whole thing, you make no profit off of it, and you take no credit for any of this. And as always, I hope you can enjoy the article.

I also give www.totse.come rights to alter or change anything needed, as designated in their article posting rules...

Dots of Light Industries Homepage: N/A

Contact the Author:


Welcome, welcome, one and all! If you have this guide there are a few reasons I'm guessing. Someone gave it to you and wishes for you to read it, someone gave it to you and wants you to become a psychic, or you found it somewhere and are reading it for interests sake. No matter the reason I am glad that you are here to read this. This is the final course I will write in accordance to the Psychic world. Well, at least I believe it shall. Now, this is going to be the culmination of all of my work. Changed to be clearer, re-wrote to be more efficient. Everything in here has been polished and is ready to try out. ALL of it has been attempted by yours truly, and others in accordance with Dots of Light and P.S.I.C.O.R.P.S. And HAS worked for those who actually put themselves to work. It is not exaggerated, it is not fluff, and it is all 100% real. Now, I'm sure your wanting to know what this is about well, the whole scope of this guide is to teach you how to become a psychic! By that I mean that this guide will in turn train you to become an adept or advanced psychic. It will deal with practically every psychic skill you have probably ever heard of, and probably some that you have never heard of! Everything from Telekinesis, to Telepathy. And not to mention TONS of other skills of which are not so popular. But more on that later. The whole point of the Dots of Light is to better your life and the life of those around you. When used correctly and not abused, these skills will dramatically change your life for the better. Now there's one big issue that sticks out in the beginning. Most of the people in the world have a pre-conceived notion in mind. And I am pretty sure, that you even now believe that very same notion. That horrible little thought is that, psychics are born, not made. Well, that's false! I know I have just confused those in the audience who know not of my train of thought. All people in the world, at this very moment have the potential to become a psychic! In the psychic world there are three different classifications of people, naturals, radicals, and nons. Of course no one can fit under any one of these three, but for simplicities sake, we pretend they do. Now, our standard Natural is a person, who has potential to grow rapidly in a set skill, this skill varies. Normally these people cannot access their skill until they begin to train in it. But this is not always true. Naturals numbers are INCREDABLY larger then you think. I was shocked to see how many people have buried potential. I realized it when I was scouting out people on the web, and in my own town. Naturals normally have no clue that they are naturals, and the chances are, you are one now! Now, we go to the classification called Radicals. Radicals are people with insanely large amounts of psychic power, and usually cannot contain their gifts. Things flying across rooms, seeing deceased begins, high amounts of telepathic interference, all are things that a radical will have to deal with in their life span. Unlike naturals these numbers range in the double, if not single digits. These people often lead rough lives due to their inability to control their skill. Have sympathy for these people, they need it more then likely. Then we have our standard Nons. As the name implies, these are people who have no innate psychic skills. The title "Non" however is NOT a bad thing! It's actually a good thing! Unlike Naturals these people will have a hard time picking up in the beginning, but once they pick up they will take off and go! Nons have a lot of potential but have difficulty reaching it. Given that no matter your status you can learn this to be just as powerful as anyone else, and that it's just a matter of time and a test of your patience! But as I have said, no person can fit entirely in any one of these statuses. So give no heed to your status, and learn something fun! All in all, this course has multiple uses, it can be entertaining, and it can be useful. How to use this guide is as simple as your A, B, C's! To start off with go to the foundation basics, and learn everything stated there. From there on you are on your own. Now, I will state this as clearly as I can as not to generate any confusion, you need NOT go in the order that this guide lists skills. You can skip straight to Telepathy training, or Telekinesis training without going through psychic manipulation. You could learn one of the skills that I have listed in the other category without going to any of the other skills! Please don't think that you need train in everything listed here. Pick what you want to learn, and train in it! But I heavily suggest that you train in Psionic Energy Manipulation before learning anything else. As that provides a quick boost of skill level, and can defend you from most dangers and annoyances that could arise from training in the psychic field. For some specifics of this I suggest reading the warning first. Think about the implications that being a psychic can have! Turn on the TV, sans the remote. See what's on a persons mind, cure pains, and oh so much more! Enjoy the course, send me your stories, and try not to do anything stupid. Now this next thing coming up is a sort of intro to parents of youngsters training in the psychic realm. This is for those who wish to let their family know what they are doing; this is a way to ease your parents into the swing of your new life style. However I do not ask that you do this by any means. I mean my parents don't even know that I am a psychic! This is just a way of letting someone with a bit more experience with these matters, acquaint your parents.

To the parents/Guardians of the trainer

Just found out that your child has expressed an interest in the psychic world? That must be a rather interesting (And by interesting I mean question rising) scenario! I am 16 years old, so I can't relate to all the questions that you are probably asking at this moment. But I can say this, if your child has expressed an interest in the psychic world, I ask that you give it a chance. If you are a religious person, I ask that your examine your beliefs, and find ONE PLACE, just one in whatever book you seek for guidance, that forbids ANY of the following material. I can already assure you that you will find none. I have searched and searched and found nothing at all that even HINTED towards any of this being evil. I have even found some passages describing things such as premonitions, astral projection, healings and other things in the Christian bible. If your afraid that your child might be getting in to far over their head with this, then I ask that you take a big step, and train in it with them. This is a very forgiving field, and I have yet to find anything so dangerous that it proved damaging towards any part of my being, to a point where a week or less of just letting go couldn't heal. The psychic world can be a scary concept, I have felt the intimidation of the thought of a being, whom could knock me down with a flick of his finger, but when I got into it I found that the psychic world is a lot less hostile then the one you commute in daily. Psychics are not fiends of legend who only desire to hurt; true psychics are not frauds on the street corner. But as always, should you think that any of this is "iffy" then I suggest reading over the material for yourself to make your own judgment. I want you to read it CAREFULLY. Word, for word of every section. That way you can better understand just what is in store for your child. I also ask that you communicate with your child about their progress, their decisions and their accomplishments. To a psychic like me, who has no one to communicate with in person, not being able to confide in someone is more damaging then anything I have gone through regarding the psychic realm. If you have any questions about who I am, or if you want to get a hold of me and talk one on one, you can find my email in the next chapter. And I hope you will make the decision, to allow your child to find their true potential, to gain confidence and to grow in more ways then you could have ever imagined. Peace be with you.

1.05-About me

This is a short chapter about who I am, and what the organization I belong to is all about. This is just meant to give you a little insight about who is telling you all of this information.

Who is Richard "Xirokoto" Doolittle?

This is a question I get a lot. Who am I, how do I know the stuff that I am teaching, how people can get a hold of me, so on and so forth. As you have probably guessed, my name is Richard Doolittle. Xiro is a name I have received as a web alias. I am 16 years old, and I am a student at Lincoln Northeast High-school. I am a psychic and adept spiritualist. And of course, a full time martial artist. Throughout the course of my life I have been exposed to many forms of the paranormal. In the beginning of my life I was a radical clairvoyant, and often communicated with the deceased and other entities. I would tell people about my communications, only to get brushed off. They explained to me how I was just a normal child, with no abnormal qualities such as communicating with ghosts. I wanted to believe I could do something out of the ordinary, something like that. But I was told time and time again how nothing weird was happening. And in time, I stopped listening to the calls of the deceased, and eventually forgot how to listen all together. That was about the time I was five or eight years old. Fast forward to the far off year of 2001. On the thirteenth of June my life changed. I had my first Out of Body experience (I will explain what that is later) in the form of an NDE which was induced by a car accident. I died that day, and came back. In more ways then one! My interest in the paranormal was flared again. I began surfing the web for answers as to what had happened to me. I found psipog ( in no time. From there I learned the finer aspects of Psychic development. I then learned how to manipulate psi, I learned about how to further train myself in telepathy and telekinesis a bit further. And then I found the astral pulse ( and learned how to induce out of body encounters. From there I adapted information from various sites and began training myself much further in psychic related matters and began mixing in martial arts. In time I became who I am today. Now a-days I am trying to gain back my old clairvoyant skills, as well as work on my new skills. I would like to point out, that even though I was naturally psychic in the beginning of my life, I do not believe that, that ever aided me in my training. I had to work hard for what little power in things such as Telekinesis I have now. I smashed my brain with training Telepathy with no willing volunteers. And I still have to smash my brain for results even today. You can learn this stuff even if you do not have these previous skills! But that's another topic for another chapter. If you have any questions about the course, or anything else, feel free to contact me at- or

Yes indeed, what is this organization that keeps popping up? Dots of Light Industries Corporation is a Corporation dedicated to spreading awareness of metaphysical issues of all nature. Chi, Psi, advanced martial arts etc. The corporation is designed with only the thought of aiding people and destroying the barriers that hold back human kind. And in the end evolve the human spirit above and beyond. Right now, the organization is an underground movement and will not rise out into the light for some time. Once it does it will enter the PAR phase. Or, the Paranormal Awareness Revolution. The few people in the organization have their own niches, and distribute articles. Upon joining a person will have the responsibility of finding their place, and teaching about it in some way. Thus is the way of the Dots of Light, and thus is the code. And now, a small (ehhrm...) note before I go on-


I guess there are a few things that should be noted... There are some occupational hazards with being a psychic. This field is so wide the amounts of surprises that lie ahead are as vast as the stars in the sky. And here I will attempt to list all of the most dangerous and most common things that you may have to deal with in your occupation as a psion.

Manifestation of Powers on the extreme level

Training in this could unlock a part of you that you might wish stayed locked. Maybe you have a seriously powerful clairvoyant ability. You train in psionics and begin noticing stuff. Stuff that is "off", stuff that just doesn't add up for beans. You begin hearing voices, seeing people walk through walls and feel people touch you and getting a cold feeling in old houses. Sorry but you have just found out that your gifted with the ability of clairvoyance which is the ability to notice spirits! To much for you? Sorry, but you can't turn it off, what if stuff started floating around you? Telekinesis, Nice! But sad to say, can't shut it off. You begin hearing other people's thoughts, it begins to invade your mind and you no longer feel alone. Sorry, can't turn it off, BUT! You can become advanced enough to contain it! So if something this big does blow up in your face. Do not stop! You have to continue to train so you can contain your gift and use it to your will! The chances of this happening are slim but all to possible so I just want to say. Don't be frightened, it is only temporary. (If you can just hang on long enough to learn to contain it!!!) If you fail to learn how to contain it, it might die out over the years. But you may never be able to use it again! Don't throw away your gifts out of fear!

Basic Dangers

Nothing in here is really dangerous but there are things you need to look out for. There are things of the Psionic community that could prove dangerous to lower class Psions. Psionics Virii and Psionic Vamps and malicious psions are the main concerns. Psionic Virii are a construct that higher level psions make that have the intent to destroy fellow psions from the inside out. The effects of these viruses are very variable. They can do almost anything and everything to you all depending on the sender. They can completely mess with the aura and can even screw around with your central nervous system. I. E. Your brain! Some can screw with your aura and can make making energy work all the harder. Some people have made little charts and I had used one here in place before. But I am just going to say this. All viruses are bad, and if you suspect you have been infected with one at any level I suggest contacting a higher level psion or trying to deal with it yourself. I have no detoxification system for this. So just try to keep eating those apples ok?


Now onto psychic vamps. Psychic vamps are a big problem and even bigger annoyance to psions. There are a few types of vamps. The most common are normal people in the community. These people more then likely have no clue that they are vamps. I like to call these sub-conscious vamps. Without thinking about it they draw off of people with higher "power levels" . (Look in the life of a psion for a detailed explanation) When their sub-conscious notices the high concentration of psi it begins to draw it in. If you notice that while your around someone you begin to feel tired or lose your psi abilities momentarily chances are they are a vamp. You might ask what if you are a vamp? If you are, when you start psionics your subconscious will realize you have plenty of energy and there's no need to vamp any more, so it will die out. One might ask how to defend against vamps? Well, there are two logical steps to this. (and of course a bunch of illogical ones but...) One, make a shield to hide your psi from their vamping sub-conscious. Two, psychically implant a self replicating psi construct in them so their subconscious will feed of its own energy and die out. This method is only theoretical and may do nothing more then temporarily feed their energy. And of course it goes from bad to worse; this isn't the only type of human vamp. There are also psions who choose to vamp people. Those people deserve a good virii. If you notice a conscious vamp that has been vamping your energy you have two real options. One, try to just defend yourself with a shield. Two, teach him some respect! A good fist in the face usually works quite nicely! Those are basic vamps you will more then likely deal with. There's another vamp that you hopefully will never have to deal with. I like to call these Psi Beasts. Just as the name says they are creatures made of psi or some other energy that has no purpose other then to acquire more and more energy. Chi artists have to deal with these beasts as well. These beasts are not visible to the naked eye. Auric vision or real time sight will reveal these little beasts. But should you have neither you will have to hope you recognize the symptoms. A good indicator is pain or tingling in a small area that appears suddenly for no good reason. This is a sign that a Psi Beast has latched onto you. Other symptoms include low energy, inability to create psi constructs, bruising in area of pain. But just because you get a bruise that you don't know how it got there that does not mean you are infected. The only sure fire way to know if you have been inflicted is upsetting. You just plain know. Exactly how to extract these is ummm, not clear just yet. They are masses of energy and destroying energy is rather difficult. (Ha, ha get it? It's difficult because it Impossible!) However separating it is a bit easier (the only way-.-). Learn to AP and quite literally peel it off of you! But should you not be able to AP the only way that I could think would work would be to create a construct that would be placed in the area and made to repel any creatures attached to you. The length of time a psi beast will stay latched onto you is terrifying. It may stay attached to you for many years or even your entire life. But as I said these creatures are not to common so I would not put to much thought into them.

Malicious Psions

And lastly we come to the most dangerous of the categories. Malicious psions are a real pain in the *ss. We already talked about psionic virii, but there are other ways a psion could hurt you. Telepathy is the main concern. Things such as 'overload' are some things that malicious psions love to play with. Overload is when a psion telepathically sends tremendous loads of telepathic energy that could have numerous effects on the victim. Then there is telepathic suggestion and dominance. These are the worst things a psion could do to you other then psionic virii. TP Suggestion and dominance are forms of mind control. Suggestion is when a link is created between the victim and attacker and the attacker plants subliminal messages in you. Dominance is the worse of the two. With suggestion they can not make you do something that you would strongly object to, dominance is obvious. You do what they say end of story. VERY few people know this skill and I do not think that you will have to ever deal with it. There are plenty of other forms of psychic combat. I highly suggest that you take up basic energy manipulation for the shield aspect of that field. A good shield could protect you from all of the above! That's it really. That is really all you will have to deal with for the malicious category of being a psion. In the end, of course there is infinite things that could go wrong. You have the possibility of hurting yourself or others. But think about it, the same is true for walking down the street.

1.2-Honor Between Psions

"With great power comes great responsibility"-Spider Man's Uncle Before we go on to the training, something must be said about the psion honor code. The psionic community is small. Sad but true. We often get a bad rap for being thought to be evil by some, fakes by others. Psions usually keep to themselves and train in their unique arts by themselves, or with one or two others like themselves. However small and spread out it is, the community has some un-written rules. By breaking one you may become victim of a psychic assault. One of these rules is that you WILL NOT try any psychic skill out on an un-willing person. Pinging someone without permission is one of those things that will really p*ss off a psion. They may interpret it as an assault and you might get more then a friendly ping back. Sure you could try some of these things on a normal person and chances are they wont notice. But the honor code of psions forbids such things. You may decide to use your new found powers to become richer. Maybe you will take advantage of your telekinetic powers to make more money. There's something funny about our powers. When we abuse them they will weaken. I don't know how this works. Maybe its a subliminal programming that you say you don't cherish your powers for their uniqueness but only for what they can do for you, and thus your brain decides you should not be allowed to have them. Be humble with your powers. Use them for your entertainment; use them to improve the quality of your life. Use them to entertain your friends even! But do not abuse them for personal selfish gain. Don't go around saying "Look what I can do! Cool huh! I bet you wish you could! But to bad you cant so don't even try!" I HATE people like this. Don't be a self bloated jerk to be put short. Now we go onto something a bit more serious. DON'T BE MALICIOUS WITH YOUR POWERS! With things such as telepathic suggestion and psionic attacks you could really do some damage to a normal person or a weaker level psion. This is bad in more then one way. It will attract negative entities for one, more advanced psions will royally screw you over for two, and three your powers might (will eventually) self terminate. In other words- Be KIND! These are a bit far fetched and there may be no consequences for attacking normal people. But should you have ANY honor you will resist and show some decency for Pete's sake! Try to interest people in psionics without intimidating or frightening them. The psion community is small enough as it is. Should I find you breaking this VERY simple code you can be sure you will have more to worry about then your mind, you can count on that.

Just as an ending note, NONE of this is meant to try to scare new psions. If you are new and your skills are for the most part not under your control, and you mess up, I'm pretty sure you won't be assaulted. The psionic community is just like the normal community we all live in. It takes a serious violation of the honor code for you to be attacked. I have dealt with psions who could not control their Telepathy and they tried to pry into my thoughts without a conscious decision to do so. So as long as you don't go around shooting off psi constructs, probing minds at random or anything of the sort, I would say you will be fine..."For those of you I scared into submission"

1.25-The Basics

No matter what skill you decide to train in you will need these basics. These also transcend just psychic training, but I leave decisions like that to you. The fundamentals are-


What?! Only three?! Heh heh, yeah, only three. To start off in ANY psychic skill these are the first steps, and are baby steps at that. To aid you I will pick these apart, discuss them and how to master them. Master these before moving to anything else as to be prepared and not get left behind.


This is the first and most important step to learning ANYTHING in this manual. Some things will allow you to slip by with mediocre meditation abilities, but none will allow disbelief. To fully use a skill you must believe you can use that skill. This is because if you say you can't your subconscious will agree and prevent advancement, and the same is true for believing in your abilities. But now you will say, "Ok, I believe... Now why can't I use it?!" Well, not meaning to break your new wall of confidence, but do you really believe? I mean, on a subconscious level? Now I'm making you mad right? Believing on a conscious level is only a first step, but convincing your subconscious mind that you can work the skills is the major step. To convince yourself that you can on a subconscious level you must constantly re-assure yourself on a conscious level. I will give some specific examples in some of the other courses. When you think of what your trying to do, don't just say, "Yeah ok, I can do this." Because that will only foster failure in every attempt. You must find what is making you think that you cannot do it. Look at the reasons and pick them apart one by one. Like, "Science forbids it". Now, think about things such as quantum physics. How energy gets around. It is for the most part un-explored. There are hypotheses about the human brain and electrical fields allowing manipulation of other objects around you through non physical means. Or, "Learning something like this would DRASTICALLY change my world, and everything would just fall apart". Now I want you to think about this. Look at what you are trying to learn. And look at what your world is like today. This statement above doesn't really fall entirely under belief. Fear, is also a factor. Know that no matter what you learn or how advanced you become, this world is still the same. No matter what. What I'm trying to say, is that you must find what in your subconscious mind is preventing your advancement. Pick it apart with logic, and then continue your training. A few weeks of this and you'll be set to begin your training!


There is no set "Technique" to doing this, and that is in part what makes this so damn hard for most people to learn to do. And yet, they still look to books and unnecessary tapes and other things of the sort, for aid, when all they need is to be told, Don't stress this!! Let it go by it's own pace, or you risk ending up making your session unsuccessful. You must find what works for you, and no one can tell you what that one thing is. The whole point of meditation is to silence your brain from making a constant train of thoughts which will take up mental space and will make doing anything that requires psi all the harder. Now, a good way for beginners to find what works for them, is to sit down or lay down in a comfortable setting, and just do the four fold breathing technique. Now, just try to keep your mind focused on your breathing, not counting the breaths, or paying any attention to your surroundings or anything else. Thoughts will slice your concentration on your breathing real fast, and this is where your own ingenuity comes in. I simply acknowledge the thoughts, and get them over and continue focusing on my breathing. I do this until the thoughts stop coming and I can focus on my breath 100%. Once again, I leave it up to you to find out how to shut your mind up. You could even use a mental technique that some use in astral projection training to stop from thinking. Anything is fine as long as you have your mind BLANK.


This is a VERY VERY VERY important factor in your training. The right attitude will take you everywhere! You must be willing to try, open to occasional failure, and ready to pick yourself up, and try again. You can't allow failure to hamper your progress. Having the state of mind of desiring your abilities, and being willing to sacrifice time and effort for your skills. This will aid you much more then you think! Keep a good attitude and be ready for failure, and you will succeed much faster!

1.3-Psionic Energy

OK! We will kick of the "Heavy" stuff with the most basic and easy thing that I can think of, Psionic energy of course! Psionic energy is a very unusual substance. It has no defiant shape or color (unless the viewer has Auric sight). It has VERY slight weight. And can (when programmed right) do almost anything! You can make it generate heat or create coolness, carry telepathic messages, generate light. (Very rare and very hard) You can even create sentient beings once you become advanced enough! There is NOTHING this energy cannot do. It is completely under your whim. It is a literally bio electric energy. Psi is made in the center of your many thousands upon thousands of nerves. And is rather easy to take hold of and use. It just takes a bit of Psychic Awareness. But I am getting a bit to far ahead of myself. The point is that since this is a physical energy that is given off in many different ways (heat can give some off as can normal electricity and radiation) Every human creates only so much psionic energy however. To successfully create an energy construct you need to have an excess amount of energy as your brain won't let you go below a certain amount. So you need to train your brain to create more energy. But I'm drifting. The point is once you get more aware and 'strong' enough in psi you can make amazing constructs. When making constructs you have a choice to draw energy from an outside source or to use your own energy. When you use your own energy you have a chance of 'burning out' which means that your energy has been depleted and you may have trouble thinking straight or you might be anxious for no reason whatsoever. You may ask then why should you ever consider using your own energy? Well my training has shown to me that your own energy will be MUCH easier to work with and won't take so much concentration to utilize. But of course burn out is still a problem with this. Burn out is not dangerous however so don't be scared of dieing or anything of the sort. Burnout is just really uncomfortable. When you get into the burn out state the only smart thing to do is to relax and not try any psi work for a while. In time your body will re-stock up on energy and your psychic awareness will be brought back. What is this psychic awareness I keep talking about? Psychic awareness is the ability to "sense" or feel out other sources of psionic energy. This is achieved by having your body become more familiar with psionic energy. Once you have toyed with it enough your body will begin to be able to sense it with your psychic awareness. Once you get strong enough you can home in on peoples energy signatures. Every person has a unique energy signature. It is very much like a finger print as it is different for every person. This is how sensing works. The same is also true with psionic energy sight. Psi energy is used for many things. From Telekinesis to basic energy construction. This next section will teach how to make the infamous Psi balls and shield constructs and also a little bit of other entertaining stuff.

1.4-Training in Psi

This field is VERY big. So I guess I'm going to have to start off at moving psi and just making shapeless blobs of energy. Psi is concentrated at the sternum, head and base of the spine. However I am going to teach you to draw it form the sternum as this is the easiest and second biggest collection. (the first is the head where the skull and spinal column connect) If you haven't noticed this is where there are lager collections of nerves, as that is where psionic energy is generated in human and other biological animal bodies. Taking control of this energy is the first big step. However it is not all that hard to do. But it will take some time and practice to get. Some may get it their first try others may take a while to get the hang of it. I would say that the average time of learning is between 1 hour to 1 month but it is usually much less then a whole month. I made my first one on the third day of less then an hour of training a day. It takes mostly BELIFE! If you doubt you can do it then guess what. You are defiantly going to fail miserably. I know simple words are not enough to convince someone but just know. THIS IS AS REAL AS THE EYES YOU ARE USING TO READ THIS. If you doubt that then is not my problem! This first exercise will work on drawing energy from outside elements into your chest to be used by you in any way that you wish. This first one is a basic exercise that should be done before attempting a more advanced energy construct when you are starting out. When you get more advanced you more then likely wont have to do this as you COULD use your own energy but could get tired rather fast while doing that. All the exercises in this category will not require intense meditation but will require a bit of relaxation when you are new to it all. Just sit down and let your heart slow and just take about 2-5 minutes to sit and relax yourself. This is a very big help when trying to direct energy. A scattered mind will generate scattered energy, a focused mind will generate focused energy. (Not literally of course but you get the general idea!)

Word On Constructs

OK! Now we are going to make an energetic "Construct" A construct is a mass of psi energy that you form and program. I will talk a bit about programming later. Making a construct is rather entertaining and you never know what's going to happen! Some rare occasions you might even see your construct! The first construct type I'm going to teach is the basic sphere and you can move on from there as you see fit. Well get going already! After you think you have made one I suggest taking a look at "signs of a psi ball" and then look into programming.


This is a short little warm up for your first psi-ball. This exercise might take a while to get down but I suggest mastering it to an art before going on for quick psi ball results. Well, onwards and outwards as I always say. Before you can make a psi ball out of psi energy, learning how to manipulate psi energy would help (Duh...) Ok, so to start off get comfortable and relax. You don't need to be in a deep trance, just be able to concentrate fully on your goal.

BASIC PSI-BALL ROUTINE ~ Exercise #1-Warm up

Now concentrate on your sternum. As I have said, your sternum has a collection of nerves and thusly has a lot of psi for you to use. Your other choice could be your brain. Normally when making a construct you would draw energy from another source but for our needs there's no point to it. See your sternum ablaze with vibrant energy. Hear the crackling of it, see the glow and feel the heat. This is strengthening the visualization and aiding in your chances of moving the energy. Now, DIRECT the energy to your arm and hand. I put the emphasis on Direct for a reason. Forcing the energy through can harm "Chakras" or energy storage points. So we let it flow on it's own. When I do it I get this odd feeling like moving a stick through mud. This usually makes directing the energy very difficult because it feels JUST like that and it makes my concentration very difficult. Once you got the energy to your hands you can feel pressure, heat, tingling or anything of the sort. You can see the energy leave your hands and form a blob in mid air if you get good enough. Try moving it around your body and getting other parts of your body to react to the energy in that area. This is an excellent warm up for the psi-ball if your new.

EXERCISE #2 - Drawing Energy

1.) First and for most, find a source! Your source can be anything with energy. Trees, animals and such are good. But more often then not planets and stars are the most useful and easy to draw from. My personal favorite is earth because its big, and believe it or not its usually very near and easy to reach! (reach as in visualize easily (which comes into the next step)) But your source could be the moon, the sun, Jupiter, it really doesn't matter as long as YOU know what your trying to do. But beware, your source could influence your construct. This is a weird little concept about energy, if you think it, it happens! If you were to draw from the sun your psi construct would more then likely be hot! Is the reason for this because the sun is hot? Or because when you think about the sun you think about hot? Conversely the same could be true for the moon. If your source makes you think about temperature, texture or anything like that chances are your construct will resemble that as well! The status of your source will NEVER influence your energy, how you think about the source will greatly influence your energy. This could be annoying however you should try to find ways to take advantage of this! Once you have your source in mind proceed to step 2.

2.) Once you have your source in mind it's time for one of the trickier parts of psionic energy manipulation. VISUALIZATION! This is one of those 'Its so easy it's hard' kind of things. Visualization doesn't have to be that evil hard to master thing! If you have ever day dreamt, pretended that stick was a plasma rifle, or anything else like that, YOU HAVE AND CAN VISUALIZE! When you visualize you do not have to actually see what you are visualizing, that's another psi skill I'm not planning on including in this Manuel called the minds eye ability. You just have to pretend its there. God this is hard to explain but it's so damn SIMPLE! If you have any trouble with any of this contact me or any other psions for personal training. Anyways back on track, visualize the source you have chose 'feeding' you energy. There are o' so many ways you can do this. I can't tell you what to see. Because what works for me might be a catastrophic failure for you, and vice versa. But some examples I can give you to help you get started would be-

See the source blasting a beam into your body and have it flow all throughout your body
See the source Giving off tennis ball like blobs of energy which are attracted to you and become absorbed by you
See your source connect to you and make like a plug for the energy

These are just some stupid things that came off the top of my head that have worked for me in the past. A way to strengthen this would be to add more of your senses into the visualization. Hear the crackling of the energy, feel the radiating heat as it becomes assimilated with you, if you can think of some cleaver way smell the energy around you and actually try to see it with your eyes. The more thought you put into this the stronger it will be for you. See all of this energy become pooled lightly around your entire body but concentrated on the sternum and skull.

EXERCISE #3 - Manipulating the energy

1.) Okay, now we get to the hardest part of the beginning section. Manipulating the drawn energy. This takes a lot of brain power in the beginning so try to have meditated and relaxed so you can give it your all until you are advanced enough to be able to manipulate the energy with a bit less thought. Once you get truly advanced you can manipulate psi through feel alone and this is when all of the fun stuff starts to happen. But for now we will do some other ways. After having drawn energy into you, you need to learn how use it. No point in filling up that water balloon for a fight if you are not going to throw it. See this energy and use any other sense you can to direct it towards your location of the construct. The most common being the hands. But It could be your third eye, your left eye (: P), Across the room or in another persons hands all depending on your skill and needs. To move the energy in the beginning of your training you will more then likely use Visualization. I use the image of black water moving up through my chest, into my hands and swirling around to form a sphere or any shape you are trying to create. Like the last exercise try to use more then your 'eye sight`. Try to feel the energy, hear the crackling of it and maybe see a bright blue light permeating your arm as you move the energy up to your hands and out of them. I will talk about actually seeing the energy a bit later on... And remember, as I have said what works for me might be a horrible failure for you so I would suggest experimenting around. There is NO wrong way to do this. Keep that in mind while training because if you are one of those people that follow things word for word I can almost guarantee failure on your part unless you are a child prodigy. Play with this Damn-it! It's supposed to be fun not a black and white serious lab coat type drill.

EXERCISE #4 - Adding energy

This is simple. You have just made a psi ball but it's to weak to do much of anything, SOOO.... We will add energy to it! See the ball as any bright color and feel, hear, see, smell the energy come from all around you and entering the ball and making it denser or bigger. You could see the energy come from you and enter the ball. Keep doing it until you can get a good flow of energy to the ball. This could take a second or a half hour depending on your mood. Keep doing this until you feel that the energy has become intense enough for your needs. Some other ways to add energy would be to see the psi construct shrinking but not getting weaker, just getting denser. You could expand it to the size of a beach ball and then compact it back to normal size while making it denser. But I would suggest leaving out all physical methods in this.

EXERCISE #5 - Finishing Up

I suggest just letting the psi ball filter out simply into the air. This is just to easy for words. Just let it go and relinquish your concentration on it will usually do it. Why did I make this into an exercise?? Sometimes I wonder where my common sense is leaking.

How Do I know If I'm successful??

A very common question asked by many newcoming psions. As we cannot perceive the energy with any of our natural five senses in the beginning, except on rare occasions (with the exception of the sense of touch). We have to perceive the energy just by 'Knowing' it's there or we can just look for the feelings. Psi balls are very easy to feel and when properly made can be hard to ignore. I can not tell you if others can feel them as I have no one to ask^ ^. You can make a psi ball feel like any thing you want. Hot, cold, soft, hard, all depending on your personal skills and needs. But back on topic, Psi ball Signs~

Heat or basic thermal variations
'Pressure' between your hands
A push or pull inside your hands
Tingling on your palms
Possibly a bit of haziness or weird blue 'snake' things that you will most defiantly recognize^_^
Actually being able to feel the surface of the ball

Asides for these feelings when you begin making psi balls you will notice that you can sense the energy between your hands or across the room. This is a cool ability called sensing. (Generic eh?) I don't know how it works entirely but I think that once you can move the energy successfully your brain begins to pick up on the more subtle vibrations that the energy gives off allowing you to sense it as you would see light. This will come in handy for telling who around you has a heightened psionic energy field and who practices psionics. Once you get more advanced there's a bunch of neat stuff that you can do with it such as finding people, reading a persons emotions and prominent surface thoughts but that's going to be covered in the 'Telepathy' and 'other psionic skills' sections.


After a while of playing with that time costing routine, you will begin to notice a few new things. These things include instinctive control of psi. This is a very useful ability to acquire. It allows you to manipulate energy just by `willing' it to do what you want it to. This arises from becoming very proficient in psi. Your mind locks the feelings that come with psi away, and allow you to manipulate it through just willing. Another aspect, is heightened psychic awareness. Psychic awareness, as I have and will say, is the ability to sense psionic energy in all forms. This is especially useful for more advanced constructs. Learn to stop visualizing, and just feel the energy out. This should aid you in getting that coveted ability, of instinctive control.

Visible Psi

All right, now your getting irritated because you can't make that psi ball visible right? Well here's a word of the wise. Making psi visible is not going to happen like you want. It's pure energy that is at a vibration frequency that our human physical eyes cannot pick up. BUT! There have been numerous accounts on seeing psi balls. This is a form of "Auric Sight". Now if you do not practice Auric sight, sorry but you wont see that many visible psi constructs. But every so often a burst of spontaneous Auric Vision will erupt and you will see the constructs. But then someone in the back of the room asks. "Will I ever be possible to see the balls without the use of auric vision? And will others be able to see and of my psi constructs?" I pull out a rifle and shoot that person. Because I honestly have no clue! But, there have been accounts of others being able to see psi when they do not practice it themselves. The methods for doing this range greatly. Some think it just requires the user to have enough energy some think it's a form of advanced programming. I honestly think you should not get all hung up on seeing your psi. It will happen naturally so don't worry about it!


Programming is a very important skill. If you ever want your constructs to do more then just be there that is. With good programming you could make constructs do amazing things! You could make them relive pain, zap away headaches, give people headaches (cough!), relay information, act as surveillance tools, protect you from psionic attacks and the list goes on. Programming, as useful as it is, is extremely easy. There are three widely used ways of programming.


As it sounds this is seeing the psi ball do what you want it to do. Seeing it burst into bright red flames and light up your hands would be a way of making your psi ball hot. Seeing it become like a lead brick might enforce the thought of it becoming hard and strong and holding together. This is very easy and often the weapon of choice for quick programming


There isn't much to say about this. This is literally telling the construct in your mind what you want it to do. "You are going to be blazing hot" Can you guess what that might do?-_-This is a good way of making complex structures do as you will


This is a branch of visual. Basically you are using every other sense to help it do something. Remembering the feeling of heat or the sound of crackling fire or smelling the possible smoke are all forms of conceptual programming.

The best and strongest way to program would be to combine these three. This will put a strong impression in your mind about what you want the construct to do and you will have a much higher chance of success then by anyone of these alone. Basic programs for almost every construct would be to hold it's shape and supply itself with energy. You can see a candle pour melted wax onto the psi ball making a thin, flexible outer coating for moving constructs. Or, see an iron orb encase the ball and prevent energy leakage for basic shapes. Feel the strength between your hands and feel the shape become firmer holding itself. Then you can see the iron become magnetized and draw in energy while you tell it to. A certain program that you might want to add to all psi constructs would be to hold it's shape and not filter out to the air for a while. This is commonly called shelling.

A psi balls Movement

Ok, now your wondering how to make a psi ball leave your field of influence. This is simple as 3.14 (erhmm, Pi.) All you have to do is see the ball move away from you and do an "It's there, and now its there", kind of strategy and in time you should get it to move there. Also programming the ball (or any other shape) to hold it's shape is important. Then there's throwing. All you have to do is see its movement and it zips away from you. This takes some time to learn but is an easy skill once you get good at programming things to stay together, and of course, master visualization.

Being Creative

Woot! Made a psi ball! I'm bored with it. Is this all you can do with it? Once you master this it's time to take a step up to further. Try making two at once! Try making one across the room! Try making some cubes. ^ ^ Or try to make a pyramid. Make them spirals and elliptical shapes or double helix shapes. And once you get tired of that you can go on to the much more complex forms. Monkeys and flying saucers are fun! Make more then one psi construct or a fleet of spiders! This can be very entertaining in math class *evil grin*. After you get bored with this, begin to get ridiculous! Make couch sized balls or huge clouds. Or make car, truck sized ones! This can become fun all in its own *second evil grin* Now what? Try to make them hot, cold, make them feel tingly or "Numb". Alter the texture or practice making them `uber' fast! There's really no limit to this so try to have fun with it ok? *Third Evil grin*

Moving on

Ok, so let's see here. We have made a psi ball/ cube/ disk/ spiral. Then we made more complex things such as rainbow colored snakes and jumping frogs. Then we made those become fiery hot and self reliant. Now we should go to some things that you will more then likely have to know before going on to more advanced things such as Telepathy and Telekinesis. More specifically, shields and the many types that following that broad statement. These shields have more then just preventing psychic attacks. They can prevent un-wanted psionic energy from disrupting your daily life. They can stop Random Telekinesis, bursts of telepathic energy, vamps et cetera. I suggest that you at least learn the basics before going on to anything else so if something does pop up you can have some hope of defending yourself against it.

Shields and the many types of them

Ok, a word on shields first! A shield is a construct programmed to filter out other constructs of form of psychic energy. Shields are useful for many things. More often we make them to protect from lower class annoyances of which I have touched on a bit. Other times, we use them to protect ourselves from, well... Ourselves and other psions! When a new psychic is in training, their subconscious likes to play with their new `toy'. And this is where a lot of your woes will stem from. Your own mind will end up being your worse enemy at times. But worse off, there is the prospect of other psions. Psychic combat will involve constructs and psychic energy transfer, just what our shields are programmed to stop! Well, get going!

Basic "Bubble" Shield

As it states, this is a shield that you might put up and maintain once a month to filter out minor annoyances. This will stop most sub-conscious vamps and telepathic interference. It will also possibly stop lower level psions attacks and pings, and is just a good way of training your psionic control. A high level psion however could rip through one of these types of shields with little to no effort so don't rely on it to much. All you have to do to put this up is to draw some energy if you are new and see the shield constructing itself from the ground up and surrounding you. Another way is to make a basket ball sized psi ball at your chest and having it expand outwards surrounding you. Enforce the visualization with your own variation and program it to filter out unwanted attack and maintain itself. You will notice once you get good at this you can construct one instantly. But in psychic combat you will notice that this shield is about as useful as a wind powered fan. It can get shattered with even some lower level attacks. Trying to use this in combat is just not worth the effort.

Static Shield

This is a different type of shield I made while scouting for psions. In all reality, this is not a shield at all, it is a construct programmed to react to energy. A static shield is a shield made of very sensitive energy vibrating out like a sonar. When a psions aura is struck, the shield quickly retracts and pings you with the person's energy fields feel. Thus, finding psions and other high powered auras! Very useful for finding friends, if you are searching for a particular energy signature. Also, can warn you of an incoming danger should a malicious psion be within your midst. To find hidden auras, one would have to scan further then just the aura, maybe their brain it `self? But, that's a task I give to you... Making this shield is rather simple, make a simple bubble shield and program the energy to react when psionic energy comes into contact with it. You can alter the way the shield signals you, and also try to alter the distance that the shield can cover.

Mirror Shield

As it implies, the use for this shield is to reflect attacks and is as strong as you make it. I find that it is a bit difficult to work with but can be worth the trouble it takes to learn it. This would be a good shield to use during a psychic combat session. Make a basic bubble shield and see it as a smooth shiny metallic color. Program it to reflect incoming attacks at the person who sent it. Also, you should program it to allow attacks to phase through the inside of the shield so you don't have to take it down to attack and also so you don't smash your own shield with your own attack. This shield can be used very versatility. This is a famous shield that is used a lot. However a concentrated attack can pierce the shield but might take some effort on your attacker.

Burst Shield

This is a creative little thing I came up with while expanding (pun not intended) on my ideas of force fields. This is an add-on to shields that could enhance their usefulness. Basically you charge your shield with energy and on the notice of an incoming attack make a violent outward burst of energy to weaken or stop the attack right there. This could be used offensively I guess. Program your shield to have a floating layer around it which you could use as a spring so once an attack hits it, it not only rebounds the attack but springs forth to assault as well. I don't know; make your own Ideas with this one.

Steel Shield

This is your basic combat shield. Quick to erect, and effective against even the strongest of assaults. Make a psi "Brick" and put it in front of you. Then make more and more and more to create a wall of the bricks which you have programmed to be anti-psi agents. Program it so once an attack strikes your shield one of the bricks absorbs and dissipates the concentrated energy. This is usually not used as a full body shield but more of a "The attacks coming from this way so I'm pointing you this way" kind of thing. Of course it's not that simple... (Surprised?) When you use this shield this way, you are not truly making a floating block in mid air. But more of focusing your psychic awareness to the energy incoming and using the energy you made for the shield to stop it from contacting your brain, so don't think to much of this as literally blocking a psi blast...

Cloaking Shield

This is fun to toy with. It has so many uses it's impossible to not be entertained! This shield is not meant to stop attacks but to merely distort the perception of others. It can be used as the name implies but it is not as it seems. It is also very hard to do correctly. When you erect a cloaking shield you hide your subconscious brain waves and replace them with the energetic waves of another object. Humans are very sensitive to these waves`, psi students or not. And by replacing these waves you can make someone think you are just a bush. You never really alter your appearance unless you are extremely skilled. But as I said you just make it harder for others to catch on to you. This is kind of like when you walk up to someone and they look at you and say "Where did you come from?!" Fun to toy with, trust me . To make it make a basic bubble shield and program it to be whatever you want to mimic. You can do this by verbal programming. Say something like-"There's nothing here to look at so don't!" or "Just a rock and only a rock". Or you can make the shield intimidate some one by saying-"Don't mess with me or I'll mess you up!" or "Don't I look tough?" But don't make the message to long or complicated. And don't be stupid about your programming. So trying to scare someone by programming your shield with-"BLAHH!" won't work. This is because the message won't get through right or even at all. You can also imagine your-self as what you are trying to convey. If you want to conceal yourself you might see yourself as a tree, if you want to frighten maybe a werewolf. Another use for this shield would be another type of cloaking. But this type of cloaking has nothing to do with how people see you. You could program your shield to give off the energy of a normal human so the other possibly malicious psions just over look your true abilities. This is one of those things you can play around with a lot.

Goo Shield

This is the next best thing for combat next to the steel shield. Because of their properties these kinds of shields can take a licking and keep on ticking. Think of it as a giant semi molten marsh-mellow surrounding you. Once an attack hits it, it just gets stuck there. Once it gets stuck there you can program the shield to absorb the energy or rebound it. To make the shield all you have to do is make psi surround you and make a field it cannot escape from. See it as a sticky-Goo surrounding you. And you can program it in any way you want. These are just a few of the many ideas you can come up with. These are mostly used for psychic combat. This next and last shield is one that you would use if someone was trying to probe your mind or they were trying mental domination or suggestion.

Mind Shield

Make a powerful psi ball and program it to-

Last Until you say so
Feed off your energy
Block the psi of others (A good way of doing this is to see thoughts or such of others being unable to penetrate the surface)

Then expand it a bit and rest it within your skull. And let it engulf your brain making a coat around it maybe an inch or so. See it become like a mirror to enforce the program. See unwanted psi bounce off and rebound on their sender.

I suggest having the Mind shield and the basic bubble shield erected all of the time to prevent spontaneous issues from injuring you. These shields DON'T have to be like I said. As with anything else psi construct related, there is no wrong way to do this. Make your own ideas and have fun with it!

1.5 - Uses

You are nearing the end of your training in this and are wondering just what you could use your new found talent. Well I'm glad you asked! Psi constructs are so versatile they can do almost anything when programmed correctly. Here are some things you can do once you begin to get bored-

Make a construct with a message and send it to a friend as a weak form of Telepathy
Make a construct heal a headache or a back ache or any other ache!
Make a construct heal another persons aches and or pains
Make a construct a life sized clone of you and practice psychic combat with it
Make a construct that is supposed to feel like a needle poke and throw it at your teacher!
Make a construct around and object that emits certain emotions (This is classified as an attack and might be returned with a psi blast)
Make a construct a "Trip Wire" kind of thing (Make it so when someone steps through it ,it will alert you)
Make a construct around an object you lose often and when you lose it again try to find it by having the construct signal you
Make a construct taste like your favorite food and see if it works!
Make multiple constructs around your school that drain energy and watch you lively school become tired and dull!
Make mini static shield coated psi balls, and set them up around your school to find other psions

These are just some "Jump Board" ideas that are only meant to get you started. By all means this is not all that psi can do. As I have stated time and time again this largely relies on your imagination. Ok, now this can be considered part two of the uses. Those above are more for fun but the uses of Psi extend well beyond that of just entertainment. These next uses will be more useful for you in everyday life.


Psi has the ability to help with injuries or basic pains. This part of psi is one of the things I use on a daily basis. What have I used it for? Here are some of the basic things that I have used it for-

After having broken my left wrist I had dulled the searing pain
After having slashed my leg on an iron spike I had been able to stop the pain and I think I hastened up the healing as the half an inch gouge stopped bleeding in 30 minuets (may not seem like much, but trust me^ ^)
Headaches are a common thing with me, I can cure mild headaches with little time and energy
Minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions can be insanity lifted of pain Things I have done for people-
A friend of mine hurt her wrist in volley ball, I was able to generate a mass of heated energy to nullify the pain
When my cousin had broke his arm I had been able to dull his pain
I have aided in muscle cramps of a friend of mine who has Fibromyalgia Now healing is an easy concept but is rather difficult to achieve when you're only working with 50%. Now what exactly do I mean by this? The people of whom I helped had no clue what I was doing. They where unaware I was psychically attempting to heal them. And if they did know they would not believe it would work. When your target knows what you are trying to do and they do not believe they will sub-consciously defend against your efforts. When they don't know and don't believe you might have better chances. When they do believe things will be a lot easier and you will be a lot more effective. But, I really can't verify this.


Ahh, the wonder and tantalizing hold Telekinesis has on all people. Not just psions, but almost all people know of the fabled Telekinesis (Hereafter referred to as TK) and it's advantages. But few believe it exists and fewer believe they can actually do it. Well I am going to let you in on a little secret. No matter who you are or where you are from, despite age and intellectual stand point, YOU CAN USE TK! TK is a primal skill early man probably wielded to a low degree. Poltergeists are often spontaneous explosions of telekinetic energy from a teenager going through puberty. Exactly what does puberty have to do with anything? I don't know, maybe spontaneous eruptions of emotional energy? Shows such as x-men portray Telekinetics throwing cars at people and creating force fields and shooting psychic blasts at objects knocking them away and other similar feats. Well now you can to for only 25 easy payments of $95.95! Naw, I'll teach you for free^ ^ (Hoora master Xiro!) BUT! Only on one condition! You put your nose in the grindstone and force yourself to be successful if you start in it! I'm not going to lie here. TK IS EXTREMLY HARD TO LEARN!!! And I don't mean you sit there and try to be successful and it doesn't work hard. I mean you put your all into it, you body mind and soul into it. You break your mind with it and you sweat and bleed into it and yet, you are unsuccessful in it kind of hard. The level of difficulty ranks well above astral projection or most any other psi skill. (But like most things, this really can't be said for all people, just the consensus). THIS WILL NOT BE DONE OVER NIGHT!!!! This will more then likely not be done over months! You might be some-what successful over the course of a year but it's unclear. But here's the neat part. Once you are successful for your first time. KABOOM! It's TK mania. Now I guess I need to clarify things here. When you do first do TK that doesn't mean that you won't have to concentrate or anything. Or that you will just be able to lift a bus. What I mean by this is that when you first do TK your brain locks the feeling away of what it's like to use TK making things a heck of a lot easier. The reason for this is TK is based entirely on feelings. If you know what it feels like to use TK you wont have to put so much effort into trying. But you will still have a lot of difficulty at first. Now this whole thing is also what makes TK so damn difficult to learn. You must know how to do it before you do it. SO basically you must have experience in something you have never done anything close to before you can do it! Twisted circle, and part of the thing making TK so damn hard. "Oh' well, I have never used TK so I guess I can't learn it. I guess I'm going to throw this away." WAIT! Right now, this very moment, you are using TK!! "What now you whack job. Nothings floating around me!" Take another look. "You better not be talking some tripped out metaphorical BS." Oh I'm not. And to prove it just look up. THERE! You just used TK. "What the Hell are you talking about!!!" Calm down calm down. You see you use TK daily just in a different way then you wish, and you just have a bit of difficulty knowing it. When your move your body, your arm, your hand, your finger, you are using a form of TK. Right now, lift your hand and bend your finger. What do you notice? You don't know how you moved your finger is a good thing to notice^^ Think about that, how do you move your finger? And I hope you did not come back at me with a paragraph of some biology handbook so put it down. Because although scientists may tell you how your finger moves, no one can really tell how you move your finger. This is the first key that there is to learning how to use TK on things 'Separate' from your body. Now your asking why I put separate into quotations. Well this is the next and final key of learning TK. Realizing that you are no different from everything around you. You and this document are the same thing. Now you may be wanting to just blow this document to pieces but let me explain. Scientists have found that all things are made out of energy. And there is no different kinds of energy in the sense they are talking about. So think, how are you to distinguish your collection of energy from another collection of energy? That's right. YOU CAN'T! So think, why is it that you can move your body, but not that piece of paper? Maybe because there's a fail safe? There we go! There is a very powerful fail-safe that is keeping your from using TK to your will. That fail-safe comes in 5 parts. Sight, hearing, taste, smell and the strongest of all, touch. You have a notion in mind, that you can only move what you can distinguish as 'yourself'. You can't feel from that piece of paper, nor can you hear, see, smell, or taste from the piece of paper (nor will you ever), so how can you tell to move it? That is one of the most basic programs of a human. To learn TK you must shatter this notion. Once you do you will be Telekinetic. Now to the little questions of objects you manipulate. The more mass of an object, the more psychic energy to be expended in manipulating it. This kind of psychic energy will be defined as your psychic force. You will notice to hold an object suspended in mid air TREMENDOSE amounts of concentration must be expended. After a while in the beginning you will be unable to hold something for long. So starting with a piece of paper to build up your mental strength would be helpful. Remember, even though it's all feelings you are still using psychic energy to hold that object. Until you can train your psychic force up you will be bound by your own emotions. Now there are some that say there's a limit to TK. That once you get able to lift or manipulate so much mass you cannot lift anymore. Now I don't have enough training to verify the validity of this so I'm going to go out on a limb here. TK, should NOT have any restrictions that you don't make yourself. You should be able to lift a car, you should be able to fly. But when I say these things what comes to mind? "Yeah, I guess it would be possible with a hundred years of training!" or "Your a loon dude you know that right?" That's what keeps your power restricted. If you keep giving yourself restrictions then you wont be able to ever do anything more then spin that psi wheel. And then there's the final part. To move a heavy object more Psychic Force is necessary. So believing is the first step, enough energy is the second step.

Just as a note before training...

The U.S military had done experiments on TK with some success. And I am not going to use the methods they did. There are some reasons for this. When the U.S military started studying TK they turned a blind eye to the occult view. So they choose to use a more active method. They had a lot of success with this so why the hell am I using a different method? Simple, although they had a lot of success something else was noted. While training under the high stress method the body's chemistry begins to alter and you put a lot of damage onto the body which could become an issue in time.

1.7 - Training in Telekinesis

This is where things get rough. There is no way I can tell you how to break a planted conception, I can only help you realize it. Training in TK will require that you know how to break you mind to do your will I.E self hypnosis. Now you may already be terrified of those words but have no fear! Those silly little tapes that are supposed to teach you how to hypnotize yourself are a huge waste of time and money. Self hypnosis is one of the easiest things in the world if you know how to go about it correctly. This next part will sound odd to you however. It's form of hypnosis commonly called self sub-conscious re-programming because the point of it is to re-program your sub-conscious!

Daily TK Exercise #1 - Afirmation

This will be an affirmation you must say about 20 times a day. Yes I said 20. Of course it might work with less but the more often you enforce the program the higher your chances of success. Key times would be when you JUST wake up and you are in that groggy state in which it feels like waking up would be deathly to you. This is called the HYPNOgogic state. This is a critical state of the brain in which your brain waves are JUST above the Theta level. Now if you are familiar with the brain wave levels you know that the Theta level is a powerful level for psychic activity. Also when you are drifting to sleep try to catch yourself before you fall asleep and you are in that stage that you are just o-so-relaxed and peaceful and state the affirmation. These are the critical stages in which could be the key to becoming telekinetic. Ok, by now you are curious about this affirmation right? Well this is a common form of self hypnosis. It's a verbal (or otherwise) command that you say to yourself in an attempt to break the power of your subconscious mind. By saying it enough you in time convince your sub-conscious that it's true. This affirmation has two real uses. The first to convince yourself that TK is real and you CAN do it. And two, to break the notion that you can't move things not physically attached to your body. The affirmation can vary but must stay along the same lines otherwise it might not get the right message through. (And for those of you wondering this is the exact same thing used for learning how to have a lucid dream) Ok, now for the actual affirmation. You can either choose to say it mentally or verbally all depending on the circumstances-

"Telekinesis is real. Telekinesis is real and I CAN do it and I WILL! I have the ability to move objects with my mind and the only thing holding me back now is time. I can move any object I wish because it is no more then a part of me. Telekinesis is real and I can and will do it."

You can alter this if you wish but remember, it must stay along these lines other wise it might get a mixed message. This is not to be taken lightly. You must say this over and over and you can't just think of it as a verse you are being required to say by your oral com teacher. You must try to believe these words!!! Before you can use TK you must believe you can and until you actually do it I doubt you can believe it is actually there entirely. This will pound into your mind that you have the power to use TK but you just need time. Saying the only thing holding you back is time is very important. This combined with your actual TK practices will result in learning TK at an accelerated but not immediate rate.

Daily TK Exercise #2 - Taking a bath

The next thing I am asking of you for a daily exercise, is called taking a bath! Heh, I just confused you eh? Ok, the point of this part of the exercise is to get you to stop thinking about using TK in the sense of a dream. And get you to start thinking about it in this world. I want you to think about actually using Tk... Right now, think about using TK to lift up your computer. Did you notice a lack of details in it? Did it seem unrealistic? If you said yes to either of these, then you need metal work. So, to aid you in thinking about TK as a real life thing, I made this!

Ok, now, think about taking a bath, shower tonight. Or about making dinner, taking out the trash, anything you know you will do sooner or later. Put details in it, and make it as true to what will happen as you can get. Now, add in using TK to open the shower door. Think about it on the SAME plane as the realistic taking a shower "movie" you put in your head. Think about if it TRUELY happened. Doing this daily for no set amount of time will GREATLY strengthen your chances of using TK!

Now onto the fun stuff. You should not stop your affirmations until you have made a successful break through. And maybe even after if you want to get really good. Now we shall move onto some actual testing phases.

TK exercise #3 - Psi Wheel

An old Home town favorite. And a very famous method of training TK in the beginning. This is a nice little exercise that will teach you how to channel your Psychic Force and teach you how to use TK to your will. To make a psi wheel make a small square out of a index card. And fold the card at the corners. To make the wheel take a thumb tack and balance the wheel on it. (Confused? Talk to me and I'll elaborate) Put a glass over the wheel to prevent your breathing from moving it and voila! You're ready for the exercise!

Sit down, relax, meditate and clear your mind. Your mind must be completely blank otherwise this will not work. You must be completely at ease and relaxed. Meditate for a bit and then continue with the exercise. (Have trouble with meditation? Talk to me and I will give you a few tips) After this is done, put your focus on the wheel and try to move it as you would your finger. Think about your finger and how it moves. Notice the feelings you get when you move your finger. You have to use this, possibly along with visualization, and a strong Idea of your ultimate goal in mind. By this I mean you must get into a state of mind in which your truly believe that the only thing that matters, the only thing in your entire life with meaning, is moving that wheel. Then, from there just put your focus on the object, at this point thoughts will attempt to split your concentration, let them pass but silence them as soon as they do. Try to think of the wheel as a part of you, think you can move the wheel with ease, you just don't know how just yet. Then, just as you would your own finger, spin the wheel! Oh god this is as hard to do as it is to explain! You need to put all of your mind into this. If it helps, send psi to the wheel, I really don't think this will help but it helped my mind by acting as a mental aid. This is impossible to explain so this is where your training get VERY HARD. You will try many things for many days with no success but then, you will make it! I can guarantee you this would work if you could just hang on long enough for it to kick in. Try as many methods as you can think of that work around the idea of how do you move your finger, this is how you move that wheel.

There's a certain feeling that comes with TK as I have said. Think of TK as a radio you need to contact. You don't know the frequency of the radio but you know the general "scope" the frequency lies in. This is just like your situation with TK. You don't know the exact feeling but you know what generalizations it has. Once you fine tune your mind and feelings, along with believing and having done your affirmations, you will be able to use TK!


Not working for you? Ok, ok there are plenty of exercise variations for this and I'm just going to give a few. It truly doesn't matter which of these you do as long as you stay diligent with your training, any of these should work.

Meditational Method

Another, more passive method for getting this to work is the pure meditation method. This method is a bit easier stress wise, but may take longer then actively trying to make up the feelings that come with TK. The first, and only step for this method is focus meditation! Put your focus on the object, and just meditate while desiring it to work. This will take longer to get used to the feelings that come with TK, but this method has a high success ratio. Bad part is, focus meditation is come difficult for some, and this method will take a bit longer then your normal training! Choose what works for you and go with it!

The Pendulum

This is a common exercise. Take a paper clip or something similar and tie a string to it. Tape it to the top of a see through glass cup and try to move it. This works well because it's easy to set up and there's no chance of the wind giving false results


How fun! Get a small light pencil and place it on a flat surface. Try to move it back or forth. This can be done in math class because I know you don't pay attention anyways Oo


Get some BB's and try to roll them! Man I'm getting desperate.


Get a coin and place it so it's standing up. Now, try to use TK to knock it over! You try this with Styrofoam cups, cards or anything similar!


Get some leaves from a tree and try to move them. Leaves are a good choice as they have their own bio-energetic field. And in theory should be easier to manipulate then other objects!

The Flame

I know it sounds like a Pyrokinesis skill but it's not. Get a candle and light it. Now, concentrate on the flame and try to move it. Try to dim it or brighten it. This is an advanced skill I don't suggest as a learning skill. Use this once you get good at the psi wheel or pendulum.

Now your saying- "That's it?? THAT'S IT?!? You want me to spend months on this skill when this website tells me I can do it in an hour?!" Think about it people. This is a highly advanced and extremely difficult psi skill that will take a very long time to learn. If you could learn it in one week, why is it that more people can't do it?! THIS WILL TAKE A VERY LONG TIME TO LEARN AND WILL TAKE A LOT OF PRACTICE!!! Don't take any miracle one week courses as I can guarantee you, they will fail you. However, just keep in mind once you do learn it things will go a lot more smoothly from there on out because you wont have to guess the feeling it takes to use TK. But don't expect it to be one time and you got it all of the time!

Ok, now we are going to go into something a bit different. This next part is highly advanced TK practice. It will take a while to get to this point, and even longer to surpass!

Adv TK exercise #4 - Spoon Bending

This is a weird chapter in TK's history. I have no idea what is so special about it but since it's one of those classics, I'm going to make this a two part exercise. This exercise is for those who are beginning to master the psi wheel. Take a spoon, sit down and prepare just as you did for the psi wheel. Note this is an advanced TK exercise that will train your psychic force to be able to lift more then just paper with less effort in the concentration phase. Now, concentrate on that spoon and think of it as your finger. Put your mind into that spoon and feel from that spoon. Now, bend it like it's your finger. Didn't work? Try again... Didn't work still? Gee... TRY AGAIN! This is a lot tougher then spinning a light piece of paper. Once you master this I suggest trying the psi wheel without concentrating or clearing your mind. Once you can do this it is a sign that you have made your psychic force formidable and you are ready for the heavy part. Please note that this "list" of exercises in not extensive and you can make alterations to your will. In turn this phase of your training should last as long as a year, year and a half. More then likely longer then that, but looking up never hurt anyone, except maybe a construction worker^ ^.

Adv TK Exercise #5 - Levitating objects

This is where things get real heavy. Levitating objects will take tremendous amounts of concentration and psychic force. The reason for this might be purely the fact that we have in mind that lifting should be more difficult then pushing. I don't know but you should experiment with this for a bit. Ok, take a small piece of paper or a BB and concentrate on it. Try to feel from the object and feel it lifting as you would your arm. By this point this reflex should be second nature to you. The real point of this exercise is to aid in training your psychic force and also to cement the "How to" of TK and prepare you for the more advanced TK maneuvers including those such as the kinesises! Before going on try moving more then one object at a time.

Fire and Ice and everything else people seem to find nice

This is a fun little study after learning the basics of TK and becoming Adept in it. The kinesises are often thought to have nothing to do with TK but quite on the contraire, it has EVRYTHING to do with TK as they are a form of TK! Pyro, cryo are the two most talked about. Pyro being the "conjuring" of fire and Cryo being the manifestation of cold temperatures in objects and areas. Pyro is the most famous of the two for some reason. Then there are other, slightly absurd, kinesises that have been created through time. These include Areokinesis, the manipulation of wind, Electrokinesis, the manipulation of electric energy. These are the two next famous after Pyro and cryokinesis. Then there are the completely absurd such as Terrakinesis (the manipulation of Earth) Gyrokinesis (control of gravity) Biokinesis (control of genes) Photokinesis (control of light) Audiokinesis (control of sound) and the list goes on. I will not bother with the last group or the second group. However Pyro and Cryokinesis I will expand on a little bit in other psionic skills. So if this is something that you have an interest in I suggest going there and reading up further on it.

1.8 - Psychic Force

OK! This will be a special chapter about your Psychic Force or the intensity of your psychic energy in simpler terms. My theory is that Psychic Force Energy is a special "Frequency" of psi which is the physical aspect. This frequency is what allows us to feel and see psi. Training in TK will begin to allow you to use and increase the quotient of psi that is Psychic Force for TK but you still need the TK reflex for it to be physical! TK will require that you believe that you can use TK (Hence the affirmations), know what it feels like (hence the TK course), and have the energy to do so (Hence the psychic force). Basically it is very similar to your Physical body. Moving the physical body takes chemical energy, moving other things takes technique and psychic energy. Training the psychic force is not a difficult concept to understand. Use your psychic force continuously and begin to increase the quotient of Psychic Force Energy in your psi! Basic psi work will not require a lot of Psychic Force Energy to perform so you wont get far by training it that way. But TK requires tremendous amounts of psychic force to complete. Learning TK will indirectly (and theoretically) aid in other fields of study such as Telepathy and other skills requiring psychic energy of all kinds. Psychic force will make your TK training a bit easier by reliving the amount of time you need to concentrate on an object to manipulate it. This happens (theoretically) because you can send more psychic energy to an object faster and you wont have to wait for the energy to gather there so you can manipulate it faster and easier. If you ever want to have a lot of fun with your new skills you will have to have your psychic force honed to an art. This chapter will deal with some very un-orthodox ways of training your PF. (Note that...) These ways could prove to be very entertaining all by their-self. In any case I'm going to give you a warning now. Your PF is VERY sensitive to your emotions. If you have a lot of emotional energy raging lose your PF will become erratic and may cause spontaneous "bursts" of TK energy which could become a hazard. If you are a teenager going through puberty this could become a double whammy. By training your PF you take this risk and all that follow. Learn to control your emotions as not to harm yourself or anyone around you or at least try to drain your energy before going out into a emotionally stressful environment. I'm dead serious about this. Things could strike people at random or even strike you. Heed this warning, and a final warning. Draining your PF will in turn have numerous mental effects on you, the physical aspects will be covered in a bit. But the mental effects could include mood swings, irritation, possible depression and insomnia and uniquely, manifestations of Auric vision, clairaudience and other "lower" class psi skills. I have absolutely NO clue why the hell this happened but during my first week and a half of PF training I had episodes of seeing auras and hearing unusual voices, I had the "chill" feeling and even Telepathic interference. Eruptions of other psi skills such as remote viewing are possible as well. I was also very on edge and ready to snap at anyone or thing that annoyed me and had difficulty sleeping without the aid of sleep pills. So before going into this don't come back at me with "What the hell did you do to me!!" Because I have no clue what possible effects lie beyond these that I have noted. That's all (*COUGH!*) you have to know before going on to the next section! Onto your final TK training course! God speed man! Ok, now something I think I should fess up to. I am FORCING you to burn out with these upcoming exercises. Burn out with psi is one thing. Your energy gets low and you cannot use it for a while. But burning out on PF is a whole different story. This is a scary thing actually. The first time I ever used TK I decided I was not going to stop until I was forced to. All of the sudden my body shot down in energy and I literally collapsed. My head hurt, I felt sick, my body was heavy. And I was as I have said seriously fatigued. And most oddly enough there was this "Hollow" feeling. Like something was missing within me, literally. Why is this different then normal burnout? I don't know, but I think that in your aura PF regulates your body's physical functions to a degree and psi regulates energy functions. By draining your PF and burning it out will cause your body to attempt to run on psi and psi being a less physical matter your body has trouble keeping up.

1.9 - Training Your Psychic Force

Well this is your final chapter. You have learned TK and some of it's components right! If not, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?! No use strengthening your TK skills if you're not able to use TK. Ok, now for the good stuff. This entire chapter was made with the intent to leave you out of PF by the time you finish for the day. As stated there are many repercussions in this chapter but onwards and outwards!

Exercise #1 - Force Bubble

This is a shield that is actually able to stop lower speed and strength physical attacks! But it wouldn't stop a punch or a bullet so don't be stupid with this! This force bubble is extremely difficult to create and you may not be able to do it for many, many months to come. Unlike the other exercises there is no ultimate specific goal such as spinning the paper, lifting the BB and this is why this is so difficult. You are making a barrier of TK energy and the only way I can think to make this would be to use TK on the air around you to create a bubble of air around you. But if you are truly ambitious you could just try to use your PF to create a spear of pure Psychic Energy. This would be many times more difficult then creating an air bubble around you. You must be able to use your PF on multiple areas. You should have touched on multiple objects before moving on. (You did, didn't you?) Use the TK reflex on your entire bodies surface and try to push it outwards. You should know what the TK reflex is by now. It is that weird feeling you get while using TK and it should be the thing you "Activate" when you use TK. This is impossible to explain but you would know what I'm talking about if you have indeed used TK before. You should have some fun with this. Try extending it outwards or making wind with it. Try balancing things on top of your bubble. Use it during class and annoy people!

Exercise #2 - Clone

This is a fun, difficult exercise that could be very entertaining. Making a life sized, psi duplicate and enhanced with your PF could call for some very interesting effects. Making this duplicate will more then likely end your training day by blowing all of your PF in one shot. It will heavily work your creative ability and your ability to manipulate your PF in advanced ways. This will be much harder the any thing you have done so far. Control will be EXTREMLY difficult. Don't underestimate this. This is a combination of the last two. Making a barrier without influencing anything directly and making it leave your sphere of influence. I don't expect you to do this. So don't tear yourself up if you fail^_^

Exercise #3 - Heavy Lifting

This is not unique but only an Idea. After you are beginning to move your psi wheel with no effort it is time for you to try lifting heavy objects. Try lifting 25 lbs+. This should become your breaking point. This exercise will require that you have sufficient PF and will drain what you do have. Just to clarify, I don't expect you to be able to lift it. You will notice that when you try to do this, you will get a stuck feeling. This shows that the reflex is working, but you just can't lift the mass.

Well that's it! You have gone through the TK course and you are on your way to becoming a more advanced TK artist right? This whole course should have taken around four to five years of hard work and dedication. Making your own exercises and training diligently. Have fun with this new ability but DON'T ABUSE IT!!! Using your powers for selfish gain could cause you to lose your powers as I have already stated. If you cherish, and I mean seriously cherish and appreciate your abilities then you will grow and continue to grow into a very powerful psion indeed. So have fun and train hard. Learn all you can and enjoy your new ability. If you are satisfied you may continue to grow in this skill but I suggest at least skimming other psi skills and see if you can find something else that interests you.

OK! Now there's one last thing! I know I said you where done but, I lied. Now I have to suggest that you go to the "Fun Stuff" chapter and go through that to further strengthen your TK skills. So get moving!

2.0 - Telepathy

Telepathy is a very widely known and accomplished technique. It happens to almost every person at once in their life. But Telepathy is more then just communication. Oh there is SO much more to it then that. But I will get into that a bit later. For now basic Telepathy. As I was saying, Telepathy is a very widely used skill even among Nons. It is the linking (conscious or otherwise) with another human allowing the sharing of thoughts or Ideas. There are often natural links between siblings and more often twins. Often mistaken for clairvoyance, or a premonition. But it is really just a person gathering information from people. Telepathy is also very hard to learn without the aid of a partner. But there are ways that it can be done. I am going to try to make two courses. One, if you are fortunate enough to have a training aid and two, if you are like me, and working solo. Telepathy can have so repercussions however. If it turns out that this is your gift then you may begin having trouble keeping your thoughts separate from others and this could cause some serious issues. If this begins to arise stop your Telepathy training and do some basic psi energy manipulation and learn to make the basic bubble shield to block the thoughts of others from entering your brain. There are so many uses and types of Telepathy. I will try to explain all of the uses and give a how to of most of the styles including some that one would not link Telepathy to at first. To learn the more advanced forms of Telepathy one must learn the basics of TP first. One of the forms of TP I am not going to teach is the very basic most primitive form of TP. Empathy is the conveyance of emotions. I would go as far as to say 90% of all humans use empathy on a daily basis. If you are learning Telepathy you will realize that people will begin to seem to "Read you" This is because you are giving off large amounts of psi energy, subconsciously programmed with your emotions. Even the most insensitive non will pick these up and understand exactly what you are feeling at that point and time. A thing to be noted is you will more then likely not be able to communicate long "verbal" messages. You will have to do what is commonly called Burst Sending, or short shots of energy. To communicate like the x-men do is EXTREMLY advanced and I don't think you could be able to get that good. So don't stress it!

2.1 - Training in Telepathy

I have to admit. Of all the psi skills TP is the hardest to train in, yet the easiest to learn. This is odd but I guess it should make sense. If you are training with a partner you will have it easy as your partner will be willingly sending you TP messages. If you are not you will have a harder time receiving and sending TP messages to those around you who might not even be into psi making your work all the harder. The course of Telepathy has no real 'keys' other then hard work and the popular "Just Do It Method" Training might take you all of 2 months for beginning results and a bit longer for the more advanced forms of TP including mental suggestion and mind cracking skills. TP training might not be all that interesting and you might not see any worth while results for quite a while. Also please note, by training solo you will be bending the rules of the psion honor code. This is on of the only times I would say that it's ok to bend the rules. Just don't use mental cracking or probing to often as these are considered HIGHLY offensive and could be seen as a downright assault on a person. Of course normal people more then likely wont even notice that you are cracking their mind. But in any case this does not make it right. So when you are training in this don't push it. Stop once you make success as not to be horribly invasive. I will start off with basic TP and move on to some more advanced skills such as mental cracking and mind reading. And then I will teach one how to. The following wont require "Linking" But merely just thinking at your target.

A word on Pinging

Pinging is the most primitive form of Telepathy; it is also a good starting point for learning Telepathy. A ping is a short, often one word message sent to a person. This is often used as "Hey! How's it going?" type of message or could be and insulting gesture such as "The Bird". All you have to do is acquire a target and "Think at them". It's not that hard! Practice this skill for a while before going on.


This is by far the easiest way to go. Training with a willing partner will allow you to have a much bigger chance of success. The reason for this is obvious so I'm just going to skip right a head to the training part.

There are more ways of learning how to do this then there are stars in the sky. But like Telekinesis, Telepathy has no "Technique" to it. You just have to know how to do it! There's a certain feeling to linking and sending information. We however are going to use some clever visualization to aid in learning what it feels like to send and receive.

Exercise #1 - Sending

OK! This is the easiest of the two since it's not so passive. To send you must relax and focus on your partner. Try to "see" into their mind and create a mental link. Send psi to their brain and try to make a "Rope" allow their mind to absorb their half of the rope and link with their mind. From here you will send psi infused with your message. Say you were trying to say the color that I am thinking of is blue. You might see your psi become blue and yell "I'M A BLUE CRAYON!!" as it travels through the (blue?) mental link. Mentally yell BLUE! As you see yourself wearing a blue shirt riding in a blue car over the blue ocean beneath the blue sky while drinking a blue slushy in a blue cup with a blue straw! Force the message! Pound their mind with it while sending psi to their brain. This is very variable. Talk to your partner and ask if they got anything. Try different methods of this until it starts to work. Then switch roles and see what works vice versa.

Exercise #2 - Reciving

This is by far the most difficult of the two. Unlike the last exercise one must remain perfectly calm and empty minded. Remain open to anything that pops into your head while disregarding your own thoughts. Let them come and pass. Make sure any psi shields you have erected are down so your partner does not need to break through it. This is all about opening your mental passage way to allow prominent thoughts make their way from another source to you. There is a certain technique to this that will reveal itself in time. There really is nothing to receiving. All the last exercise does is make one thought very easy to pick up. There is a feeling that comes with opening your mind to incoming signals. You must memorize this feeling and learn to awaken it at will. Once you can do this really well guess what, You have just acquired Two abilities. Telepathy and mind reading!

Single Training

If you are training by yourself then you have a long road ahead of yourself. You will have to train yourself to pick up surface thoughts of others and drill your thoughts through their brain. An upside to this is once you do succeed you will be much stronger then if you had a partner. It will take you longer and your results wont be as prominent but you will become stronger because your brain will have to work two times harder then if someone was willingly sending you information or receiving you thoughts.

Exercise #1 - Sending

Same thing as the last one. But you may want to alter your ultimate goal a bit. You may play a game with them and try to have them know what you're going to do next. I have no clue how you should explain this but just do it to someone and ask if they had that impression.

Exercise #2 - Reciving

This is very difficult. You're trying to pick up very subtle thoughts that are not being directed at you. This is extremely difficult, but if the people around you are not naturally telepathic the words extremely difficult just don't cover it. Clear your mind, completely. Open it to ANY sounds and try to link with the person an force their thoughts towards you. Don't try to make up thoughts. Just let them come while remaining passive. I would suggest playing games such as Poker with your subject for somewhat easier results. Any situation in which people are concentrating on something. The thoughts should come, just put your concentration on your target and attempt to link and read results.

Exercise #3 - Force Sending

This is something that you will want to learn no matter what. As the name sounds you send a signal that even the most un-sensitive Non psion can pick up. Now this may sound easy but due to just the fact that some people may just blatantly ignore the incoming signals it's not. You will need to be VERY good with both sending and receiving and know what it feels like to successfully send a message. You should try sending messages to people in flash time and receiving them just as fast. There is really no difference with this then the last exercises. All you have to do is learn how to link VERY WELL. What is linking you ask?

Linking: What is it? Why is it important? And of course, How to do it

Successful linking equals successful Telepathy. Although you can use Telepathy with people in close quarters, don't you want to use it on someone miles away? Or communicate with those annoying non believers? Well this is how you do it! Even the most dense non can be reached, but one has to know how to reach them first! Linking is as it implies, the linking of Two minds to share information. Or exactly what Telepathy is. When you successfully link you make an energetic "Tube" (for lack of a better term) between your mind and your targets mind. Then psi programmed with verbal words, possible visual images or audio if you are advanced enough can travel though and make connection. There are some types of Telepathy that don't target a single subject. Broadcasting is an example. But with broadcasting the chances of a clear message are greatly reduced. Ok now lets go to the targeting aspect of linking. How should you go about targeting a mind? This is hard to explain, but it should work something like this. Think of your target. Think about how they make you feel if anything at all. Their mannerisms, their look, and if you are versed in such things their "Psi Sig". Now that last one is a very powerful tool. Knowing how to find a persons psi Sig is a very useful ability which is called scanning (Gee, Creative eh?) A Psi Sig a person's unique energy print which is very similar to a finger print in the fact it's unique to every person on the planet. To learn scanning one must have basic Telepathy skills. Once you can get a clear picture of these in mind you should be able to get a clear picture of them and be able to link with them by using psi to make a link. But now you want to learn how to use Telepathy on people you don't know well? That's where it gets tricky. There's a good way to do this however. Make a construct "Hunt" your target by using any information you have on him. Make it leave a tagger on you to him for the linking.

The nasty side of Linking

Linking for to long, or to many times can cause some undesired effects. Linking is the syncing of two minds. Now, this done for to long, or to many times can cause the minds to sync at random times for random lengths of times. The strength varies as well. Just what are some of the effects of this? Well, you will become empathic of the person to a high degree. By this I mean if they become sad, you become sad, and you have no choice but to mope with your sync buddy. You will also convey thoughts that you may not desire to. Privacy becomes a very scarce thing. And another aspect is the "Never alone" feeling. The feeling that the person synced with you is constantly above your shoulder. And a final, more impacting effect is the random linking of two minds. This is when you're just walking down the street, you see Jane. And in an instant of your connected fields you link with Jane and start a Telepathic conversation. Not fun, so take the time to put up a decent shield.


This is something you might wish to learn. This has many purposes. But more then often it will be to pick up a persons (or objects) psionic signature and use it for finding a target. To do this make a rope out of psi and connect it to the thing you wish to scan. Now the hard part, see this rope act like a vacuum and pull information from the person to you. Now you have to remain perfectly open. What do you see? Hear? Feel? Smell? Or what do you "Feel"? This information is a persons Psi Sig and its VERY useful. This can tell you information about the person, and is often used for linking. This might take you a while to get down but once you do get it down it can become useful.

2.2 - Exercises and Types of Telepathy - Exercises of amusement

Telepathy training will open some new doors no other training can. You will develop Empathy and know how people feel right as you walk into them. So let's have some fun with these skills! These will teach you how to further increase your Telepathic skills. As well as give you a few moments of fun^_^

Hide and Seek

This is a great game to play! This can be enhanced by using a form of Telepathy I call "Radar" Just as it sounds you make a field of Psionic energy around you and send pulses and once the pulse hits a source of energy it will bounce back to you and depending on how you programmed the energy it could tell you the location, or just general information about the target that it hit.


Not really a game. But it could train your skills. Have a partner think of an object under one of three cups or some other alternative and try to guess the object and the cup its under. You could also try this with codes or other information that you could use Mind Reading or Mental Cracking (Described Later) Try to think of your own ideas. Some people have all these different little games that you can play, but not me. I'm going to make YOU think of some ways. Yes, I am that evil! *muwahahaa!!*

Other Fun Telepathic Skills

Of course you saw this coming! There's more then the basic Telepathic message and I'm going to tell you some of them! I suggest you take caution with some of these skills.

Broad Casting

This is a form of Telepathy in which there is no certain target but a collection of targets. The message cannot be long or you will not get a clear message. This has to usually be a feeling or a vivid picture for it to work. All you have to do is send the message as "Loud" as you can to all your targets. Continue this for a while to increase the chance of effectiveness. Also when you are in danger or something very important is happening, you will more then likely broadcast it without even trying. Even non's do this!

Mental Assault

There are many forms of this category in which I consider HIGHLY irresponsible to just assault Nons or annoy/attack other psions. These must have a GOOD purpose other wise its just blatant rudeness on your part.


This are a category I recently made. It has nothing to do with Psionic Virus'. A parasite is a telepathic construct programmed to act as a wire tap on the victim. The purpose of this wire tap varies. Be it tapping into telepathic messages, a constant output of the victim's thoughts or a form of mental control/suggestion. You can make one of these by making a shield around your head and see it as a cap. Locate your target and launch a "Disc" from your cap and make sure it has a tail linking it to you. Enforce the shield to protect your thoughts from your victim. Have it strike your targets head but just rest on the surface. DON'T FORCE IT IN! This will defiantly alert sensitive people and they could instinctively erect a shield. Have it rest and program it to drain your targets energy as a source for it. Also program it to send any energy coded with the general information you want through the tendril to you.

Mind Reading/Probes

Everyone knows what mind reading is. And just about everyone wishes they at some time had Mind Reading Powers. Mind reading is a form of Telepathy in which you can pick up the very subtle waves a person is giving off and read their surface thoughts. To read thoughts they aren't thinking about actively or thoughts that are well hidden we use probes. THIS IS ALL CONSIDERED VERY HOSTILE! If you try this on an accomplished psion I can guarantee you will be attacked back. Basic mind reading-Relax and focus on them. Make a link and try to pull in their thoughts. You could make constructs to pass through the construct and aid you. Once again don't do any thinking of your own. Let the thoughts come. Once again there is no special technique for this, only knowing the feelings that come with picking up the thoughts of others.

Probes-These will require a bit more active use of your own thoughts. Make a basic link and program the energy link to break through energetic barriers that could be hiding the thoughts you want. If your using this then covertness is usually not an option. So send pulse blasts of energy through the link into their brain and allow them to return to you and bring back the information you want. If they have a shield erected over their mind you will notice that the pulses come back a bit to early. You have to increase the strength of your link and make the programming a bit more specific if you think that getting through the barrier will be to difficult.

Mental Cracking

This is used to aid mind reading. This is used when probes cannot break through a barrier. After attempting to probe and having failed increase the energy between the link. Use Telepathy to mimic their internal or "Mental Voice" and tell their brain to instinctively shut down the barrier. MAKE A SHIELD BEFOR GOING TO FAR FROM HERE! Your thoughts will be an open book if you successfully link into their mind and this could become an issue for you. Force thoughts into their head to shut off the shield and allow you access to their thoughts. Pound their head with this and keep attempting the probe. If the information still doesn't reveal itself and it's appropriate the only other option would be to use a mental combat technique and shatter their psi for a while so you could get access.


This is one of the more diabolical uses of this skill. You could call this "Mind Control" but it's not that simple. A way of doing this would be to link and to do something similar to the last skill and mimic their internal voice and tell them to do something. BUT! The thing about this skill is you can't tell them to do something that they would strongly oppose to. You could tell them to "Drop the pencil" but you couldn't tell them to "Strip naked and do the chicken dance in front of your house"

Mental Distortion

This is a wide array of things. It could be deleting memories or other mental files such as their knowledge of something. This is truly one of the most diabolical things you could do but luckily it is extremely hard to accomplish. To do this, you have to have decent strength in suggestion. Force the target to remember what you wish to distort and tell them that that's not how it is and tell them that it's __________ instead.


This is the use of suggestion to tell a person that there is something there that's not. This can become endless hours of fun if you get it right! Nothings funnier then making your brother think that you're a twelve foot monster coming after him!

I leave you to your own ideas and hope I sparked some intellectual activity. There is no wrong way to go about this. You know what you can do so push it a bit and do some exploration!

2.3 - Psychic Combat

I read all of your minds! I knew you would be thinking about trying psi combat. Psi combat is a very complicated yet simple ordeal. There are a few target uses of Psi Combat. To disable a persons defenses and allow you access. Other things are to destroy their psi to induce pain or other side effects. I won't go to in depth on this because I fear not all people will use this for the appropriate use. What is the appropriate use? Self defense, if a psion is maliciously attacking you, you have every right to disable them. I will teach a few ways to disable an attacking psion.

Psychic Combat Mechanics

Ok, there are a few mechanics of psychic combat you should know. There are three major levels that assaults come from-

Pure Psionic energy
Telepathic Waves
Remote Interference

Pure psionic energy attacks are constructs programmed to assault you or your energy. Telepathic Waves are waves of Telepathic energy being picked up by your psionic field even if you wish for it not to. And these could be used to input energy directly into your field for a common attack called over load in which you're bombarded with telepathic energy and it in turn disrupts your psionic field. Remote interference is a form of attack in which a person goes Remote Presence and assaults a person's energy directly. I will teach two methods of psionic attack and I trust you will use these RESPONSABLY.

Pure Psionic Energy

Ok, I guess I have touched down on this in other parts of this manual. But I'm going to once again give some detailed construct programming for these.

A popular use of constructs in psionic combat is not as an attack themselves but as a handicapping for your opponent. A way I like to do this is by making a construct induce a headache to disrupt my targets concentration thusly hindering their ability to attack. Make a construct and program it by thinking about how a headache feels and think of the worse headache you have ever had. Think needles, loud noises, the cold or intense heat. Anything of this sort will work. Make it and see it as a blob and hurl it into your opponent's energy field and force it into their skull.

Telepathic Waves

This is diabolical. A way to do this would be to make a link with your target and send energy programmed with the intent to act as an acid on their psi. Continue to overload them and do not stop. You should reach the end of your limits and begin to run dry. If you are effective you could completely disable a person's psionic abilities.

Remote Interference

Due to the overall nature of this technique I am not going to release it. If you where using it in combat it would be a step to far. There's no need to use this in any case so DON'T ASK ME!

2.4- A Psions Life Style

As a psion your life will take tosses and turns in every direction. You will discover parts of yourself you never knew existed! Also you will find out things about other people you never thought existed. Things you cannot explain will manifest. In short, your life will become very interesting indeed^_^ This is going to be a short section I put in here to aid you and help you know that what your going through, however unique it is, it's all a part of the job! The life of a typical psion will be "Normal" for the most part. I have had few extremely unusual events in my life but they were never anything to scary! Some of the things you will have to go through as a developing psion are-

Manifestation of unrelated psi skills to your course of training
Extra attention from all people for no good reason
Unexplained phenomena you may never link to your skills

These are just a few of the things you will have to go through but they are also very broad. I guess I will just pick them apart now.

Manifestation of (unrelated) psi skills

By manifestation of unrelated psi skills I mean that you could be training in Telekinesis and indirectly develop a skill called Psychometry. Psychometry is a skill in which you immediately know about an object you touch. This is very unnerving for the new psion, trust me. Also (this overlaps with the next topic) you could develop Telepathy while training Telekinesis and also vice versa. The reason for this is a higher "Power Level" psions have. This is really just a term to describe the enhanced control of psi and strengthened Bio-Aura that training will create. This new control can become a sub-conscious nature and there-for your wonderful sub-conscious will get bored of you and try to entertain itself. (My personal theory) Not literally of course, I think it goes that your sub-conscious mind starts learning how to be psychic and it try's different things according to what you have read and thought about. And so if you have read about Telekinesis and expressed a conscious or otherwise interest in the skill and our sub-conscious starts developing at a rapid rate it could manifest the skill. This could be entertaining, but is possibly EXTREMLY frightening if you don't know to express this. In my beginning Telekinesis training I was feeling good. I was on top of the world and everything was going fine. But then I started to develop Telepathy and strengthen my precognitive and clairvoyant skills and this was heavily unexpected. I mean the skills don't seem all that related! I was expecting bursts of spontaneous Telekinesis but. I got thoughts from those around me, and I heard things around me in empty rooms. I would see flashes of something in my basement and started developing a phobia of my basement and had stopped my Telekinesis training before any worth while results. But only until later did I realize my own ignorance and restarted my training. I can control my skills to a point where they don't interfere with my life, and you can to. And just a tip, when you are training, ALLWAYS follow your intuition.

Extra Attention from all people for no good reason

This is unusual. I was walking to school and EVERYONE around me was stopping and staring. I thought it was odd but maybe a fluke. In my school people seemed uneasy around me and when I would get frustrated (even if I showed no signs of frustration) people around me would get uneasy and start to fidget. This is because I had been training in basic psi those weeks before. It's my thought that when you train in psi you start generating more psi, and thus give off more waves then a normal person. Even the most dense of non can pick these up and have a one way empathic connection with you. They will know how you feel and will become empathic to your actions. This can be a problem if you are conveying actual thoughts to them. It makes lying very difficult

Unexplained phenomena you may never link to your skills

BOOM! A room away a vase slid off the counter and broke, but your no-where near the house, how can this be? You are very hungry, you need food bad and you find a $10 bill! YAY! But it has nothing to do with your training. Or does it? Of course it does. The vase could have an indirect link to you and when frustrated you sent a "Jolt" of psychic force to knock it over. Or you desperately need food so your brain sends of a form of Telepathic suggestion to an unwary target and makes that bill fall right out of their hands. Expect things like this when training. Expect the unexpected or expect to be thrown off guard daily. And never take anything as a coincidence!

There's plenty of other things that being a psion can manifest. These are just a few things. Your life as a psion will be one full of excitement and adventure! Things will come and pass. The impossible will become all too possible and your life will defiantly take a turn for the better in time. (Once again my personal thoughts, hey it's my manual!)

Normal People erupt with psi skills

Now there's a final part I should explain about your new found life style. Normal people can be a source of information but there's something about a high powered psionic aura. Normal people will begin to erupt in psionic power around you if you start increasing rapidly. I think that this is because, due to your heightened energy field you provide the necessary "tap" to awaken a sleeping power. Most of the time the person who this has awoken will not even notice it's there because their sub-conscious is the one in charge of the skill. But I have noticed after I first succeeded in TK that people around me started to have incredibly advanced auras. They also started reading my surface thoughts and some even began constructing psi shields! I studied some and even asked some to find out if they practiced psionics. All said no (But some said some things a bit worse then just a plain old no^_^) Only until later did I realize that the fluctuating auras where MY fault. All the people who's auras started becoming advanced had two things in common-

All were in contact with me for more then an hour a day
All were around 14-16 years of age

I'm not sure how long this fluctuation will last. But if you notice this, I suggest trying to get them to realize their gifts and become psions themselves.

2.5 - The secretive side

(NOTE: This was not originally planned to be in here so it will be rather short) The world has a complex. The world of psychics is often divided into two categories. The real and the hidden, and the fake and wont leave you alone. The real and the hidden is actually a good point. The world of psions is unusual. The government is said to have psychic spies at their disposal. They are said to use Remote Viewing, Telekinesis and other skills. This is all going to be purely my own thoughts and is just supposed to spark some interest in you.

Early 50's, the united states has officially be declared a superpower since the end of world war 2. We have nuclear bombs, a strong army and a good government, but it's not enough! What now? Psychics... Psychics are the next step. Having psychic powers is incredibly useful. Also, if used correctly can be incredibly lethal. The reason is obvious. These skills are so new to our conscious minds we know barely anything about them. Barely any know how to use them. And even fewer know the mechanics and ways to successfully utilize them. With this low of people knowing about these skills how should one go about defending themselves? Chances are they can't. Guns can be stopped by body armor and punches can be dodged, but psychic skills are a bit different. So of course the governments will wish to get involved to discover this perpetual gold mine of usefulness. The governments of the world took interest in Telepathy (most notably the Germans) Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Mind Control and precognition. These skills when optimized can become one of the most deadly things on the planet. And so they were, the governments tried to get their hands on the most advanced Psychics they could find. Who what when where or even whether they were found is a mystery that still taints the air today. But we keep getting reports of psychic torture, Remote Viewing and such things that are released to the press and yet although official U.S documents with documented proof of the skills yet for some unexplained reason no one believes these. Just as a little wonder tool.

Now for the part that involves you. Yes, you! By now you are most likely about to become a pretty decent psion in your field of choice. But as a psion you have a few paths that you can take. Each has it's own issues that will have to be dealt with. There's the secretive path, which is the way most psions go in which you keep your training a secret for your own reasons. More often then not because other non psions just wouldn't understand, or two your just secretive in nature. This path has relatively little repercussions except a few major ones. Number 1, if you make a break through, there's no one to tell, no one to share your newfound knowledge with. And I have dealt with the frustration that this brings. You do something so amazing and spectacular, yet you know you are the only one who can know about it. It really shows why all those X-Men kept to themselves. And then there's the second path. This path is not widely taken and has many issues that might arise. When I was trying to find my path I found that people where cowards by nature. Psi is a scary thing to a non psion. To them, It's this force you cannot see nor hear. It is also a thing that can't be stopped with weapons or armor and so they try to keep psions down to the lowest possible number. You will deal with a lot of criticism, anger and hostility from other. Religious groups might see you as evil or some nonsense like that. If you choose this path, I have one thing to say to you, You're a brave soul.

2.6 - Other Psionic Skills

This is going to be the hugest part of this manual. Other skills that I didn't wish to give an entire section to. These will include- (But do not count this list extensive!)

Remote Viewing
Lucid Dreaming

This is just a brush of the top of what is going to be covered here. Well, here it goes in no particular order-

Cryokinesis & Pyrokinesis

These are two very interesting studies a TK artist can interest him/herself with. Pyrokinesis (Now PK) and Cryokinesis (Now CK) are plainly and simply, Telekinesis. But for some reason someone out there took an interest to a specific use of TK and developed CK & PK. Both are the manipulation of the actual atoms of an object to speed/slow them to a desired level. I have very little experience in this but I think I ca give a good explanation of what each is, how it came to be and how to do it. But as I said this is all just TK so if you came here before going to TK I'm sorry but you have a 99.99% chance of failure^_^


Of the two specifics, this is the more popular. I have no clue why? I personally choose CK over it. Anyways, PK is the manipulation of the molecules of an object in which you speed them up. Very much like the common microwave! Now a small note before continuing. Some sites say you can spontaneously generate fire with PK. I have one thing to say to these sites^_^ PICK UP A PHYSICS BOOK! Unless you where burning oxygen, you could not spontaneously generate fire. Nor will you ever without something to burn. Now that that's said, lets move on shall we?

Pk-What all Can You do with it?

Good question. I get this a lot from new trainers and almost always they have been miss-lead at some point so I am now here to clear up this. Behold the magical list of PK! (Not really but yeah)

Heat up a part of your body
Heat up your aura
Slightly increase the temperature of a room
Have slight control of a flame (No you can make the flame just hang in mid air unless you are using TK on a flaming piece of paper^_^)
Be able to heat an object and if you are good enough be able to heat it to the point of combustion

Of course there are a lot of specifics I don't wish to name so just deal with this for the moment ok? Ok, now onto the part you have all been waiting for! How to do it!

How to do it

What would be the point of talking about it all of this time and not even giving you a how to on it?

Ok, prepare for your basic TK training by clearing your mind and relaxing. Now I have many, many ideas on how to train this but most of which make little or no sense what so ever. So the only thing I could come up with is quite generic so please don't come back to me telling me that you have heard this somewhere else before because I have heard it somewhere else before as well. So, without further stalling for time (erhmm) here we go!

Exercise #1 - Paper

Get a piece of tissue paper. Now this is one of those things that you just have to use common sense with. Concentrate on the center of the tissue and use TK to move it a bit to get warmed up. Now comes the really hard part, see the molecules of the paper (Not really, man you people today are to literal!) and try to move them all. See them all moving back and forth at a super high rate and exert your will on the paper and attempt to heat it. In time if you are advanced enough it should begin to heat up. And if your a really lucky soul, it could combust! Fun, fun, silly willy!

(Now a small note, this is purely my theory and I have yet to have anything of the sort happen to me. I'm still training in Basic TK! So if it doesn't work just tell me and I will re-think my theory on it.)

Exercise #2-Flame

This is an exercise to attempt to manipulate an actual flame. Now I don't know how this works but I have done something similar to it before and this is how I did it. See the flame and exert your will on it. Now this is simple, just as you would a psi wheel move the flame. If you get good at this you could have a lot of fun!

This is the basic scheme of PK. If you come up with something I should add tell me!


Of the two widely accepted kinesis' this is my favorite skill. I have a bit of training in this un-like PK. This is the exact opposite of PK. You use your TK skills to halt the movement of the molecules to lower the temperature. Now a small note about CK before we move on. Some sites say you can generate ice and such. Now I'm not even going to say anything about this because it's just plain stupidity to think that's possible. So on with the damn teachings already!

CK - What all can you do with it

What indeed... Many people do not see the full use of CK and if they do "know" something about it, it is often incorrect and needs alteration. So here's the magic list! (...)

Lower your body temperature
Lower your auras temperature
Slightly decrease the temperature of a room
Extinguish flames
Cause metabolic freezing of liquids

As I have stated for PK, there's a lot of specifics I'm not going to get into so don't ask. Now onto the fun stuff. This is just a perpetual grab bag of goodies!

How to do It

Of course you knew that this was coming.

Prepare for your usual TK training and get to a nice state of relaxation. These exercises are a bit unusual but they have worked for me so onward all yea!

Exercise #3 - Ice Cubes

Get a basic ice cube and put it on a room temp or lower surface. Now this is weird, use TK on the cube and see the molecules which are slowly speeding begin to slow. Use your TK to compress it and exert your will on the cube to keep it from melting. This is a very good exercise as it puts a lot of train on your mind. Your object here is to hold the cube from melting for as long as you can. I suggest taking and ice cube, putting it on the surface you are going to use and time how long it takes for the cube to melt without your interference. Then just try to raise the time it takes!

Exercise #4 - Ice

Get a small amount of water and place it in front of you. Now do the same thing you did with the ice cube but this time try to slow down the molecules to a good level and keep a thermometer handy to record the temperature. In time if you get good enough you might cause the water to freeze! I have yet to have this happen so don't quote me on that!

And there you go. You can train yourself from here on out! Sorry for the lack of depth in the explanations and exercises but they are the exact essentials as I have a lot of work other then this to be doing at this point in time. (High-school SUCKS!!)

Clairvoyance/Clear Sensing Abilities

I won't do to much in this field. There are a few reasons that have made me make this decision but the ones that most stand out are-

90% of psi trainers develop this skill anyways
Many people are gifted in it
There's no set way to learn it

Clairvoyance is the ability to use your senses past the normal physical realm. This is part three of the clear sensing abilities, with precognition and Retrocognition being 1 and 3.This is a huge field and I am just going to give the basic scheme of the matter. Now back on track. This skill is often defined as being able to see an even about to or happening, hearing some "voice" describing something or something along these lines. Or for some reason out of nowhere you smell a weird smell or feel a cool breeze. This is often used for sensing ghosts and is quite often confused with Telepathy. When you are playing cards and you just know what's in the other persons hand this is a form of Clairvoyance. As I said I will not go to in depth in this as my Senses Training goes in depth into it and I don't wish to rehash my own work so ask me for it if you're interested in learning a bit deeper.

Exercise #1 - Dice

Ok, now this is one of those weird unrelated exercises. Get a die and a sheet of paper. On the paper make columns and mark them "Hit" and "Miss". Now roll the die and without looking choose the number you think it is. Mark all you get wrong and all you get right. The trick to this exercise, like all precognition exercises is to keep your mind perfectly BLANK. Let the answer come to your mind and don't force it. If you get higher then 80% you are a natural. 50% it's normal, and less it means your not keeping your mind blank enough. Keep a record of your achievements to see if you increase and to mark the increase.

Exercise #2 - Cards

Just like the dice exercise, yet a bit more difficult. Get a full deck of cards, pull one and tell what you think it is. I often work one card ahead to increase the "Premonitions" aspect of it all for premonition training. Don't forget to keep a record to find increases in skills

Exercise #3 - Psychic Alarm Clock

This is one of the most STUPID things I have come up with. But at the same time it's a good exercise for seeing your target. It is a way to train your mind to react to certain stimulus. Sit down and clear your mind. Now think of something that's constant that wakes you up in the morning. I used my alarm clock, but you could use the sunshine, a sibling or anything of the sort. Now get it strong in mind and think of the general time that it occurs. Get it strong in mind and see a flash of red light or something that you would find annoying at that time in the morning streak through your mind a few minutes before the occurrence. Enforce this in mind and make it clear. Do this nightly until you begin waking up before the occurrence with the though you made to wake you up.


Precognition is very similar to Clairvoyance and since I don't know much on training it, it will be a bit vague in the training department. But these skills deal with seeing the past (Retrocognition [RC]) present ( I guess you could say clairvoyance) and future (Precognition [PC]) Now, these skills are not ones you can just go and "Train" in. Of all of the psi skills this is one of the few that remain in almost every human on earth. Most people are gifted with precognition. I would lean towards 99% of the world has used PC and use it often but just don't know how to listen to it. By training in psi you often awaken Precognition or Retrocognition. When I get a flare of PC It feels like clairvoyance, a memory that just surfaces randomly and for no reason. Or it's sometimes much stronger. This skill has saved my life and the lives of many others. When I was in my accident, moments before the car had hit me something in my mind yelled out for me to STOP! I completely froze and was struck by a speeding car. Luckily it didn't hit me head on, a detail that meant life over death for me. I survived a crash, that's odds of me surviving where fifty to one. And managed to literally walk away, with only a broken jaw and a few lacerations. (By the way, this is the accident that spawned my first AP) Retrocognition is a skill which I find very interesting. It's the ability to feel the past of an area in which you are in. I have entered old houses and felt something around me and knew that there was something about that house. When my mom checked with the realtor agency on anything we should know, they reluctantly divulged an old man had committed suicide after many years of mental disorders ruining his life. This of course drove us away from buying the house but I use this example a lot. And I have already explained about. Now since there is no way to train these and it's useless to try to train them anyways I'm going to give some tips to help you develop these skills further. Because no matter who you are or where you're from you have these talents and use them very often. So lets get to the core of this shall we?

Developing Precognition

This will be a list of things that we shall look for in our daily life which are actually occurrences of Precognition. By learning to recognize when your receiving a Precognitive message you learn to strengthen them and make them occur more often. There is no way that I have seen to just wish to see the future. That doesn't seem like a useful skill if there's nothing of huge importance there. If there is something of huge importance your brain will cram a message in there somewhere.

* Hunches-Hunches are very obvious forms of Precognition that should NEVER be thrown to the side.

De-Ja-Vu's-These are mostly Retrocognitive in nature but these often symbolize when something that you should note is about to happen.
Weird Dreams-Dreams are a psychic TV to simplify things. If a dream tells you of imminent danger, take my words and heed the warning.
Sensations that don't add up-I have had my leg stall, my body become freezing cold and total parlays and almost always it was followed by something dangerous.

These are just a few things to look for. Just try to become more attuned to when something feels off and you know something's up. You should begin to have more Precog's if you start noting when you have a precognition because your brain will get better at making them and you will become better at recognizing them.

Developing Retrocognition

This ability is a bit rarer then Precognition. And because of this, it's a bit harder to develop. A way to develop this is to go into old building with a lot of history, or cemeteries and just relax. Let any information come to you. Note ay feelings you get. If you feel a cool breeze, or suddenly have a pain in some area of your body, you should take that as a burst of Retrocognitive energy. There is no real way other then using this to get it down. But then again there is no real use for this skill!

Remote Viewing

Ok, before I begin I'm going to say this. THIS SKILL IS EXTREMLY HARD TO ACCOMPLISH! This ranks right up there with TK. Remote Viewing (RV) is an out of body stealth skill. As it sounds you leave your physical body as a mass of energy and use your "mental eye" to receive sensory information. Of course there is so much more to it then that. This is one of those skills who's uses are just phenomenal. You can go anywhere! Through walls, under water, across the world. You can also travel in almost any way. Walk, run, fly, swim etc. Now I'm not going to get into "Astral Projection" as the definitions are WAY too vague. I'm not quite sure myself the specific differences so this will just be as it is. Now back on track. This skill is not explored enough by most normal psions to have a fool proof method. So until more information becomes available I will not be able to give any training regimes for this. Maybe someone reading this has something they would like to share? If so, SEND IT TO ME!

Astral Projection

(NOTE: This is from my website so excuse the formalities!)

Before we begin, I DON'T SUGGEST USING THIS AS YOUR FIRST ASTRAL PROJECTION COURSE! This is for reference and a last resort. Unlike Remote Viewing, I actually know a bit about this skill! The ability to astral project is a great one, but very difficult to master. It is a psychic ability as well. It won't happen over night as Ill tell you again and again. This could literally take years to master but is truly, defiantly worth it. That said, astral projection is a phase in which the body sends off an ethric double of which your consciousness is implanted. It is a common misconception that your soul leaves your body making your body an empty shell. If your body is at anytime missing its soul, it shall die. You soul is enmeshed into your body at all times until death. Let me ask you a question, Have you ever astral projected? You probably just said no. But I know for a fact that you have projected hundreds of times, and didn't find it remotely unusual! This occurrence might be what you call, dreaming. To better describe this, let me explain the sleep cycle. When you are falling asleep your chakras are beginning to open to draw in ethric matter to rejuvenate you. When this happens your kind body decides to eject your "Dream Body" Its a body that exists in the "Dream realm" All the while your bodies energy meridians are opening to take in ethric matter. When you astral project your Mind stays awake when your body sleeps thus you can't hit the dream realm, then you have to have enough energy to project with your ethric body and enter the real time realm and go beyond from there. By the time you are all done with this manual, you will be on your way to being able to astral project whenever and wherever you want!

Now there are many successful ways to project. I'm going to give the way I did it successfully. The first thing you must know. This doesn't happen in one day, more then likely it will happen in about 1 year or so. It takes a while to learn but it is worth it. Some people are gifted with this ability, not many, not me for that matter. These lucky people may get it in a week or so, but don't get your hopes up, finding these people are rare indeed! The things you will need to be able to Astral Project-


All of these are EXTREMELY crucial if you ever hope to AP. It won't happen over night once again...More then likely you won't even feel the absolutely most basic energetic feeling in your body for many nights of training. Don't be discouraged! It took me 3 weeks to get anything noticeable!!! Don't even worry if it takes you half a year to get anything to click! Ok.. This is a first night course to take...


Recommended situation for a successful AP night. And by successful I don't mean a conscious OOBE. I'll talk more about what should be considered "successful" a bit later. The first and foremost is you need to be In light fitting comfortable clothing to prevent strangulation of a limb or just un comfort. Remember you need to relax 110%

Next, have a dimly lit quiet comfortable room. By this I mean like have a nice temperature for the room. Make sure there's no cigarette smoke or any other air pollutant. Incense is ok as long as its not overpowering. Make the light dim but throughout the whole room. Meaning, don't have light and dark half's of the room. You can still see through your eyelids remember and this could distract you. A totally dark room is ok but not a preferable condition. Also, Make sure there is no auditory distractions. Phones, alarm clocks, roommates (or other people living with you that will make noise) et cetera.

Posture is highly important and difficult thing to master, your best bet would be to be in a lazy boy recliner. Make sure there is no pressure on any part of your body, in time you will cut off circulation, and that will make it tingle an this can either trick you into thinking its an energetic movement, or it can just plain distract you. No to mention that you also need to be comfortable so you can relax, RELAX!!! You will hate that word at the end of this! Try not to lie down when doing this until you get a little better and can Astral project quicker.

The best time to do this, contrary to some beliefs is actually in the middle of the day or after you wake up in the morning. You can try this before you go to bed, but is not a good Idea. The chances of falling asleep are greatly enhanced.

Next, The thing that really burned me, was the diet problem. The day during or before you try to project like only eat fruits or vegetables. Meats, dairy products and some types of grains can make energetic movement rather difficult in the stomach area, making the "Trapped"*effect more likely to occur. Its best to just not eat anything the hour before you attempt a projection. *Trapped is a term I use when I mean literally being stuck in a part of your body but the rest of your body is astral

Ok, Now that you have read all of the pre-requisites and I have bored you out of your skull!! Ok, if you have followed the above guidelines you should be able to relax, Relaxation is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. To astral project it is often stated that you need to be able to relax your body 110%, yet stay awake. The best thing I can tell you to help you relax is. Do whatever you need to be comfortable. Even If I directly stated to not do it. Relaxation is of the up most importance, so do what it takes...


This is a very difficult concept for almost every novice projector I have ever seen. It was one of my worst qualities!!! You keep saying. "SHUT UP BRAIN!!" And that will start a train of thought usually without you being aware that your thinking! Concentration is needed to enter the trance state (explained later) You need to find away to shut your brain from chattering. But that's easier said then done. Its like having that annoying nerd of the class blabbering on about plant mitosis while your trying to concentrate on math. The best thing to do is get a mental trick to occupy your surface mind, think of it as the bully of the class on the nerd! You might not know it but you might use a mental trick at times! An example of this is counting sheep. The best and most common mental trick for Astral Projection work is the falling technique. The falling technique is basically where you find yourself descending in some way or form. Examples-

Mentally feeling yourself traveling down an elevator
Mentally seeing yourself fall into infinitely deep hole
Seeing whatever surrounding area melt away and let you fall

These are just a few examples that you could use. I see myself jumping off a huge water fall and feeling the warmth of the water, the white static sound of the water. And once I've successfully entered the trance I feel myself slip into a warm fuzzy cotton/water type mass. This is both relaxing and as long as you don't focus to much. You only need to occupy your surface mind so the rest of your brain can wind down to a lower brain level. Beta is the level you want to work in. Beta is a light to moderate trance. Theta the highest possible level (This is the lowest possible brain wave frequency) This state will induce extremely heavy trance. By now you're saying. What's this trance you keep talking about?!? Well the trance is the state you enter when your body falls asleep but your mind is awake. This state will cause many symptoms, including- Warmth (possibly a feeling of coolness)

Time distortion (time seems to normally go slower but can seem to go faster)
Possible parlays if the trance is strong enough
Body dislocation ("where's my arm?")
Buzzing sounds

As you can see the trance is a very prominent and not hard to enter. You will more then likely do it on your first night. But that's just the first part.

How to enter the trance

Get in the proper setting and relax. Relax until your heart beat is slowed. Take a few minutes thinking out any prominent surface thoughts. Do this until the surface thought pressure is lightened, then Use a mental trick to lower your consciousness. Do this until you feel any of the symptoms of the trance.


Next after learning to enter the trance is the energy part. This is the longest and most difficult part of Astral projection training. Ill explain energies roll first.

When you go to sleep at night and your body falls asleep and your mind takes times to "Synchronize" your chakras open to take in ethric matter. Sounds like the beginning of this page right? Ok ,now when you astral project your mind stays awake while only your body falls asleep making you pull the rest of the weight of opening your chakras. Once open your chakras will begin pulling in ethric matter and your "Ethric body" (A.k.a. the astral body) is formed INSIDE YOUR BODY. This is why you need to literally project it out. But that is highly difficult without energy work and such, but to have it happen without energy work is a once in a life time experience. (A lot of the time happens near death in a NDE or a near death experience) Once you get the proper energy to create the cord that connects your ethric body to your physical body, which will still be pulling in energy to sustain your ethric body on a projection. It will take time to keep your ethric body sustained and this is why the first few weeks of projections will be filled with really short most likely five or less minute projections, and you also won't be able o move far in the real time realm. But once your chakras get used to exerting that amount of energy you will be able to stay longer and go farther.

You are possibly asking "I've heard of this "silver cord" thingy, what is it? The silver cord is your "Life support "For your ethric body while its astral. This cord is made of energy coming from your 7 main chakras. It is impossible to sever so have no worries about that. It is rare to actually see this cord while in the astral but it is possible. I myself have never seen it in my short carrier as a projector. I think the reason you never see the cord, is because while near your body (really the only place to see it as it is strongest here.) Your ethric body suffers astral blindness (explained more in depth later). Ok, back on the topic of energy. Now the question I get a lot is "How do I open my chakras?" There are many ways to do this. The easiest I have found is the NEW (New Energy Ways) that is explained at the astral pulse. I will give you a simple way to open your chakras.

First relax. You don't need to get in the trance to do this. Just need to be In a relaxed sate of mind. Then concentrate on your seven main chakras and see an imaginary pair of hands (this was derived from the awareness hands explained in the astral pulse) See them become engulfed in a bright silvery white light that rockets down from the heavens. Then see it go to each of your seven chakras and Message them giving off some of the silvery white energy into your chakras making them begin to spin. Feel the hands messaging the area around the chakra that is being messaged. Do this with every chakra twice but seven times on the root chakra.

Energy rising

An important part of astral projection work. This will draw energy through your body to your chakras to get enough energy stored to leave your body. The feelings from these exercises will cause heat and tingling beneath your skin. Take your imaginary hands and imagine them engulfed in a bright blue, yellow or any other soothing color. See them go up through your feet and into your navel or heart chakras. (or both) leaving a trail of the energy and have it filter from the chakra you drew it into out into your entire body energizing your chakras. You can do the exact same through your head, arms act. Do these until you feel one of these things-

Heat in the area of the chakra
Pressure or a pulling/pushing sensation
Feeling of expansion in that area
Bubbling feeling

ECT. From here you are almost ready to leave your body. From here you haft to remain in the trance state until the projection reflex kicks in. You will know this because you will have the "Vibrations". These can cause a real problem. The range of intensity can vary greatly. These will seem to emanate from the heart region. It will feel like your heart is pounding and ready to explode. But it actually wont be (or shouldn't be, anxiety can cause your heart rate to speed up) beating. These can shake you out of your trance state. The first time you get them it more then likely will cause you to get shocked out. As I said earlier the range of intensity ranges from a slight pulse. To a booming bang, bang in your bones. Try to control these and prepare to exit.

Exiting tech

The up down up down tech, This is a technique where you imagine yourself going in front of your body and back. Up above your body and back. This is best done sitting down in a chair. Shift your awareness in front of you so you feel as if your body is behind you. Go forward with your awareness being aware of your body behind you all the time. Feel as if ropes are pulling you back into your body. Then do the same except with and upward motion. Do this until the vibes intensify and you feel light. Try to use an astral movement technique to move away and out of your body. There are a lot of ways out of your body. I ask that you make one up for yourself as each person seems to have a slightly different preference. Well congrats! If you have stuck to this training your body should be ready to AP! The whole training could take more then a year however.

Astral Life

The astral is obviously a lot different from the physical. There, the rules and limitations of the "Real World" don't apply, no laws of physics other then the ones you make for yourself. You can fly, teleport, shoot energy beams and have a whole lot of fun! Some of the things in the astral you might notice immediately is that you really have no body. This is confusing, in the astral when you look at your hand you will see a pale white ghostly, possibly distorted version of your hand. And seconds after looking at it your hands will melt away up to where ever you can see. This is because your conscious mind is creating your "Body" and since the conscious mind is so weak it cannot hold complex shapes for long. This is just one of the few astral abnormalities. I'm not going to write all or even any more things about that astral as there are 200 page plus books on it that could give a much better explanation then me.

Lucid Dream

This is similar to Astral Projection. But a Lucid Dream is a bit different. In the astral you cannot feel anything and every-things kind of in a dream like state. However and Lucid Dream is a lot more real, sometimes even unrecognizable from reality! You can often feel sensations and other sensory impulses that you wouldn't in the Astral. Also, if you learn to Lucid Dream well you could slip into an AP at will! Now for the tech stuff. A Lucid Dream (LD) Is when you become self aware while dreaming. You ever notice while dreaming you have no sense of yourself? This is because your watching your sub-conscious think while dreaming. And since it's a product of your sub conscious it's very real and can be VERY scary. Now, lucid dreams are incredibly difficult to have just like that. But lucid dream training is rather simple. To have lucid dreams you have to become aware of yourself dreaming right? Well during the day ask yourself, are you dreaming? Feel your skin and observe your surroundings. Do this at every moment and put a lot of emphasis on it. When your doing something you might dream about do it. In time, you should do it while your dreaming and become aware that your dreaming and can thusly take control over your body. While in a lucid dream you may notice that it's hard to stay conscious. You may begin to fade in and out of consciousness and may lose control all together. In a lucid dream your in a realm in the astral called the dream realm. Guess what it's used for.


MBMC stands for Mobile Body Mind Control. That's right, I said a bad word. Mind control has been one of my projects for a LONG, LONG time. I had tried literally hundreds of methods with no success. My theory behind this is that when you mental project (explained later) you are a formless mass of mental energy. When you enter your victim's skull you are infiltrating their psi with your own and since psi is bio-plasam you could in theory take control of their psi with your own to control their body. Here's my first (and only successful) account of it- While dozing off at school one day (...) And I decided to mental project (I'll explain a bit later!~ ~) while in Mobile form I decided to try something new. I floated into the skull of my teacher and drew energy from my real body (and gave energy from my real body which I will ALSO explain about later~ ~) and started implanting commands (I will explain later...) into my teacher's skull. I yelled Sit down Sit down Sit down Sit down Sit down Sit down and surprisingly, She sat down on the ground, right in front of the class! I have been unable to re-create the experience so that is why I'm classifying it as Experimental. I will explain everything I did and how to do it and expect people to E-mail me back about their success^ ^

Mental Projection

This is similar to Remote Viewing and Astral projection but is MUCH, MUCH easier. You could and more then likely will do it on your first try. It took me a week to develop and a few days to master. In mental projection you really are not leaving your body as far as I have seen. Your actually using your minds eye to travel in the physical dimension. This is extremely hard to explain but I'll try. The best way to learn it would be to sit down, take a second to un wind. You don't need to meditate deeply for this but it couldn't hurt. Sit in a room of your house and try to re-create the layout of your house in your mind. From there project your consciousness outside of your body and try to follow this layout. Projecting your consciousness outside of your body is actually very easy. All you have to do is BELIEVE you are moving and have everything seem that way. God this is hard to explain. If you have any questions just email them to me and I'll give you some 1 on 1 training advice. ANYWAYS...

Mental projection explained

By now you are noticing Mental projection isn't that great of a traveling tool as you-

Can't See to well (if at all like me)
Can't Travel far (in the beginning)
Are often not seeing (or feeling) accurate information

But for the needs of MBMC this works just fine. Now you can Mental project (here on out referred to as MP) and can see your immediate surroundings and such. Big whoop, what a waste of time right? WRONG! Now it's time to try MBMC. This is going to be exactly what I did (as I have been unable to make it work again) Once you have mastered MP choose your target. I can't tell you who would be good for this as I really don't know. It is said people are more aware of their psychic abilities at young ages and older people have stronger minds so make your own choice. MP and make sure you are aware of your real body the whole time. Go to your victim and enter their body. See from their point of view and try to become them. Now the tricky part is the stage I call Bridging. Just as it sounds, you have to make a bridge to your target. This will serve as a telepathic link. If you are naturally telepathic then this might be hell for you. Anyways do this by feeling your third eye chakra and just become aware of it. This should automatically draw energy, if not you can use a stimulation technique form the astral section or from NEW if you know any of it. There should be a stiff feeling all around your physical body which is comparable to being cold. I don't know what this is but I have only had it happen twice. The time I had succeeded and a time I was trying to tell my next door neighbor to do the chicken dance on the lawn at 6 am. (it failed miserably but you get the point) At this point I was beginning to wonder if it was working so I decided to keep drawing energy and once I had the lightheaded feeling I started mentally shouting the commands and BOOM! It worked!


Here are some things I didn't think of trying but you should:

While stating the command see them doing it
Visualize their body with you inside
Send energy to a part of their body and try to make heat so it is more recognizable

In the end I hope this helped you some and I hope to get some results or Ideas/ tips/ suggestions/ input from people.


This is a fun skill! You can do a lot of neat things with it! Psychometry is the ability to read the imprinted energy on an object or imprint energy quickly into an object. By reading the energy of an object you can tell who owned it, what the used it for, how old it is etc. With Imprinting you could make an invisible message only other psions could pick up. A word of caution before moving on. This skill can begin to manifest at random and this could cause issues. Reading objects you don't wish to continuously and getting personal information from other people. (It is possible to "Read" people but since we are a bit more complex the message will appear a lot different) It's been said that the FBI and CSI frequently find gifted Psychometrics and hire them in the special forces brigade to analyze crime scenes. Now in the course of this I will teach you how to read and then imprint. If you learn to read I heavily suggest learning to imprint so you have more control of your new skills.

No let's talk specifics. Let's say there's a pad lock that has been used for many years for locking a bike. A psychic with the ability of Psychometry would be able to pick up the psychic energy that has been implanted into it and possibly learn the code, possibly the bikes color, the users name. Simple stuff like that. But the more advanced you are the more information you can obtain. This also depends on the amount of psychic energy in the object. How does that energy get there in the first place you ask? Well energy follows thought and when someone thinks about that pad lock they are sending an incredibly low amount of psychic energy to that item. Do this for a long time and the stronger it is and the easier it is for the Psychometry practitioner. But what if you want to add a message quickly for another psychic to pick up? Well being able to manipulate psionic energy is where that comes in. Sadly psi-pog only has one short article on this so I think I will help add a bit.

The things that this ability can do:

Psionic Mechanical Tools, this is a psionic construct that drains energy and broadcasts emotions or other things. Messaging, this is implanting information on an object to have another psychic pick up
Picking up information weather or not another psychic implanted information or not.

I'm going to go to basic Reading and implanting messages from objects. A psionic Mech Tool is something of my own design that is used for a variety of things.


Grab the item of choice in your hand (If it's to big for that then don't worry about it) I suggest an object you are very familiar with to make everything easier! And with your other hand, move across the objects energy field. You should clear your mind and picture a TV. See words or some pictures. Just let your mind blank and wait for the images to come. Try to exert psi into the objects aura to make a link with the object. Yeah I know using Telepathy on an object seems stupid but just bear with me! If you start to notice that you don't get any words or pictures, but you get unusual feelings be happy! The message in an object varies depending on what it's been used for, how its been used and who it's been used by.


Ok, the best way I have found to do this is to make some sort of physical contact with the item. Clear your mind and tell your thoughts to SHUT UP! Now, put all your concentration on the object and see your psi seeping into the item. Force the message that you want to convey in the object. Use any means you think you will need and try to get the message through. You don't always have to make it a verbal or literary message. You can make a picture in mind or if you get advanced, feelings! But that kind of touches on the next phase of training. Psi Mech Tools!

Psionic Mechanical Tool

A psi 'Mech' tool is something I made for almost any use. It falls more under psi construct making but it lies a lot in the field of Psychometry. Basically you get an object and imprint some desired effect. You wish for it to make you happy, feel happiness and implant the emotion into it while making a construct that will support it by pulling in energy into the object to sustain the effect. You can program the tool to do almost anything you want! Get creative!

Auric Vision

This is a unique ability with many uses. Truthfully, it's not that close to a psychic skill at all. But we consider it to be one, so bite me. ^_^It's the ability to train your brain to pick up higher frequency vibrations allowing you to see energy. The reason humans can't see energy is because energy is at a higher vibration then our normal eyes can pick up. Once we train our brains to pick up vibrations higher then what we are used to we can see auras, psi, chi and other energies. Seeing these energies could prove to be very useful. You can read people like a book. A human's aura is a representation of a human's present condition. When you lie, your aura will flare. When your angry it will become violent and when your sad it will become weak. So just by looking at a person you will know if they are tired, if they are upset, if they are lying etc. But the aura isn't the only thing that can be seen with Auric vision. You can also see energetic access/ storage points (chakras). You can see astral return's if good enough but this is often classified as ethric vision. You could also tell who's a psion by reading the intensity of their auras psionic energy flow. Or you could remember your friend and be able to see their aura out of a crowd. Also if you just wish to see your energy that your working with! As you see this is a very use full and fun thing to tinker with. Ok, a few side notes before continuing. When viewing the aura of a human in the beginning the subject should not be wearing any clothing on the area of which you are trying to view. This is because the clothes can not only hinder the aura but confuse you by mixing the subjects aura with it's aura and this could make a very confusing effect. And secondly, this is an oftenly asked question. Can you see aura in pitch black. Personally, I have little experience in Auric vision. I have seen psi and random auras of people and objects. But I have yet to see an aura in darkness. But there are those who say that it is possible and that it will appear brighter/dimmer then in light. Make your own decision and try it out for yourself.

An human's aura is very complex, there's 7 layers that have been seen. Each one vibrant and crackling with spiritual energies. These layers reflect a persons being, their REAL being. No visad can mask it. But the aura of a human is moving rapidly and shifting rapidly. Making it difficult to see and focus on. So in the beginning we are going to view the colors of objects!

EXERCISE #1 - Colors

Every color has it's own unique aura. This is of a completely different color from the original. Auras, given off by bright, primary colors, are much denser and far easier to see than any other type of aura. Using the auras of colors, as a training aid, has most people seeing an aura the very first time they try. Here's a nifty little chart for ya!

Object | Auric Color
Red | Green
Orange | Pale Green
Yellow | Pale Blue
Green | Orange
Blue | Yellow
Indigo | Gold
Violet | Pale Gold
Pink | Iridescent Green

For your first exercise go get a piece of construction paper that is red, yellow or any primary color. Place it against a white back round, turn your head slightly away from the object and stare at the back round behind the object with your peripheral vision. The end result should be a fiery substance or a seeming blur around or on the object. If this color seems to match the chart (Keep in mind it rarely looks exactly as depicted) you can consider this the aura. This experiment uses the peripheral vision effect as it is much stronger when viewing an aura then normally staring right at it. It also keeps you from trying to focus on the aura as when you do try to focus on the aura chances are it will zip away. But be glad, this only really happens in the beginning. Try this experiment without using your peripheral vision.

Getting bored with that paper? I was to... Now you will want to try a human test subject. This is were things get confusing and irritating. I have already said that to see an aura of a human is difficult. But there are also other things that will make seeing the human aura hard. Lack of a willing subject, lack of a patient willing subject, self doubt. And many other factors. So, I found a way that you could see auras and that doesn't require a subject.

EXERCISE #2 - Human Auras

Ok, now the first thing to do is to get into the right state of mind. The right state is tired, yet slightly alert. Calm and focused and yet detached. Kind of like listening to a really boring old story from a grandparent that makes you want to sleep . This is also the reason that having a partner is not the best way to train. Having a partner will cause you to be stressful and critical of your progress. You will think about what they are feeling and if they are thinking ill about you. So to begin get in the said state of mind and acquire a subject. Now, stare at them blankly and try to look through or behind them. in time you should begin to notice faint signs of an aura and if your concentration skills are good enough it could erupt into the full fledged aura!

2.7 - Fun Stuff

YAY! We are having a blast aren't we! No?? A bit too serious you say? Well guess what, your thinking the same thing as me! Up to this point all has been some very serious fields and there's not much room for some good old fashion fun! But I decided the catchy quote- "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy" applies strongly to psionics. It's good to have a strong attitude to succeed but every human needs to take a break every now and then. The whole point of this chapter is to get you to want to train more by letting you have some fun while training. If you get bored with your TK training for instance your brain shall begin to denote it's own power and might begin to inhibit it. But if you are enjoying the training your power shall grow. And you will increase in strength. This is really just going to be on the main sections. Telekinesis and Telepathy. But I might include some of the other psionic skills. I'm going to hold off on giving fun little games for the psionic energy manipulation course as I had already done that in the course itself. So let's get straight to the fun!

Fun in the sun with Telekinesis

Ok, now this can't be used without knowing adept TK. Sorry but you will have to trudge through the worst of things your self! I am going to rate things on a scale of one to ten on the difficulty level. So lets get to it!

Exercise #1 - TK Blast FIVE OUT OF TEN

This could make you very annoying indeed. A TK blast could be used to flick people's ears rooms away, knock over cups or just pick on people around you. There are ways of doing this but I'm going to give you a new task. Mixing in your basic psi practice! Make a super small, marble or BB sized psi ball and program it to sting. Use TK to launch the ball at high speeds towards your target. You may flick your finger and knock over a bottle to entertain yourself or even your friends! Make a barrage of these to pierce paper or even card board. Make a bigger sized ball and add more PF to it to make that annoying bee or fly buzzing around you pay! Blow out flames rooms away! Be creative and learn how to better manipulate your energy through this. Have fun with this and try it during class!

Exercise #2 - TK Blast Version 2 SIX OUT OF TEN

This is something that Yu Yu Hakusho inspired. Get a BB or a Marble, or anything small and along those lines. Charge it with psi and put it between your fingers so you can flick it. Now flick it and use TK to make it fly far and fast. I doubt you will be launching this 500 yards but it's a good way to entertain yourself while sitting on the couch playing target practice with the household cat! *Evil Grin*

Exercise #3 - TK Sculpture NINE OUT OF TEN

Get a small amount of water and try to use TK to make a sculpture out of the water! You could also try this with sand or something like that.

Exercise #4-Airplaine NINE OUT OF TEN

Make a small paper air plane and fly it around! Simple but think of the fun.

Exercise #5-TK punch FOUR OUT OF TEN

Get a candle and put it a few feet away. Concentrate on a path to the flame, punch and release a burst of energy and try to extinguish the flame. Keep adding distance between you and the candle and if you are beginning to get really good at this try to destroy paper or something. If your still having to good of luck (heh heh heh) begin to get fancy and try knocking away objects rooms away or break windows. (Who says I'm no fun?)

Exercise #6-TK shatter EIGHT OUT OF TEN

Get a brittle or glass object, put it a few feet away. Now concentrate on the object and try to make a beam type projection engulf the object and shatter it.

Exercise #7-Levitation TEN OUT OF TEN

Fun, fun^_^ But this skill gives out more then just extreme difficulty. It brings to point, the aura of a Telekinetic Person. Moving people and animals SHOULD be easier to manipulate as they create their own bio electric field which will allow easier manipulation. But the aura of a Telekinetic has been through obvious change. Learning TK makes your sub-conscious erect a power full Anti-TK aura. Even to your own influence, you will have a lot of difficult moving you own body. Now this brings up ANOTHER point. Why the hell should it be easy to move our body using TK naturally but when we wish to move our body with purposeful TK we have some difficulty. I have tried moving my finger with TK and failed and moved my finger normally. Then I stepped on my scale "130" Ok, ok, Now lets see if we can make this less. I tried raising my body and I got this odd feeling in my skull. I had no luck in lifting any weight off. I don't understand how any of this works so I'm just going to say it. I don't know if this will work and it more then likely WON'T. So don't come back at me with "This is BULL! It didn't work!" Because I will personally make sure that you end up.... Ok lets get to it before I scare those in the audience with a weaker constitution! Feel out your entire body and the air around you. Feel your feet specifically. Do as you always do to move an object on your legs and torso and above if you can. Lift yourself as you would any other object. As I have said I don't know if this will work so DON'T come back at me with it!

Hopefully I have shown you something that will spark your interest to keep training in this. There are those who say that TK has a set limit. To them I say- Well nothing really . You can make the decision for yourself. If you believe that this skill has a built in limit and you have convinced yourself with your own logic then congratulations. Your done! But for the rest of us we will go on, get stronger and evolve! Happy TK'ing everyone!

Fun in the sun with Telepathy

Ahh of course you saw this coming. This is going to be the shorter of the two main courses. But now you are asking, just what can one do with Telepathy? It seems that one can only send and receive messages from other people right? Well it seems like a pretty cut and dry thing to me right? WRONG! Telepathy has many uses that can be very entertaining. I am not going to use the same format of the TK fun in the sun however. Bullets work well for this cause.

Use Telepathy on animals to get them to follow your every command!
Use Suggestion to make your teacher see something that's not there
Force send information to someone you particularly dislike and make the message rather upsetting *Evil grin*
Cheat on tests by reading your neighbors mind!
Walk up to someone and suggest you are behind them and watch their reaction!
Ask someone a question and read their mind to find out the answer that they are thinking about

That's all I care to put up for now. You can think of your own right? There is no wrong way to go about this! Have fun with you new skills as long as you don't shatter to many laws of the un-written psion honor code. Because then I would have to kill you! *Laughter in back*

2.8 - A Psions Path

Before you finish this document I ask that you read the next two chapters regardless of what you have decided to train in. This will be a short about the paths you, as a developing psion could go. In my mind there are a few obvious paths. The first. You could get bored with your training and quit, I respect this path. Mostly, because I have felt the urge to quit many times, and know how strong it feels. And actually have quit many times. But I have always figured out that when you quit you are really just struggling with the challenges that you are going through. More then likely if you resemble the pattern in any way you are feeling overwhelmed. Engulfed in all of this, words upon books, powers upon abilities, it's too much to take in. Confused on what to take you lose yourself in the sea of information. The total weirdness of all of this and the realism of walls you thought permanent breaking apart leaving you in a sea of anger and doubt. You have to quit or suffer total break down. This is how I felt. I totally respect you if you choose to quit. Because chances are after you read some more, digest some more, you will become adapted to the torrent and choose your path. The next path is you choose to make your skills a side amusement. This is one of those paths that most people take. You begin to develop your skills and become amused with them and decide to make them a side amusement. You use them occasionally when your bored, alone, or any other opportune time. Like the last path I totally respect this path and have taken it personally. Most people just can't make their psychic career work as a full time ordeal and have no choice but to take this! Then there's the full fledged psion. A person who dedicates their life to their psychic skills. I have ultimately decided that this is the path I wish to take and I absolutely respect, revere and honor those who take this path. And then, there are those who choose to spread the word about psions in a good way. I have tried this path but failed. If you choose this path then congratulations! But then we get into the paths of those, who do not deserve their skills. Those who use their skills to harm others. I can not respect those who do this. I hope that you lose your powers and have no chance to regain them. I hope in the inevitable losing of your powers you lose something more. Then there are those who will choose to gain personal wealth from their skills. Maybe not money, but to be feared, looked up to by normal's or anything like this. Whatever your path as a psion, I hope you get what you deserve. Good, or bad. Being a psion is not a easy life style. There will be temptations, frustrating events. And everything in between. But there will always be successes and victories. I just thought that it would be necessary to tell you this.

2.9 - Ending Speech

Well, well, well. We sure have come a ways haven't we! Through-out this document I haven't been all that serious, but this is one of those times even I tune it down. I hope that you have chosen your skill, and your path. The life of a psion is not going to be easy. Psions are feared, we are mocked. People just don't understand. Some don't even try to understand. And this is why I thank you for becoming a part of our unique community. You should try to use your skills constantly in your daily life as to strengthen them and improve the quality of your life for the better. And if you being to master your current skill I hope you will choose another skill. One that may prove a bit more difficult and a bit more useful at the same time. The more skills you know, the better I can guarantee your life will become. Hopefully your skills have proven entertaining to acquire. And maybe you, will someday prove to the world just how real, and just how close these skills are to people. And break the natural barrier of fear that stops people from becoming more then human. I hope you use your skills appropriately. Abide by the code of honor and enforce it as well. Your skills will grow as you do, and in time who knows what will happen! No matter your path, no matter the skill you have chosen to take up, I hope all in all that you have had a lot of fun with your training! It was a blast to write all of this (...) and the end of this short speech is at hand.

"And so, I fall into an abyss of complete blackness, my body fails and my eyes get heavy, Ideas pass, dreams come true, I am happy all the same."

3.0 - Glossary

A list of common psionic terms and what they mean! I tried to put them in the order that they appear but I don't know how good I did on that so..... Forgive me^ ^


This is a term used to describe the training of ANY existing psychic skill be in energy manipulation or Telekinesis


This is a person who trains in psionics


These are energy storage centers on the ethereal body. They transport every kind of energy from raw vitality to basic raw psychic energy. In appropriate use of energy manipulation can damage these and make it all the more difficult to use any psychic skill. Inappropriate use of energy manipulation would be visualization over a long period of time I.E. years.


These are terms used to describe the innate ability of a person to use a psionic skill. A non is someone not gifted in the psychic skill of discussion, a natural would be someone who is naturally gifted in the use of the said skill. A radical would be some one with excessive power in a certain skill


This is the term used to describe raw psychic energy; it is a powerful energy with many uses. It can be made to do almost anything when programmed correctly


Telekinesis is the psychic process of moving objects sheerly through mental force and no "Physical" contact involved


This is the psychic ability to use any one of the five primary senses in a location away from the body


This is the psychic skill of actually leaving the body in the form of psychic energy. Unlike Remote Viewing you are actually at the location in the "energy body" Here are some common terms used for OOBP


Astral projection is the skill of leaving the physical dimension while in out of body form


This is the complex process of dispatching the energy body from the physical one


This is the process of generating the energy body while staying conscious throughout the whole procedure


This is the realm that one enters while out of body in the real time realm. Once one enters this place they are astral projecting


A lucid dream is a dream in which you become self aware while dreaming and can take a hold of the dream and manipulate it in any way you wish


Cryokinesis is the use of Telekinesis to slow the movement of molecules in an object and thus lower its temperature


The exact opposite of Cryokinesis, in terms of effect. It's the use of Telekinesis to speed up the movement of molecules in an object to raise the temperature


The process of psychically communicating with another person through the linking of the two minds


The malicious use of Telepathy to enforce a command into a person in hopes that they will comply


The advanced form of suggestion in which you take total control of an individual


The process of connecting on mind to another through a psionic energy link


A weak sub-set of Telepathy in which the user sends a "Ping" of energy as a quick message such as "Hello"


The psychic ability to feel and share a person's emotions, a primitive form of Telepathy


The psychic skill of being able to view energetic fields around a person or object


Energetic constructs made by another psion or from the astral realm in which have no goal in their existence but to obtain more energy and they do this by vamping from psions


Any creature that steals psi for their own use, voluntarily or otherwise


The system of harming or defending through psychic means


The ability to pick up energetic waves and pick up visual/textual or otherwise forms of information through these waves. Precognition picking up events that have yet to pass, Retrocognition is picking up events from the past


Any and all forms of becoming aware through any of the 6 senses of a place away from the body


A psionic mass of energy programmed to have an effect desired by the creator, a basic of psionic energy manipulation


The act of telling a construct what to do through visual/textual or conceptual means, target of psionic energy manipulation


Energetic construct formed to prevent damage from psionic attacks of all forms


All things dealing with obtaining information imprinted on an object and interpreting. Also includes imprinting information into an object for another psion to pick up


A phase in which a psion has expended to much psi and enters a re-charge phase in which the use of psi is nearly impossible


A technique of which the user can send out their mental eye to receive past images of an area for use in Mobile Body Mind Control


Stands for Mobile Body Mind Control. Created by Richard Doolittle, it is a technique in which the user mental projects into the body of the target and creates a hold in that person in an attempt to control their thoughts and actions

Hope you enjoyed the guide!


Richard "Xirokoto" Doolittle

COMPLETED ON Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dedicated to Sammy, and my Father

Happy Flying

Posted By: ultamatepower
Date Posted: October/09/2006 at 8:25am
This is a simple excersise that when done enough, you would no longer need pheriphial or side vision to see auras better

put up your finger 2-4 inches away from your brow chakra

stare at it for about 5 second, really look at its detail, then put it down and look at the wall or the object far behind where your finger or item was, then repeat, the more you do that the better,
This will aid the iris or the middle of the eye, do it often, and you will be able to see auras much easier


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