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QT50 gas disappearing

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Topic: QT50 gas disappearing
Posted By: user.xx09
Subject: QT50 gas disappearing
Date Posted: November/01/2015 at 12:30pm
Self proclaimed know nothing about engines.  It purchased a 1981 QT50 as it seemed like it might be something I could do a lot of the work myself and parts were around.

I have an issue where gas must be leaking.  There are no holes or anything in the gas tank I can drive it around with no noticeable leaking.  As the moped sits I note a liquid (gas) under it and the next time I go to ride there is no gas in the can.

Anyone have suggested on what might be the issue and how to resolve the problem or even how to better troubleshoot the issue.  I read a little bit and it seems though there are a few articles that say it might be a petcock or carburetor.

Posted By: donp
Date Posted: November/02/2015 at 5:22am
your carburetor needs to be taken apart and cleaned and rebuilt. either the float needle, the float,or the float hinge pin are bad and need to be replaced most of the time it is the needle. if it has a rubber tip, the rubber is worn, or got hardened from years of being in gas. if the needle does not have a rubber tip, then there is a rubber seat in the carb body that is bad. you could try an inline fuel shut off valve if needles are no longer available.

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