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Living in the Real World

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Printed Date: November/28/2020 at 2:40pm

Topic: Living in the Real World
Posted By: naturalmagic
Subject: Living in the Real World
Date Posted: October/19/2010 at 7:27pm
I have always been able to control my dreams since I was a little girl . Where I would go who was in them. The emotions I would feel would be so real to me . I had a crappy childhood so at night I loved to sleep it was time to go on an adventure so to say . I would tell friends throughout the years of these dreams that I would have . most thought I was nuts because they had never experienced such a thing. so as time went on I chose to keep these dreams to myself. The ones I loved most was meeting up with someone who had passed over and being able to talk to them , hug them , kiss them all the while feeling so real. As I got older the dreams became more intense. I would wake with a sense of happyness, sadness , excitement , all stemming through what i had dreamed. these feelings would carry with me throughout the day. I recently learned at age 40 that what i was experiencing had a name "lucid dreaming" this was credited to a psychology of consciousness class I was taking in college. It surprized me to know that most people have to train themselves to do this. I feel so blessed to have the natural ability. but I wonder if there might have been astral projection as well. I had a friend with whom I experimented with I told him to get into a lucid mode and dream of a beach I would do the same and to dream of me there. the next day we compared notes funny to say our conversations were quite similair.

any thoughts?

Peace and Blessings

Posted By: Administrator
Date Posted: November/18/2011 at 7:10pm
You are indeed lucky - many people never experience the joy of lucid dreaming!

As for Lucid Dreaming & OBE - these are closely related and can transition into each other.

There are several ways to tell LD from OBE:
1) LD can start anywhere, while OBE usually starts in your bed.
2) In OBE, body feels weightless and you can easily pass thru walls. You can pass thru walls in LD as well, but it takes some effort.
3) Vision is usually darkened when OBE begins - this does not happen in LD.
4) In OBE there are interesting commands you can try with to control your experience, such as "I move to the next level".
Here is the list of commands I tried:


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