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Why should one stay away from OBE

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Topic: Why should one stay away from OBE
Posted By: Zuperinho
Subject: Why should one stay away from OBE
Date Posted: October/16/2008 at 10:43pm
    I've heared about OBE 2 years ago and found it interesting but left it for the future because I didn't feel ready for it.
    I have meditated, did Reiki, Silva for a very long time now and am a very calm, optimist & positive thinker.
    During the last 2-3 Months I've started to feel great urge to study, practice and have OBEs, and I feel that I am ready. I didn't have any OBEs so far but I'm completely sure that I can have one without any problem and without much effort.
    Yesterday I've found something that postponed my plans, and here it goes:

Originally posted by maddpsyentist92 maddpsyentist92 wrote:

a star may die, but it can still give off light. Why? because it takes so long for it to get to earth. I think that's what don meant. If someone was channeling psychic energy to someone across the u.s., and at that exact time, they got shot, would the other person still get the message/energy? Is that what you meant? You'd have to ask a dead person to know the full truth, and I'd HIGHLY advise that you stay away from the ouija board, unless you are a professional medium, or you have a group of at least 4 strong psychics. When people astrally project, whether it's consciously or during sleep, they will lose all mobility, and possibly connection, with their body. Their soul will have left, and as drake stated, the computer won't work without electricity, which represents your spirit.

Originally posted by GeneB GeneB wrote:

I categorically avoid Ouija Boards, madd guy. Thanks for posting that great advice, and let's hope the others heed it!!

   So my question is: WHY? WHY to avoid OBEs?
   maddpsyentist92 explains some things there, but I either don't understand it completely or I miss some information ..
    Suppose one astrally projects himself for some time. Yes, maybe the body misses you :) but my intuition tells me that you remain connected with your body, during all this time .. else how do you get back instantly and never get lost?

   I repeat. I didn't have any OBEs so far, so there's nothing lost, so to say.
   Maybe you feel that this post doesn't belong here, you probably feel that it belongs to the OBE section. The reason I posted it to this forum is because I know how OBE minded ppl think and their answer, but I need Your opinion & ideas. Your answer.

   Any peace of information is very welcomed.

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