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Printed Date: December/01/2021 at 7:31pm

Topic: aerokenisis
Posted By: Daniel
Subject: aerokenisis
Date Posted: October/21/2003 at 12:35pm

Hello all.

If you are wondering what aerokinesis is, it's the ability to control wind.

I am able to to do this, and I'm going to explain how you do it.  I don't know how long it acctually takes to learn, because I've always been able to do this.

First, you can't have any doubt about it being possible. You Have to believe in it.

The first step.  Go outside, inside is too hard to do and I still struggle with it.  Now close your eyes and take deep breaths, about 5.  Then relax and think of only the wind.  Become one with the wind.  Now when you feel sortof a magnetic pull in your head, will the wind to move..When I say will, I mean just let it happen, and have it do what you want.

This is all I have to do, it takes alot of concentration, and you can't think of anything but the wind.  Also, I have an extreamally hard time doing it when it is cold outside, it works best when the weather is warm.

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: December/24/2003 at 12:20pm
To think I would find others who claim to be able to as well. I have searched for the root of this ability, with little success. I've been able to do it since I was 12-14. I am now nearly 23. I seem to have lost some of my potency (I haven't been practicing).

I began being able to do it under intense emotion and will on my walk to school one day. At first, I was able to control the speed, slow it down, and reverse it. Then I focused on being able to stop the wind, and make it come from a different side.

I wouldn't say I can control it - I get worn out after some time. I noticed it is easier to do while calm, completely focusing on the wind's current direction, I close my eyes and focus only on my tactile sense to feel it. Then I concentrate on where I want it to go. And it does, at least, for a while, before I can't concentrate anymore. I have been able to create preety powerful sustained gusts (of a number of seconds) - but then I just lose control and/or focus.

I was hoping I wouldn't be unique. Has anyone figured out a resource center for it? Or how to exert control over it better, longer, with less strain?

Posted By: Daniel
Date Posted: December/27/2003 at 4:57pm

Very interesting Mike, you seem to be some what a little farther than me.  When I try to stop the wind, I focus on the direction it is going, then focus on moving the wind in the opposite way, then when it slows, I make my force slow, until they both agree, and the wind is stopped.

I believe the ability lies inside everyone, they just have to find it first.

I don't believe you are predicting winds, because you are doing them at the moment, you can change them, so you would have to have seen it first, but you can do it at the spur of the moment, so it would definately be you.

Can you move the air around in a room?  I seem to not beable to yet, but I'm trying to develope it.

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: December/28/2003 at 7:21pm
Daniel, I also concentrate on moving it in the opposite direction and poll until a reasonable amount is reached, it's become automatic like a reflex; I was playing with it when I was younger and developed it into a reflex whenever cold winds (Western Massachusetts has cold winter winds often) would come from ahead of me.

The automation is like driving a car with manual transmission. Instead of pressing the clutch pedal to decouple the discs, and trying to find the point, shifting, depressing the pedal and accelerating, one just does it.

I'm a very pragmatic person, so I've never attempted to create an air current inside a room with my mind - machines do a good enough job. Then again, large alternating magnetic fields created by machines can also move wind and cloud - to an extent. Machines such as leaf blowers can also create an air current and in conjunction with controlling the wind outside, can move large quantities of airborne leaves in the fall.
I've taken a lot of physics courses and from those simple models and from experience, I can imagine how winds move around certain regions, and I try not create whirlwinds to throw the leaves all over the place.

On origin:
I think we can drop the prediction possibility.

I think my ability was dorment in my mind and I somehow learned to tap into it (newly developed in a number of humans or sitting there since we got these big brains, it doesn't matter). I wonder how much of a hand genetics has in it, perhaps some have an easier time controlling it than others (for example, Einstein and his ability to imagine). Unlike mathematics and physics (some people can imagine particle interactions, matter collisions, etc. while others would spend days or years trying to) there is no culturally accepting place to teach how to use it that I know of - nor one that I feel I could trust. It could also have been found and supressed. I give the example of eating raw meat (Japanese sashimi) - most people are taught that eating raw meat is disgusting and will make them sick, so they grow sick - the Japanese however, can eat it as if it were normal.

Anyhow, I don't think I would have much luck trying to create indoor air currents; honestly I haven't tried long enough, but i wouldn't see much of a purpose to it.

Do you face in any direction when moving the wind? I noticed that I prefer to be facing in the direction (or in the opposite direction) that I want it to go; this might be years of teaching myself to do it in that manner as a reflex against the cold winter winds. Although, I can make it move in any direction with a little bit more concentration.

Posted By: jakepsi
Date Posted: May/02/2004 at 7:45am
how do i do areokinesis i can do psi balls telekinesis telepathy but i cant do areokinesis can someone give me any tips

Posted By: Jyrotika
Date Posted: May/02/2004 at 3:00pm

Aerokinesis can be hard to master.

Try this, it should work. It's what I do to practice aerokinesis, and I've heard things like it from others.

 First, go outside, and stand still. Feel the natural breeze, and try to remember a day when it was really windy. Think of how happy you would be if it were that windy today. Then visualize the grass rippling in the wind, and your hair/clothes/the trees also rippling in the wind.

If that doesn't work, try running really fast or imagine you're flying with the wind blowing all around you.

Good luck.

              ...all and none...

Posted By: Jyrotika
Date Posted: May/10/2004 at 1:33pm
I am aerokinetic, but since I heard a rumor that aerokinetics are pyrokinetic and telekinetic, I've been trying both. I'm better at pyrokinesis than telekinesis!

              ...all and none...

Posted By: quayleman
Date Posted: May/13/2004 at 1:15pm
i read this somewhere once
visualize the 4 winds (north,south,east,west)r tied to your hands then slowly lift your hands pulling them to you if u do this long enuf it will get a little windy

Posted By: kinesis_kid2
Date Posted: May/24/2004 at 2:43pm
if any one needs help with aerokinesis then tell me and i will give u my e-mail address and then we can talk.

What is the kinesis of earth?

Im going to do aerokinesis, hydrokinesis, electrokinesis and that is the weather. Im also thinking of doing whatever the kinesis of the earth is to.

has any one here ever tried to do biokinesis? If so did you have any results? If u had results how long did it take to do and what type of changes did u make?[GREEN]if any one needs help with aerokinesis then tell me and i will give u my e-mail address and then we can talk.[/FONT][:o)]

Posted By: Spyrokenesi35
Date Posted: May/28/2004 at 10:13am
The thing is i just started telekinesis yesterday even though i knew about it since I was 6. I seem to be better at controlling the weather, but i can only make small bursts of heat and breezes. Any tips for me


Posted By: kinesis_kid2
Date Posted: May/31/2004 at 3:51pm
you said that you just started telekinesis but sounds more to me like you are trying to do aerokinesis. one tip for you is to try and connect with whatever element you are trying to control and once you feel like you have complete and total control just concentrate and will it to happen dont force it to happen just will it.

Posted By: the_adept
Date Posted: June/04/2004 at 5:01pm
oh just do what i told jyrotika! with every breath take the air into ur blood then exhale and force it out tie your hands together(put finger between each other ie. r thumb l thumb r index l index and so forth) then raise your hands and breathe in and pull it to your blood then exhale it  and then just manipulate the wind to your choice

"when you believe you give it life"- leonardo da vinci

Posted By: max753
Date Posted: February/24/2005 at 1:52pm
can someone please give me a tech for aerokinesis that is a lot more easier to understand than the string thing i know i might sound stupid but are you suppose to have a string for each one of your ten fingers or just for one hand and would i still have the same affects inside/outside because it would be stupid for me to go outside now because i live in Michigan and it is freezing.  So could someone please help me with this one. 

If you don't know the tech that i am talking about this is it.

This tech is for raising winds in anywhere you like,anytime you like.It would help to meditate beforehand.First, put your hands out to your sides.Open your fists so that your hands are open,fingers spread out.Visualize wind strings coming off of your fingertips,each wind in the world on one string.Visualize and tell yourself that you are in control of the winds of the earth.Tell yourself that when you lift a finger,one of the strings will rise,causing the wind to rise also.When you do this,a small wind will kick up.The harder you concentrate and the longer you meditate will affect how strong the wind is. <


Posted By: Daniel
Date Posted: February/24/2005 at 6:26pm
Well, it seems the tech says it already:

"wind strings coming off of your fingertips"  Yes, I've heard of this, I have visualized all strings, try whatever way you want, there are no "Set" rules you need to follow, we are still at the beginning stages of human evolution to be making rules about this.

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: June/02/2005 at 10:07am
hey i'm aerokinetic and it sounds like you need atmokinesis manipulation over the weather, i can't make weather but i can make rain stronger but i'm a deffinate aerokinetic i love my ability and i need some help too, so far  i have been doing it for four months and i'm a natural i could always do it i just started four months ago if that makes sense and i can make near gale force winds and mini tornadoes that can only lift up rubbish and leaves/petals and i was wonderin' if a more experienced aerokinetic could help me?

Posted By: Niall
Date Posted: June/27/2005 at 7:43am

i have tried many different things but i'm a natural aerokinetic and have had this ability for a while and developing it quite a bit ( i found it out a fewmonths ago cause one day i wasn't actually thinking bout doin' anything to do with anything bout kinesis and hadn't tried it for a year and then suddenly bamph i was able to do it) so yeah as Daniel said after you do it you just make your own path.

(Also try searching on google for starters tips)


Posted By: k_kid
Date Posted: June/27/2005 at 3:49pm
it depends on wut exactly ur wanting to do with the winds. like daniel said there r TONS of techs so try to find ur own.


Posted By: Kid_Sonix
Date Posted: June/28/2005 at 4:35am
for aerokinesis, visualtisation is a good starting point, since the wind is clear, you have to find out what YOU think the wind looks like. try and draw the wind, etc, try and feel what it looks like. well, i think that would be a pretty good way to start off. (im telekinetic, not aero, but hey.. if it helps)


Posted By: Niall
Date Posted: June/29/2005 at 1:40am
yeah i have to say it helps alot especially when your startin' out to just as Kid_Sonix said to visualize things and see where it goes from there. Good Luck!!!

Posted By: Aerokinetic
Date Posted: July/31/2005 at 7:27pm

Could you also do this tech.  Stand outside, feel the natural breeze of the wind, get a feel for it.  Then be relaxed and concentrate where you want then wind to blow and it shall come with practice.

If you put your mind to it, there's not limit to what you can attain

Posted By: FalcoElvenlord
Date Posted: August/01/2005 at 2:16am

I started to learn Aero by using the technique called air purification. It's used to make the air fresher and more oxigen-full.

To do this just stand somewhere and close you eyes, Then make a psi ball but picture it as a bubble around your head (or around al your body) Then visualise the oxigen molecules multiply and force away all "bad" molecules. You should get a lot of energy now cuz ur body is filled with oxigen and you'll be able to burn more energy.

I use this technique right before I run or do some sport, it works a bit like sport drugs!!

Those who run, will live to die another day!

Posted By: dancer_JNB
Date Posted: October/22/2005 at 11:24am
well i was wondering... is anyone besides me aerokinetic around here?
please respond(i am a newbie)


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: October/22/2005 at 1:25pm
I'm soemwhat aerokinetic. I did this really cool tech to either purify air or change the wind direction a little. I just did the whole Full Metal alchemist hand thing with the exception of cupped palms (I clapped my cupped palms together to capture some wind) Then I either blew in anydirection to purify or blew in the direction I want the winds to go in. Cool thing is that it actually worked.


Posted By: drake7707
Date Posted: October/25/2005 at 8:42am


Posted By: ororo munroe
Date Posted: February/05/2006 at 8:00am
Can anybody give me any help in Atmokinesis?


Posted By: Niall
Date Posted: February/08/2006 at 7:36am
one techniques that i find really helpful is the raisning the winds one where as my hands rise so does the wind get stronger, also one which i have just kinda got the hang of is one by which you swivel your index finger around loooking at a spot or even pointing at a spot and imagine a kinda cyclone of wind (small) and so the wind is now focused on that spot tyou can use the raising winds technique to raise the wind in the cyclone, same here with the directing wind though i'm not that good with it althoigh i find that if i concentrate on a spot without think my sub-concious sends wind towards it and there is a massive gust around that area.

Posted By: arcade124
Date Posted: February/11/2006 at 3:12pm
i am a begginer areok newbie you could say

my hobby:???????

Posted By: arcade124
Date Posted: February/11/2006 at 3:55pm
i just tried to make an air ball and (i am not fully sure on how to do it yet)but i felt the energy forming in a ball! i could feel its boundries! awesome

my hobby:???????

Posted By: Aiden
Date Posted: February/17/2006 at 11:40am
I actually don't know if I'm aerokinetic or not, but I remember when I was younger if I got mad the winds would raise and when I calmed down they'd stop. It's only happened a few times though, and back then I didn't believe in PK.

Posted By: stayinganonymus
Date Posted: February/26/2006 at 11:20am
im aerokinesis. for some reason it works sometimes better than others.

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/02/2006 at 2:09pm
im a pretty good areokintic. i can sometimes get small gales going. and i sorta suck at making rain but i think ive done it once.

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/04/2006 at 9:58am
i can meditate for a maximum of about five minutes before i start getting restless. mind controlling people is a lot more fun than sitting still trying to keep my mind organized.

Posted By: AidenArlen
Date Posted: June/05/2006 at 2:38pm
Meditation is in NO WAY needed. I have NEVER meditated, ever. You don't necessarily need a clear mind, remember battle situations, my friends.

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/05/2006 at 2:51pm
when im in battle with Pain-demons i dont my mind becomes disoriented and my whole body heats up like i have a fever.

Posted By: wishboy
Date Posted: June/12/2006 at 10:11am
i uh am aerokinetic also... i've kinda just started again but i have a little insight on it and stuff... i have a few topics you can look at and put your input in... look at the topics of wishboy... yeah sooo okay bye... hope to see you in my topics so we can have good conversations.

all is known if you know it. who knows all. no one or no thing. so just relax and you will know when you know.

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/12/2006 at 12:21pm
im getting better at aeroK. i can make pretty strong winds from nothing now.

Posted By: tarkyukyul
Date Posted: June/13/2006 at 8:59am
second page.

Posted By: ultamatepower
Date Posted: October/08/2006 at 2:43pm
I found a real good website on this kind of stuff, and i am leaning how to do kinesis's and see aura and do this kind of stuff


Posted By: beginer_18
Date Posted: October/22/2007 at 6:50am
as anyone in your family seen u doing it because when i started doing it i was 13 and my brother seen me out side trying to concintrate and he thought i was crazy but knew i could do it but he told my cousins and they picked on me so i have not done it for 5 years i dont even know if i can do it anymore i try but its hard because i feel like people are watching me when there is no one around i need tech tips pleaz

Posted By: beginer_18
Date Posted: October/22/2007 at 6:54am

Posted By: truthfinder
Date Posted: January/16/2008 at 5:23pm
Yes, here's a very simple tip that might help it during the night. Concentrate on your energies. Try to connect with other energy sources, feel it everywhere... THen try psychokinesis or aerokinesis, it will be much easier you will see :).

"The only limits in this world are the boundaries we give ourselves"
-Me :D

Posted By: DanielWind
Date Posted: January/26/2008 at 7:17pm
hello! I have posibllyed solved ur problems! Im talented in aerokenisis but cant produce a psi ball! Any ways to wind(aerokenesis) u have 2 be care free dont think 2 much! feel the wind dont think it! feel.....a wave of ur energy!or a sheet wat ever works! Im only 14 but can do this.Another way is 2 relase alot of enengy as wild as the wind(works fur me have lots of enengy!)

Urs Truly

Posted By: DanielWind
Date Posted: January/26/2008 at 7:33pm
Its called Geokenisis! :)

Urs Truly

Posted By: Alyse0
Date Posted: January/30/2008 at 4:38pm
I have aerokinesis like many of you too. I've used it since I was in elementary school but it's gotten harder since I stopped using it for awhile. It used to be something I dismissed as being imaginary and me being psycho or something.

My "Method"

I just lick my finger to feel the air better. After that I put my hands(spreaded) at my waist and try to feel the wind get faster and it does. When I was little, I would get mad and someone and use this to mess up their hair or make their papers fly

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: August/04/2008 at 3:21pm
um hi ive beentring to learn several differnt kinesis and thats probly why im not gitting anywhere with any of it but i dont no my natural element so if you guys can help with that i would be very thinkful... but i was looking for tips how to do aerokinesis and i came across this article and it really sounds like you guys have some experince so plzzz give me some hints to it    


Posted By: Roth
Date Posted: January/23/2009 at 3:16pm
Hey i am new to the whole mind over matter theory/concept, im not denying it, however i am aware of some abilities, ever since i was young whenever i ran really fast for even a short burst i would create these gusts of wind right after i stopped, am i crazy or is this one of those supernatural gifts?
if so id like to attempt to harness it, mainly out of curiosity, and partially out of the desire to discover something more of myself

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